Jordan Peterson – Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Hello, Dr. Peterson. Hey, there we go Tonight, I’d like to ask you about two different psychological disorders the first being Borderline Personality Disorder So, two lectures ago somebody asked you about it, and you gave a very sparse answer I can’t remember exactly what you said, but it seemed like it was it was too much complexity to just answer it right there and then and then somebody else also asked you about the same disorder in your patreon livestream recently And when they asked you that, you kind of you kind of stopped for a moment and something, I don’t know, something kind of flicked on in your head it seemed like, and you and you thought for a couple of seconds, and then you said you know what, I don’t think that I can answer that right now because it’s just too it’s just too bloody complex, and I was wondering just like many young men have gravitated towards your lectures do you think that there’s something about this particular disorder that there’s something about people with this particular disorder that might gravitate to your insights and your lectures? Okay, okay, so no I would say probably no to the second one but I could comment more about Borderline Personality Disorder I think I have enough mental energy to do that tonight so, technically speaking it’s often considered the female variant of Antisocial Personality Disorder So it’s classified or it’s classified in the domain of externalizing disorders; acting out disorders And I think what happens We don’t understand Borderline personality disorder very well, and it’s characterized by tremendous impulsivity radical confusion of identity and then this pattern of idealization of people with whom the person afflicted with the disorder is associating with. Radical idealization of those people and then radical devaluation of them And then there’s another theme that sort of weaves along with it, which is the proclivity of people with Borderline personality disorder to presume that they will be abandoned and then to act in a manner that makes such abandonment virtually certain And so, it’s a very complicated disorder, but that I think gets at the crux of it One of the things that’s interesting about people with Borderline Personality Disorder in my experience, is that they’re often quite intelligent and you see in the person with Borderline Personality Disorder something like the waste or the squandering of tremendous potential They seem capable of thinking through the nature of their problems and analyzing them and discussing it, but not capable whatsoever of implementing any solutions and Technically, there’s no relationship between IQ and conscientiousness It’s very weird because if you read the neuropsychological literature and you read about the functions of the pre-frontal cortex, they’re usually conceptualized in intellectual terms and they’re associated with planning and strategizing and so forth and that’s what conscientiousness is, is planning and strategizing and implementation but the correlation between IQ and conscientiousness is zero and so is the correlation between working memory and conscientiousness, zero and zero is a very low correlation, right? I mean, really it’s hard to find things in psychology that are correlated at zero Things tend to be correlated to some degree. They tend to be interrelated The Borderline seems to be able to strategize and to abstract, but not to be able to implement And so, the intellect per se seems to be functional, but it’s not embodied in action It’s very, so it can be frustrating to be associated with someone who has Borderline Personality Disorder because they can tell you what the problem is and even tell you what the solution might be, but there’s no implementation So, maybe something went wrong developmentally we don’t know exactly how these sorts of things come about The other thing that seems to be characteristic of Borderline people with Borderline Personality Disorder is that they they remind me very much of people who are 2 years old and in some manner like people with Borderline Personality Disorder can have temper tantrums, in fact they often do and you know, now and then you see a temper tantrum and they’re usually thrown by 2-year-olds, right? Most people grow out of temper tantrums by the time they’re about 3 They’re very rare at 4, which is a good thing, because if they’re still there at 4 that is not a good diagnostic predictor That’s a.. it’s actually a good diagnostic predictor, but it’s not the kind that you want and, you know, it’s funny the way that we respond to 2-year-old temper tantrums because the 2-year-old will throw themselves on the ground and beat their hands and their legs on the floor and scream and yell and turn red or even blue I saw a child once who was capable of holding his breath during a temper tantrum ’till he turned blue which was really an impressive feat. You should try that right? It’s really hard you really have to work at it and you see that in adult Borderlines, they’ll have temper tantrums, and the funny thing is when a 2-year-old does it it’s like, it’s you know, it’s a little off-putting, but when an adult does it it’s completely bloody terrifying and it happens very frequently with Borderlines and so, I would also say to some degree they didn’t get properly socialized between that critical period of development between 2 and 4 And you see the same thing with adult males who grow up to be anti-social because a large proportion of adult males who grow up to be antisocial are aggressive as children, as 2-year-olds So there’s a small proportion of 2-year-olds who are quite aggressive, they’ll kick and hit and bite and steal if you put them with other 2-year-olds It’s about 5% of the of the males, smaller fraction of the females but most of them are socialized by the time they’re 4, but there’s a small percentage who aren’t and they tend to stay antisocial and they tend to turn into long term offenders and the critical period for socialization development seems to be between 2 and 4 and it seems to be mediated by pretend play and Rough-and-Tumble play and those sorts of mechanisms and if it isn’t instantiated by the age of 4 it doesn’t happen, and it doesn’t look like it’s addressable Now, there are dialectic behavioral therapies that have been developed for people with Borderline Personality Disorder and they’re purported to be successful

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  1. I think I may have this. Abused and neglected as a child, couldn't make or keep friends, married now to someone who passive-aggressively chips away at my self-esteem constantly. I swing from elation to rage in seconds, the smallest things set me off. And I am so vicious to myself, hate myself, engage in hitting myself with my own hands, objects hard enough to concuss me.
    If it weren't for my kids I'd likely be gone by now. This video makes me wish I could get help or even commit myself. But I can't because I'm the only income and it's all on me. If I took a leave we'd lose the house.
    I guess he is right when he says life is suffering. I just wish I could enjoy at least a few moments of real peace before it ends. And right now if the end came, I'd welcome it

  2. People here who judge those with this disorder can be easily handed the same problem. It's not like BDP people enjoy being this way. There are few stigmas that are worse than "Don't date. Don't Hire." and that doesn't contribute to any recovery or worthwhile conversation.

  3. For those who are finding it difficult to cope with bpd please Google search DBT(dialectical behavioural therapy)skills and go to images they have given many tips on how to cope with hard emotions I've been doing them along with meditation 5mins per day and it's made a huge change in my life and I'm starting to feel better about my life ..we do have a future dont let borderline make u feel otherwise ..please please until u get help try dbt skills that will help a lot to get through the day and dont be too hard on yourself it's not ur fault and you can get better and live a normal life

  4. I absolutely appreciated the insight of this man. He doesn’t have all the answers and every case can be its own thing but he definitely knew where he was coming from.

  5. I dated a woman who I'd known for 25 years who has this. Once I finally figured it out I simply didn't know how to help her. Once she knew that I knew she did everything possible to avoid me. It's a perfect storm of dissociation with a splash of sadness.


  6. I knew some guys (yes, males not females) with this disorder, and with the two of them I was in relationship (before I recognize it was a borderline, unfournately, It's hard to indentify BPD at the beginning, they have really good masks) With the first one, I cut him out very fast, but the second one got me very hard and I get very attached. It have caused me many mood swings and a really bad frame of mind. So I think, the most important thing is to recognize that disorder as fast you can and then run before you get emotionally involved.

  7. Bpd is just impossible to live with if you ever lived with someone who is inflicted, if it’s your parent it is like living in hell

  8. Peterson is wrong when he says that BPD is the female analogue to APD. They are nothing alike. APD is much more cognitive in nature and is characterised by beliefs such as 'dog eat dog, its a jungle out there' etc, whereas BDP is primarily an a problem related to extremely intense emotional dysregulation. Many people with APD are well regulated and don't have emotional difficulties. They simply see the world as dangerous and unforgiving and approach it as such…

    The confidence with which he speaks (despite being so incorrect) is really concerning.

  9. BPD is perfectly understood by psychologists who actually research the disorder. He is more describing bipolar here. 🙄 A four year old having a temper tantrum is normal, especially if they are autistic or in a time of high stress. This guy needs to shut the fuck up about children until he actually has some or spends time around them. He didn't say anything informative about BPD, in fact that was one of the most uninformed answers on the subject I have ever heard. He just described cluster B personality disorders in general if anything.

  10. Saying that borderline is a female correlate for antisocial personality… not a standard presentation. There are some different criteria, and there are males dx with borderline and females with antisocial. See the pages/channels of Dr. Daniel Fox, Dr. Tracey Marks, and Dr. Todd Grande. They go into significant depths on these diagnoses.

  11. I was once endlessly harassed by someone with BPD. What a total nightmare it was. The most insane person I’ve ever had to deal with.

  12. Living as one who suffers with attributes of BPD and Diagnoses of PTSD, I can honestly say that the driving factor behind the disconnect or lack of implementation of helpful or healing ideals is based on a complete lack of self esteem, self confidence and appreciation or love for ones self. Dont feel like we ever deserved to feel better or have anything good in our lives. At least that was my personal experience. I have had to work intensely to not be suicidal and depressed. Anxiety still grips me regularly but inspite of whatever negativity attempts to take hold of me I fight it with the light within me that burns because I have only just begun to unlock the potential of my life, I have too much to lose. I can't give up even if I want to. Dr. Peterson has given me the answers to help me rise above the reality I was once imprisoned by.

  13. BPD’s are sadly amongst the most destructive people in existence, their behaviours are very damaging to themselves and others and again sadly, often very toxic and vile.

    One thing that continues to amaze me is how so many BDP’s can be so abusive to others yet they play the victim card at the same time consistently, I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

    I hope we see treatment developments to help these individuals for their sake and the sale of their many victims.

    For anyone suffering terribly due to being abused by a borderline, don’t ever let them affect you to a degree where you lose your self esteem and believe you’re the problem, you’re not, they are the problem, they are the abuser, Always.

    Best wishes to all

  14. @Jordon Peterson – So how can borderline personality disorder be fixed? Setting goals doesn't really work. What's the difference between BPD and ADHD/ADD? Why isn't there a single medication help? This subject is so important to finish discussing. It involves so much of many individuals lives who struggle with people. I have watched some videos on motivation, personal responsibility, self talk, positive attitude and so on. The lack of implementing a resolution feels impossible.

    The frustration involved in watching this clip is a sense of hopelessness occurs. Why try? Why live life? If it is an issue that cannot be fixed. If it's an issue that cannot find a loving relationship. How is a man suppose to wan to live?

    The family is an important part of human life and is the reason why societies and humans exist. Why is it there is given no hope to overcome?

    Then on top of this mass of mental garbage. There is no absolute in diagnosis! What separates borderline personality disorder from P.T.S.D., Autism spectrum, schizaffective disorder, Dramatic Brain injury, and ADD/ADHD? Why is there no consensus on diagnosis? How is someone suppose to fix personal issues when there is no definitive diagnosis (meaning different diagnosis from different Doctors).

    Ultimately one can only conclude the only thing fixable is behavior and health emotional application of those feelings (anger, depression, happiness, love……..)

  15. Wow, psychology reliability and the reality of the social economic system and infrastructure we live in correlation is ZERO! System exposed by failing at explaining a mental disorder. The disorder is the system dear Jordan. 3:07 First anal attempt right there, so smooth…oh man.

  16. I thought he was going to talk about the misdiagnosis of women into bpd. I wonder his thoughts on that.

  17. Personality lol no . Distinction between me my personality . And things having to do with God . Or GOD . I'm not God

  18. "to make the abandonment virtually certain" … yes I have seen this, and then it becomes fuel for the next fire, and I only know females with this disorder as well.


    Borderline’s are shit, I’d rather be alone, for me personally that says spot. My (soon to be ex GF ) has it and it’s not even like being with a real person, she’s like a bad parody. You can’t imagine someone with such “thin skin” that is “triggered” by CONSTANTLY perceived slights/attacks on her. I literally took a different road while going to the gym/ nail salon and she freaked because she was convinced that I was trying to keep her in the car longer and that she “hates being in the car”. I didn’t think anything about the route we took anymore than I ever would; regarding “car rides“ we were planning a long car trip and she made no mention of this hatred of car rides, If it wasn’t making me miserable right now I would see some humor in it. I am dealing with letting her down without her freaking out and doing something awful (BS restraining order request for god knows what (lie) accusation, if she request a restraining order she will get it because she’s a female). She actually has a masters in social work, she’s “functional” but can’t keep a job, you get the deal. Not stupid but a complete nightmare of a person, she was an angel when I met her, it always starts up the same with these people very quick and passionate beginning. I can definitely be a bit codependent so I was in very quickly as well.
    My best friend is an attorney and he advised me that as soon as she does another one of her “break up“ routines that I should very carefully go along with it by saying “I agree“ and “yes“ to whatever she is saying and then be done with it.
    She will continue to call and probably have little recollection of it or say it wasn’t “a real break up“ just an argument because of course I was being a “sociopath“(not at all) or a “narcissist”(maybe a few traits but in no way malicious).
    Of course, like many, I thought that I would be the one who could “get through to her” or “fix her”. A lot of guys have this delusion. It ain’t happening, don’t even try, you’ll just get sucked further and further into the vortex. Stay away from these people.

  20. I recently met a woman, she was very Intelligent, Beautiful, we seemed to share an almost identical sense of humour and we seemed to be really hitting it off and becoming good friends. I was beginning to suspect there was troubling her deeply, I saw similar themes repeating when she was being cynical (in a 'funny' tone of course but I could tell a lot of it was true) so I started asking her about it. I tried to be very supportive and Psychologist-like, putting all the emphasis on her, ie they were her insights-I was just asking the questions, it was her bravery for talking about it-I was just asking the questions etc… She seemed very receptive and even though we didn't go into much depth… she expressed gratitude. I knew there was a lot more to talk about but thought it best to take things slow and get into the real discussion next time. Within 2 days she'd blocked me from all Social Media, she gave the excuse that she needed a break from all Social Media but I quickly discovereddeduced she hadn't quit Social Media, she'd just blocked me and me only. It was at that point my suspicions were pretty much confirmed, this was BPD or at least enough of the symptom clusters to frame in terms of BPD. I want to help her but I also know the recovery rate for these people is low… I'm willing to take the bullet of her blowing up on me if it means she'll at least hear my advice, even if she never speaks to me afterward… but obviously I know that isn't necessarily going to help because she'll likely experience 'disassociate amnesia' and remember me saying things I actually didn't say. Not sure what to do about it…

  21. DBT helps. So do the old good MAO inhibitors (providing that a psychiatrist is bold enough to prescribe them to a patient suffering from BPD). Although there is no cure, with these tools it is possible to manage BPD to the extent where a patient has a normal life. So… never give up.

  22. You can explain what BPD is like to someone who doesn't have it but they'll never really understand. I guess that's true for exciting, though.

  23. My sister and a couple close friends (who I am no longer friends with…) have this disorder. I can say that when I have ended my friendships with the girls who have it, they have definitely tried to destroy my life- which, I think is related to the borderline personality disorder. One is a clinical social worker… and a narcissist and the other is very intelligent, but also has narcissistic personality disorder.

  24. I think I have this problem. I have a girlfriend and I am insecure, and I know the things about me that are pathological in my relationships but I can't do anything. I can try and try and try and my brain just flicks off, it's like I have will but I don't have willpower. Everything has weight and importance and I know that and yet I can't lift the weight that everybody is putting on me, my muscles, my willpower just turns off

  25. I was diagnosed after my 5th or 6th time being hospitalized. I never hurt anyone or ever lashed out externally. Not sure I can remember ever raising my voice to someone, and I’m 25. All the feelings go inside and I don’t process them because I’m too stupid. So basically on the inside I look like a snow static TV and on the outside I look like a TV that’s off. I hanged myself with a belt from my closet bar and woke up in the morning with the belt still in place and the closet bar bent in a V and all my clothes piled on top of me. I tested the strength of the bar with my own weight and it held for 30 seconds. Maybe after I passed out I wriggled and put extra downward force on the bar. But I lived and that was almost 3 years ago. Still the only people in the world that know I spent any time in the hospitals are the doctors and nurses and other patients I met. I don’t know anyone in real life except coworkers

  26. I have an advanced degree in Psychology, but I've been working in an unrelated professional field for almost 20 years now. I don't believe the field of Psychology has many clear answers, and there are a lot of politics/ego involved in both the practice and academic research. The field has been very reluctant to give up the nurturing narrative as explanatory for the majority of illnesses, despite the fact evidence usually never supports the hypothesis. There are just a few conditions that you can end up with as the result of your environment and parenting. You can end up with trauma and adjustment disorders. That's about it. If it's not specifically trauma or an adjustment disorder, we need to give up looking at the parents as the cause of the problem. Personality disorders are not caused by the environment, unless we are specifically talking about trauma. Most people in the field won't give that up. Anti-social personality disorder and borderline personality disorder have tons of empirical evidence suggesting it's really not an invalidating environment to blame. There are brain differences, genetic lineages involved, and it all can't be explained by, oh, well, the environment caused the brain changes. People just don't want to give that up, because it's so much easier to have someone to blame. It's so scary to admit a person can be born with a particular personality disposition, that they can inherit it, with nobody to blame. I personally believe that the diagnostic category, today, for these personality disorders is insufficient to distinguish between environmental influences and genetic influences. It doesn't all go back to when you were 2 or 4 years, old. Nope. Not all of it.

  27. Strange…I have BPD but everything you are saying about it is opposite of what I am.
    Example…my job is to implement solutions.
    I dont have temper tantrums.
    BUT I do have a switch that can be turned on without even knowing it.
    After I realize that it's already too late. Damage Done. But I don't seem to have, or do any of what you are speaking of in this video.

  28. This is fucking wrong bdp is not and will NEVER be the woman version of antisocial personnality disorder. Never. They are damage kids who grew up to be broken adult. They need love kindness and healing.

  29. My first girlfriend's sister had borderline. Ever since I had contact with their reality, it's honestly hard to imagine something worst to happen to a loved one.

  30. Ok. I got over my BPD and only Chameleon Syndrome is left but it kicks in only when I'm stressed or tired. I'm tired of not complaining and have no one to talk honestly. But now even tho I'm still very much antisocial I work with people and have no problems on day to day basis. The only time I have problems controlling myself is when there is someone that seems to be a good person to talk to. I'm also the most calm and peaceful person you could meet even tho in my childhood I was a screaming and things throwing monster.

  31. Jordan Peterson, you might go crazy if you try to learn everything about the human mind. It can and will drive one insaine! Psychology is not perfect in any way, shape or form. He stated between 2-4yo they will kick, bite and steal—> that's called survival of the fittest. Society is a joke and he knows this, may not admit it though. I will admit he is very intelligent person but being book smart is not all that matters.

  32. JP says DBT is purported to be true as the video ends suddenly! I want him to elaborate on his skepticism of dbt, the video was peaking

  33. I have BPD. This was so beautifully accurate and the first video I have found where we are not deemed as manipulative and evil.

  34. After reading the comment section I decided to keep this from everyone in my life. I'd rather be alone than to hurt someone and I don't want to be judged by people who would read crap on internet.

  35. It's so funny how pathetically inaccurate this is. Jordan Peterson is a purveyor of the most dangerous and ableist form of pop psychology. Read a fucking book

  36. I'm self diagnosed but 100% goddamn certain. top comment is right, the worst part is the intelligence, brain works like a clock. Can't seem to stop, don't want to stop, want to change, want to get better, but CRAVE the spontaneity. It sucks and it doesn't. When you adapt perspectives like mine, that this life is meaningless and we're just all specs off the same block it becomes a little easier. I like to think of myself as simply more animalistic than most, and in the times of Darwinism, I'd be unstoppable.

  37. I have BPD and I kinda think that when I slide down into intense dysphoria, the mechanism, that would fire up to calm myself down hasn't set it. A mechanism in form of the warmth felt in the body, when the mother truly and consistently smiles at, caresses and comforts the child, as it gets associated directly with the mother's warmth. In normal people, the feeling of intense distress would also trigger warm feelings of love, optimism, whatever you call it, like a defense mechanism. in people with bpd, that mechanism just isn't there. at least i feel like whenever i take the slope down, it just gets worse and worse, while I notice other people picking up emotional momentum first, when talking about their problems, but they're often able to quickly decelerate out of nowhere, looking at themselves, the future and sometimes the surroundings in a brighter light. just out of nowhere. but for me, when i'm alone, i just go beeeeeeewwwwww CRASH. i feel like i am entirely dependent on other people's positive emotions to create my own. add way too high hopes because of way too high idealization into the mix and you got a rollercoaster-ride that literally never ends. never. fucks sake. somebody just teach me this goddamn mechanism somehow. that would be my wildest wish. oh yeah, weed helps me regulate my mood pretty well. too well. too expensive that shit. but is therapy available NOW? nope gotta wait. guess, i'll just exist illegally until my social worker gets me therapy. at least i have her help. and i dont even idealize her. she is great, a little naive albeit stern, but very compassionate and reasonable. oh the crippling pain…..

  38. Watching Jordan answer questions is my Favorite part of his lectures, the way he provides the person asking a question complete focus and attention is something you rarely see.

  39. I lived with someone who had BPD, it was terrible. I wish I had have known what I do now when I met her, as much as I loved her, it really was not worth the cost of trying to live with her problem.

  40. There isn’t such a thing as “correlated at zero.” We refer to such variables as unrelated or non-correlated. The actual coefficient is understood as not statistically significant in either a given study sample or meta-analytic sample. The idea of something being correlated at zero is silly and preposterous. If they are in opposition to one another then they would emerge as negatively correlated, which again, is not a zero valuation, it’s an actual negative coefficient.

    A second point to understand then, is that conscientiousness as a trait factor is perhaps unrelated to intelligence, meaning that people of high IQ, average IQ, or low IQ all have conscientious factor scores that are independent from their IQ. This is likely what Petersen meant to say perhaps, but it was less than artful in execution to put it mildly, and could lead people to walk away with a perfectly wrong and confused understanding of how constructs are related to one another statistically.

  41. If you want a proper explantion of what BPD is and how it is created, watch a video by sam vaknin or richard grannon

  42. See the many below comments from people who suffer from BPD. That's the self awareness part. The part about not implementing what they strategize about , im a Borderline myself, couldn't agree more. Spent hours making perfect study plans, would end up getting stoned. I landed a job with a good deal of effort and lost it because I had mood swings and tardy days at work. The abandonment and anxiety issues damaged several friendships and my relationship. Behavioral therapy works ,let people around you know the real you. Don't be trapped in your self image.

  43. We feel abandoned.. No self worth.. Intelligent… Too many thoughts… Intensity of emotion… Isolated… Anxiety ++++ poor socialisation. I was born in Papua New Guinea. Never fit in.. in Australia. Father a Ministerof religion.. never good enough..self harm and never worthy of suicide… Just suffer cos that's all you deserve

  44. The Borderline will never take ownership of their flaws or failings but they may accuse you of the most heinous acts or betrayals. Some even file false police reports of violence, and take out restraining orders against you-—but they're simply projecting their own shame onto you. You'll probably struggle with this, as your natural impulse is to point out these behaviors in them, in an effort to vindicate yourself. Don't waste your time. No matter what you say to this individual, their cognitive distortions will not go away and you'll only be helping them make you crazier, with each contact!

  45. Its interesting to hear him talk about people with a mental health issue with high enough intellectual capacity to diagnose their problem, to speculate potential solutions but to fail implementing any sort of helpful strategy because isn't that something we find in a lot of issues, isnt that something CBT specifically tries to train into people? Shame he goes on to say we dont fully understand it, might be helpful…

  46. Interesting topic, it seems with BPD the lights are on but nobody is home. I wonder how much sympathetic nervous system arousal there is and intellectualizing the problem simply makes it worse? If there is no implementation, no willing full change, how much could be related to the physical body instead of the mind?

  47. My understanding of BPD, NPD (and probably other personality disorders) is they are so terrified of the subconscious and the Shadow, they live totally in the ego/persona. So they aren’t integrated at all, which Alan Watts said is his definition of insanity. This Tool clip shows Jung’s model of the psyche and explanation of how people deal with the Shadow. BPD, NPD etc use only denial and projection because as I said, the Shadow scares them so much they have very powerful defence mechanisms.

  48. All he done was super stigmatize bpd he's a stupid fuck I don't have bod my husband does but I do have avoidant pd and the both together is challenging but I'm sorry I've lived in narcassisst my dad wayyyyyyyyyy worse than my husband and antisocial hell no Drs will even let them in mostly because they're in jail if this preacher had to face real evil he would run from a narcissist or antisocial but hell he's collecting churches money going home probably drinking his Sunday night away I mean what a stupid fuck, and people wonder why people with avoidant distance themselves well this is the PRIME example!

  49. People who don’t have borderline personality shouldn’t even speak on this issue. If you haven’t been there you can’t comprehend. Sorry to all the people with BPD watching this. There is hope. ❤️ self love/care is key. Listening to your inner child. May peace be with all people with bpd.

  50. Not only is Jordan suffering from PBD he is lost in the OCD of religious ignorance. OCD is almost impossible to cure, especially after a lifetime of indoctrined beliefs and behaviour. Religion is a complicated disorder of the human psyche.

  51. Pretty sure my mother has BPD. If you know the person with BPD is about to jump on the shit-storm-roller-coaster, you can usually see the signs. Of most of my family members, she inevitably lures them onto the ride with her. I myself am not completely immune, but most of the time I'm like "yeah, no thanks. I'm gonna go stand at the exit line and I'll see you when you get off. No way in hell I'm riding that." lol . My mother always compares me and my siblings to scattering like cockroaches when she's "in a mood". Thing is, it's not just one mood. It's several back to back with a sprinkle of violence. Our cockroach-scattering is purely a survival tactic lol.

  52. Bloody Psychology, diagnosing everybody with a ome mental illness, all of course except Royalty, Government and the military of course, they prop you up, and protect your racketeering… Or else, else be thrown in a straight Jacket yourself as well.

  53. He’s being repetitively asked about BPD because a terrifyingly substantial portion of Western women exhibit many of the behaviors consistent with said diagnosis. And these men are trying to understand it; so they can avoid it at all costs.

  54. If you have BPD, you can learn to control it and even make you better! I do not believe it's a curse, but a blessing. The first years are extremely hard, with all the depression and major personality changes, but once you can conquer and control it, it becomes a gift that few people can understand, and that's the best part, they dont need to understand it!!! You have a gift, time to use it! Thanks Dr. Peterson for showing me the path to harness my inner self and using it for good!

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