Intro to Hormones & Chronic Disease – Dr. Nick Delgado – Natural Longevity 01 –

I’m Nick Delgado. I’m a lifestyle interventionist.
What I’m going to share with you today is about what to do to help your hormones to
help you to live a better-quality life. Most people go through their life often not even
being aware that they may have a deficiency, and it’s through a series of appropriate testing
and a doctor that’s highly trained to examine you for certain symptoms or problems or conditions
that may be present during a physical exam or a very thorough and extensive questionnaire,
we like to employ these because the problem is that not only do we run the risk of deficiencies
of hormones but also there are certain hormone excesses, and these hormone excesses can occur
due to lifestyle problems: too much alcohol, too much junk food, sugars, processed chemicals,
pesticides. There are so many different things that your body is exposed to during right
from birth and even in vitro and on through your entire lifespan. So keeping that in mind,
we face probably the worst epidemic in the history of mankind. Seventy-five percent of
$3 trillion healthcare spent are going towards dealing with chronic diseases. Now, what are chronic diseases? They are not
just your typical acute injury, you got in an auto accident, something happened. It’s
something that’s been developing for a long time. For example, in the case of a mutated
cell, this we sometimes would refer to obviously as cancer, when the cells mutate and continue
to grow, all of us at some time during life develop cancer but in most cases your immune
system is strong enough to fight it and to stop its progression. Some doctors believe
that we develop cancer every day, and if that’s true, then you have to have something that
will allow your body to fight that battle. It’s not appropriate to wait one day 20 years
later and a doctor to tell you that you have a tumor. By the time they can detect there’s
a tumor, it’s been in your body for 20 years, and at that point usually your alternatives
are very limited. Your doctor will probably tell you you have to have chemotherapy, radiation
or surgery. And will these procedures work? Well, let’s
just look at the trend in disease and recovery. Let’s also look at the chronic condition of
heart disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke, hypertension and its related complications
and also diabetes. And then we can talk about arthritis, and who isn’t affected by arthritis
who at some point is exposed to a lifelong of incompatibility to the very foods that
you may be eating or chemicals? And this causes inflammation, which most doctors will agree
that inflammation is involved with most diseases. So the trend doesn’t look good. By 2015, we’re
looking at 149 million Americans with chronic disease, and if you continue to see the trend
upward, it’s going to continue to grow until we do something about it. What is that that we can do? I propose to
you that there is a six-step plan that may be the most effective way that you can curtail
the ever-increasing rate of chronic disease. Number one, we’re going to talk about hormones
tonight and review all aspects about what you can do to understand more of whether we
can optimize your own hormone production, whether we can intervene with certain herbs
or supplements that will improve your hormonal balance, and/or use bioidentical hormones
where appropriate. Rest and sleep? I would guess that most doctors
are finally coming to the conclusion that sleep and recovery is amongst the most important
factor to help the body to rejuvenate to have a better quality of life, to reduce the incidence
of chronic disease and hormonal imbalances. Superfoods? Well, I’m going to include all
whole, natural foods as grown, but the categories I’m going to focus on are the ones that we’ve
deemed to be essential for improving the quality of life, keeping you at a lean body weight,
maintaining your muscle density and giving you the source of nutrients that your body
desperately needs every day. [0:04:54] LFC, Laser Focus Concentration, this is a
concept. It’s based on hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and NLP, all of which I’m highly
trained in, and I have found and discovered a way to help you on a daily basis to basically
get to the cause of those things that are holding you back. The very programming that
you and I were raised on with advertisements, with commercials, with marketers, with special-interest
groups, with food corporations, with pharmaceuticals, there are so many industries that are going
against your health that I am even shocked that we can survive as long as we do. So keeping that in mind, I’m going to give
you a technique, a procedure that you can use either by reading the scripts or wearing
a special set of glasses or a sleep mask to basically within seven days, believe it or
not, change the way you think at the unconscious level and help you to consciously make new
decisions that will dramatically improve your health. Rapid fitness? What better than to
get into top shape in a short period of time? I’m going to give you some good examples of
how that works, and based on my experience of competing in world championship competitions
against some of the world’s strongest strength/endurance athletes in the world, I can share with you
certain things that will make your exercise program dramatically more effective. Emotional love? This is a big part of your
ability to live a better-quality life. In fact, if you do develop a chronic disease,
many studies concur that if you have social connection, love and intimacy, your chance
of survival is far better. And more than that, doctors have examined the reality that the
longest-lived people tend to have social connection and love. It could even be just connection
with your dog. But you know what? We really have to look at the values and figure out
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