I Survived A School Shooting And It Affected Me For Life

I was outside the school, hanging out with my friends before our first class. Suddenly, we heard the lady from the front office over our school’s intercom: “Lockdown immediately, lockdown immediately!” We were kind of “OK, this isn’t good, something is happening.” So, I rushed into my first class, which was chemistry. The moment I ran into the class and my teacher turned off the lights, everything went silent. We all sat down and we just waited. We waited for anything to happen. No one knew what was going on, even our teacher. And I think that was the scariest part. The entire atmosphere in the class was just confusion and terror. All the students that are usually obnoxious and loud just… Went quiet. I was so freaked out that I didn’t hear anything. No shootings, no voices outside, nothing. The only thing that I heard was this one girl, who was sitting directly next to me in the classroom. She was crying. It was a horrible feeling. During that time, I wanted to distract myself from what was happening, so I was trying to stay on my phone, make sure that my friends were safe. And texted my parents, of course, just a quick “Hey. Something’s happening and I want you to know that I’m OK.” “I will probably be OK, but if I’m not, I just want to tell you that I love you.” Sending this message was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. After a while, the voice over the intercom said that things were safe. The police had the situation under control, but they wouldn’t let us leave until they had everything completely cleared. All of that was encouraging, to hear somebody say: “Hey, it’s OK. It’s over. Everything is going to be fine now. Don’t panic.” My teacher put on the news and we finally got some information on what was actually going on. And then they started letting us go. I was able to head up and be with my family. Later we found out that the shooter was another student. From what I hear, he brought the gun to intimidate others. Then he had a fight with some guy in the school hall and it escalated. So he pulled out the gun and shot him in the back. The shooter panicked, ran into a classroom and immediately told the teacher what he had just done. I don’t know why he did it. I don’t think he came there with the intent of killing one of his peers. He just wanted to show off that he had the balls to bring a gun to school. The guy who was shot was the only target. Later we found out that he died at the hospital. This experience just proved to me that there are so many terrible things in this world. So many things that don’t need to happen, so many things that we could avoid so easily if we just talk to each other. I really hope that there is a future where things like this won’t happen’, and they won’t be treated like a normal thing. I’m just really excited about that future.

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  1. Only 1:47 in and I'm already wanting to cry of fear something like this might happen to me because high school and middle schools are usually the main targets of school shootings

  2. Oh really the class went silent oh so that’s how you survive a school shooting I thought everyone had to be running around in the hallways and start yelling and have the school shooter in front of everyone pulling the trigger

    I don’t like school shooters
    Like if you want school shootings to stop

  3. You can't have good with out bad it's impossible we would all die with good noting fighting noting would have affected us

  4. we are not suposed to go to school and have lockdown drills, we shouldnt go to school scared OF BEING SHOT AND KILLED

  5. I watched this last morning and guess what…

    Next thing I knew i went to school and there’s an external lockdown aka 30meters from my school cause some one wanna kill themselves in the forest behind my school

  6. I live in the the state where this happened and I actually feel bad for the shooter because he was bullied to the point where he killed the bully so he just need help but instead he’s facing 25 years in prison and being charged as an adult when he’s only 16 edit:the state is North Carolina

  7. I once saw the quite kid argue with the popular kid and then the quite kid started crying and he reached for his backpack and I ran outside the door…

  8. When I was at school I accidentally had my Knife in my pocket then there was a school lock down every one ran the girl I had a crush on was sticking out like a sour thumb because it was dark and had light clothes and the guy with the gun told her and me he was going to kill one of us she said me then I felt the knife in my pocket and grabbed it and without him looking I went for the stab on him he fell I grabbed his gun and gave it to her she held it tord him he stud up and I tackled him down me and the guy were fighting for like 2 minutes the cops came and grabbed the gun took me and the guy and my crush said he is not the bad guy so after 5 minutes I told them the hole story and the school was let out early

  9. This is a fake story. They don’t provide any evidence or documents of this ever happening.channels like these tend to tell fake story’s. Using fake school shooting story’s as a way to get views is a horrible thing to do

  10. Good vid, but bruh sounds like one of those people wit dem crazy braces wit the thing on the tops of they heads or something bruh.

  11. It’s a shame how horrible our world is like why do people do this what is the point of ending someone’s life forever and making their parents devastated people shouldnt be scared of school it’s supposed to be safe but people like this mak the world horrible 😔

  12. This isnt even a school shooting. Its one dude shooting another dude that just happened to be in school. He had no intention of killing anybody else.

  13. Ohhhh so bad lam so oooh sad and soo scarred hope you are good may god be with everyone omg so baaaad who said the police is baaaad and a shooting booii and kill him kkow the shooting is so bad your so bad l like yeah l really hope the shd

  14. just because it’s a real story, doesn’t mean it’s not funny

    jk guys this is a joke

  15. School shootings are like that gruesome scene in a movie where someone's heart gets ripped out or some shit. But unlike movies, they're actually real. And that's what scares me the most.

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