Jeunesse Longevity TV – Episode 24 – Lifestyle – PART 1 – Introduction to Lifestyle

Hello Everyone Welcome to the 24th Episode of Jeunesse Longevity TV and the first episode of Healthy Lifestyle Healthy Lifestyle! Not easy to define lifestyle Lifestyle is not only exercise, it is not only nutrition, or behaviors. Lifestyle is a mix of nutrition, exercise, stress management, and social, mental, spiritual and intellectual health. This is lifestyle! Today it has become obvious that our health is conditioned by the quality of the air we breathe, by our diet, by smoking, by drugs and toxic substances, by physical exercise, by mental strain, by the stress we undergo, as well as by the love and friendship which we receive. Now, there are some very important discoveries that I want to share with you, regarding lifestyle! It is about genes and the relation between genes and lifestyle. Let me explain: As I told you we have about 25.000 genes all located in our DNA. We have the same genes in all our 60 trillion cells. Those genes got the secret code to manufacture proteins and proteins are the essence of life. While we have 25.000 genes they are not all working at the same time. In fact, only 10% are working full time because they are programming proteins which are essential for our survival, 24 hours a day. The other ones are sleeping and got activated when specific proteins are needed. Who decide which gene should be activated (we say “expressed”) or deactivated (we say “repressed”). Well, Nature has appointed a kind of “symphony conductor” who is conducting our genetic orchestra The symphony is written by Nature, and the partition, our 25.000 genes, is identical for every cell and for everyone. BUT, the interpretation can be totally different from one individual to the other, all depend how the conductor will decide when to switch off the piano and when to reduce the violins. This is why every one of us is unique while having almost the same genes. So what this has to do with lifestyle? Let’s take one example: an orange We know now to break down an orange at the molecule level and to trace it. What can we see? The molecule is going to ask the conductor to switch on a specific gene which will release the production of immune cells. Now you understand why Vit C is good for our immune system! We have a scientific explanation of what we already knew by clinical trials. The system can be applied to all the components of lifestyle, positively or negatively; which means that if you express a good lifestyle the conductor will switch on the good genes for your health. But when your lifestyle is bad, the conductor will switch off some very important genes. Unhealthy lifestyle can negatively influence gene expression and can affect our growth and development, art chronic diseases, speed the aging process, and cause premature death. Now, you understand the relationship between genes and lifestyle. What should we do to improve our lifestyle? The first thing to do is about making choices. You have to be convinced that a healthy lifestyle is THE ONLY solution to stay healthy and young for a long time. Do you know that 99% of chronic diseases are related to unhealthy lifestyle: Inflammation, Diabetes, Cancers, Auto immune diseases, Obesity, Cardio vascular diseases, Depression, Dementia, Alzheimer …and more? Up to 80% of cancers may be influenced by external factors such as lifestyle and the environment.” This is called “awareness “, and you will become soon “health conscious”. Once you become health conscious you will have to learn about healthy lifestyle and then you will be able to take action. You will then acquire the skill power to reach your targets. You will learn in the next episodes how to fortify your willpower and build the skills that will help you improve your eating habits at home and on the road. How to improve your food shopping and cooking habits, and your level of physical activity. You will learn how to retrain your taste buds to prefer healthier foods. And you will learn how to improve other aspects of your lifestyle, including your sleep, stress, pain and social connections. Best of all you will be able to tailor a plan that fit your needs. So, let’s get started! See you at our next episode. My name is William Amzallag and I am Generation Young.

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  1. Thank you. I'm looking forward to the subtitles translated as in episodes from 1. to 22. Then I can share it.

  2. 有些视频没有中文字幕,是否可以添加中文字幕,理解这些医学知识更容易消化

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