Jeunesse Longevity TV – Episode 2 – Understanding Health

Hello everybody this is William Amzallag and I want to welcome you into our 2nd episode of Jeunesse Longevity TV I have some good news for you Everyday our life is extended by 6 hours more, Yes 6 hours more a 25% increase! within 100 years between 1900 and 2000 we jumped from 45 years average lifespan to almost 85 years. Why? Because we have better health! But what means having a better health? This word: HEALTH is so important for us that we really need to understand his meaning! Health has always been a major concern of all societies he ancient Greeks believed that health was the result of a perfect physical balance For the Indians, being healthy means being in harmony with Nature The ancient Chinese believe that health is a reflection of vital energy, they call it Chi The Western approach focus mainly on diseases and their treatments and with this concept, based on science and experimentation, millions of lives have been saved and life expectancy has increased drastically This spectacular increase brought our society to a new way of thinking not any more based on treating diseases or on saving life, but more on quality of life. For most people health means ”No disease” “I’m not sick so I’m healthy” This is wrong! All chronic diseases take years to become detectable, and it is our genes, our potential overweight, our eating habits Our physical, mental and emotional conditions that will affect in a positive or negative way our health status. But this is not enough to define health. Scientists need one more criteria How quantifying health? How defining specific criteria that will allow us to say : “I ​​am healthy” or, “I am in very good health” or “I am in perfect health.” To quantify health, scientists have approached the problem in another way: they studied how our bodies should react when subjected to changes or to stress They were looking for our ability and for our speed to return to normal after change or after stress They called this ability: “homeostasis” Homeostasis is defined as the “ability of our body to maintain a state of stability, despite the constant changes within his environment” This is the scientific definition. In order to understand this fundamental concept let our imagination wander Suppose we all born … on a steel cable stretched between two tower buildings; our parents and their parents were acrobats and live permanently, twenty-four hours a day, on this cable. To avoid falling, they must constantly reach a dynamic balance which will involve not only hundreds of muscles in their body, but also all their functions and their five senses. Their brain will evaluate their strategic choices and their emotions should be managed if danger threatens them …..And this is permanent … twenty-four hours a day, with no break! This is homeostasis Life is an ongoing battle between two opposite but complementary forces, on one hand, we have activating forces which facilitate biochemical reactions, stimulate energy expenditure, and on the other hand we have sleeping forces, which will slow down all biochemical reactions and energy expenditures. The objective is to reach a state of alternation between rest and activity Homeostasis is the appropriate response to permanent change; and permanent change is the core of life. Our body is faced with thousands of changes per second and quickly regain its balance. Losing this adaptability will lead to diseases and to aging. So, finally, how can we define health? Health today is defined by the adaptability of our body to permanent changes. This adaptability is achieved through a complex but coherent organizational system, which results in a dynamic, but constantly challenged, equilibrium. The progressive decline of this delicate balance will lead to the slowdown in our body performances and consequently to the onset of diseases, including aging. Jeunesse understand the importance of homeostasis and is targeting every product on its ability to contribute in reestablishing the balance For instance Reserve will help DNA to repair counterbalancing DNA damages Finiti will contribute to relenghten telomeres to counterbalance telomere shortening… This is Jeunesse Generation Young! My name is William Amzallag ….and I am Generation Young! Thank you and see you for our next episode

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  1. Согласно уставу (конституции) Всемирной организации здравоохранения (ВОЗ), здоровье является состоянием полного физического, душевного и социального благополучия, а не только отсутствием болезней и физических дефектов.      

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  6. I am amazed that Henrietta Lacks (a Black Woman) aka HeLa Cells was not mentioned since medical research Scientist around the world know of marvels that this woman's cells has helped to reveal all the  mysteries of our cells, DNA, gene mapping, cloning, and all modern discoveries that are known of today…please read and learn about her for yourself and then ask why is her contributions are still being ignored and not mentioned.

    Five Reasons Henrietta Lacks Is The Most Important Woman In Medical History
    5. It was discovered that Lacks's cancerous cells used an enzyme called telomerase to repair their DNA, allowing them, and other types of cancer cells, to function when normal cells would have died. Anti-cancer drugs that work against this enzyme are currently in early clinical trials.

    Also review the timeline on HeLa Cells for more complete information concerning clarity of her contributions to modern Biomedical research science at the following link:   If we are going to prive information, lets give all information…because had it not been for her cells, there would not have been any discoveries or breakthroughs that we all appreciate as they have changed our lives in small and tremendous ways, as we are all touched via products that have used her cells to test for safety such as, household cleansers, cosmetic companies,  and the list is endless.  Thank you.

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  20. Essa foi a explicação mais profunda e incrível que já vi na vida do que é homeostase!! De forma muito inteligente souberam contextualizar a palavra no nosso dia a dia, e ficou fácil de entender!! Mestres!! Que trabalho competente!!

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