Jeunesse Longevity TV – Episode 19 – The Promise of Immortality

Good afternoon everyone I very am honoured to present my last book: the Promise of Immortality This book is a wonderful message of hope and optimism for all those willing to believe that aging is not inescapable. Why did I wrote this book? There are 2 reasons for that The first one is personal: being born in 1941, I am currently 75 years old, and I wanted to leave a legacy to my children; to my grandchildren and hopefully to my grand, grandchildren. A few months before I had started writing this book, Laetitia, 11 years old, my wife’s daughter, and very curious about life, asked me: “Tell me, will you be there with me, when I get married and have kids. Will you hold my hand during the delivery like you did for all of your children?” I wanted very much to take part in all of my grandchildren’s marriages and great grandchildren’s births, but I wished with all my heart to be able to participate without having any disabilities, with the energy and mindset of a young man. The second one is professional. I was compiling my notes in a consistent form, and by coincidence I read about the life of Jeanne Calment, a French woman who has lived 122 years; she has lived 44,724 days, and have the longest longevity on record. She died in 1997 and at the time, most specialists thought that we had reached, through Jeanne Calment, the limits of the human longevity. She was not an example of perfection, neither she had a perfect lifestyle Having read her life story, I discovered that she was what we can call an “ordinary women”. And I said to myself: “If she did it, why not me, why not us?” And this became my creed!! For me “Any death occurring before the age of 122 years should be considered as a premature death” How many times has the thought crossed our minds: “ah, if only I were 10 years younger, with the experience I have now!” That wish could be feasible today! Better yet, why not 10 extra years? 10 years of good health, 10 productive years, without cancer, without Alzheimer’s! Or 20 more years to spend with our loved ones, enough time to accomplish all that we haven’t been able to do! What we want is not only a longer life, but a long life brimming with energy and creativity. This book is divided in 5 parts: Health; Aging; Rejuvenating, lifestyle; and our special program the JLife plan. The first part will help you assimilate the information which we will refer to in the rest of the book, as part of a global and holistic approach to health. We will introduce the key players: Health, the dynamic balance essential for maintaining functional integrity, called « homeostasis », Then cellular physiology, and modern genetics. If you are already familiar with this scientific vocabulary, you can go straight to the second part. The second part attempts to explain why and how aging takes place. There are many theories which try to explain the causes of aging. We will focus on those for which there is a consensus today: DNA damage, telomere shortening, and as a consequence of these two the accelerated aging of stem cells. To be born is not a crime, so, why are we sentenced to death? We can survive certain severe illnesses, but not aging? Aubrey de Grey a famous biogerontologists believes that TODAY we can already live 1000 years! We have now a pretty good idea of why we are aging The first evidence that chronological age, the one which we celebrate every year is not valid anymore: aging do not depend on accumulating years. The second evidence is that our potential longevity, our chance to live longer, is located within our cells and especially inside our DNA. There are basically 3 major causes of aging DNA damages Telomeres shortening Stem cells pool shrinking The third part of this book takes the second to its logical conclusion: it poses the question how can we grow younger? It develops a response: by working collaboratively and simultaneously on the causes of DNA damage, by lengthening telomeres, and by protecting our stem cells. We are witnessing today a technological tsunami: Computer power is doubling every 18 months, stem cells are revolutionizing medicine, nanomedicine is the future, and many others… Is immortality around the corner? One very first fact is that Natural death can no longer be considered a universal Law of Nature. Certain organisms like bacteria or perennial plants can overcome aging and thereby present a kind or immortality! Have you heard about Georges the lobster? Could lobsters be immortal? Not exactly, but they do not die of old age, because telomerase, the enzyme responsible for lengthening telomeres, is always activated in their organism. Therefore, their cells do not die, and retain the ability to duplicate. Yet their shell remains susceptible to infection, which is why, they still eventually pass away. Koi fish In Japan, are known for their long lifespan. Some living for more than 200 years. One named Hanako died in July 1977, at 226 years old! Turtle are also, renowned for their longevity, Adwaita, a Seychelles turtle, is said to have lived nearly 250 years. Hydra: When a part of its body is amputated, the hydra’s body regenerates it in two or three days, which makes it potentially immortal. Jelly fish: some has the power to live 1000 years. The Chapitre 2 is about stem cells ,regenerative medicine and cells therapy Stem cells are, as their name implies, the source of all our cells. It all begins with the fusion of the winning spermatozoid which found its way to the ovum and fertilizes it. At the fusion, life begin with the first embryonic stem cell. Ronald Regan was a kind of visionary when he said that stem cell research can change totally our way to treat patients. Nanotechnology allows us to manipulate matter and build new structures at the nanometer scale (a million of a millimeter), the size of a few atoms or molecules. Imagine a robot smaller than a micron with a DNA sensor which could in a few seconds detect a potential illness using a drop of saliva or blood. We detect the early signs of cancer at the molecular and even atomic level. Chapter 4 is about food supplements . There is ample evidence that this active supplementation, associated with a better lifestyle, will help to lengthen our lives. In terms of supplementation there are 2 ways to anti-aging protocols. the first one is simply to delay age related diseases but that depends on your level of health at the moment you start the program. The second way, which is regenerative, will attempt to revive the process of regeneration which was lost, in order to lengthen our telomeres and protect our stock of stem cells. Modern approaches are focusing on epigenetic by activating the good genes. This is why scientists are using telomerase activators. Which in turn will rebuild unit by unit the telomeres. In Chapter 5 we will talk about the fantastic future of epigenetics. Nutrigenomics is a new science which show the major influence of nutrition in producing the right proteins. Epigenetics will allow us to personalize any medical treatment. By mastering the impact of each ingredient on gene expression. The fourth part is dedicated to improvement of our lifestyle. It is a scientific fact that an healthy lifestyle increase longevity. We will see how good nutrition improve longevity, and how genes can also influence our nutrition. How regular exercise can improve longevity, and how exercise influence our gene expression. How stress can reduce our longevity. We all know that emotions influence our longevity and I will show you why. Even our attitudes and relationship affect our longevity. Finally healthy lifestyle can certainly increase your telomeres. The 5th part, finally, will help you to put all this new knowledge into practice, thanks to its concrete solutions, with the J-Life longevity program. It starts with a complete assessment of your biological age. In the nutrition part I will show you how to use food and food supplements to stay healthy and to improve longevity. The fitness jlife program is quite easy to follow. And also the very special anti-stress program. In the last part I provide 5 major questionnaires to help you to follow your progress. TO CONCLUDE: Is immortality really around the corner? And what could we do to be healthier tomorrow than we are today? If you do all this JLife plan every day, you will score extra healthy days. For how long? As long as possible. And maybe then the promise of immortality will become more than a promise. Thank you very much, enjoy the book. My name is William Amzallag and I am “Generation Young”.

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  1. I had never heard something like this in my life, just people in the Bible lived longer than us!!!! All Mind blowing. Jeunesse is just changing the way in which we think about aging and is helping families stay healthier and stronger!

  2. I already purchase your book and reading it. still at chapter 2 right now. Very informative! Thanks for such good information Dr. William

  3. I have been watching your videos, and I am really impressed with such knoledge, thank you very mutch…

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