[JAPAN VLOG] How to survive the crazy summer in Mochimune? 用宗のジェラート

Hello! (in French and Japanese) Today we welcome a guest D: Whats your name? K: It’s Katharina Grimm! (Intern at CSA Travel Ltd in Shizuoka) D: It’s nice to meet you! K: Take good care of me D: Let’s work well together! I’m David from France Where are you from? I’m from Germany Ah, Germany! It’s close to France! We’re walking along the beach Please, take a close look! How do you like it? It’s so beautiful – I love the sea! Really? You can even swim here! Today the weather isn’t too hot, it’s just perfect! Yeah, I’m really glad Japan is really hot, right? In Mochimune I am your senpai! So today in Mochimune… I want to show you a great store! Yes, please. Show me the way, senpai! Japanese summer is crazy hot so I want to introduce you to a cool place Yes, please! Let’s go! Yeah, let’s go! (Gaijins walk while music is playing in the background) Take a look! There are many different flavors! The have a lot of Japanese-esque flavors! Like Matcha or Shirasu (baby Tuna) Those tiny little fish! They made ice cream out of it What’s next… They also have Wasabi flavored ice cream And they even have Japanese Sake as a flavor K: Wow, that’s great! D: But I don’t think it contains real Sake D: So it’s alright to eat. Ah, look! There it is! D: Finally, we can eat! K: It looks delicious! Shirasu! Wasabi! Ah, Wasabi flavor! But for Wasabi it isn’t that green, right? Even less green than Matcha. Just a tiny bit green. D: Alright then, let’s eat! K: Yeah, let’s eat! Ittadakimasu! I’m saying “Ittadakimasu” even though I’ve already started eating It tastes sweet Yeah, it’s really sweet The Wasabi isn’t strong at all So I’m eating yogurt Shirasu so… …the yogurt flavor is stronger It tastes like yogurt – It’s delicious! But still, I can feel the Shirasu Look! You can even see the small Shirasu There are these tiny black dots That’s the Shirasus head (its eyes) If I say it like that it’s a bit scary, right? How does your ice cream taste like? It’s very good and not too strong The Wasabi flavor doesn’t come out that much D: So it’s sweet? K: Yeah, it’s sweet Is it spicy? No, not at all D: So sweet and delicious to eat? K: Yes, exactly! That’s good. It’s all delicious! Alright, so let’s take our time to eat! D: Thank you for today! K: Thank you for your hard work! Today was really tough! So, do you want to come to Mochimune again? Yes, absolutely! So please come again to hang out some time! When will you next come to Japan? Probably next year Next year? Please visit Mochimune again then! D: Until then! K: Bye, bye! (The stone skipped) four times! NICE!

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