I guess you like holding hands [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.29]

Taking this out won’t make it crumble, will it? I think I’ll take this out. (He takes it out right away) – What does it say? / – “Make an acrostic poem…” “With the other person’s name.” I can do it right away. – S. / – You are… – Te. / – Quite stylish. – Pha. / – Seeing how blue looks good on you… – Nie. / – You’re so my type. (You’re so my type) (You’re so witty) That was awesome. – I’m the host here. / – You’re right. (This is what the host is capable of) A guy should’ve been here. I’ll give you the syllables. – S. / – Stop. – Te. / – Tephanie. – Pha. / – You’re wearing blue. – Nie. / – You’re so beautiful. – “You’re so beautiful?” / – That was good. What was that? It’s how you speak in Britain. – What did he say? / – “You’re so beautiful.” What was that? It’s not fun. That was lame. (What was that?) (Now, it’s Seokhyeon’s turn) (Curious) “Hold hands with an opposite until you take the next stick out.” – Did you pick that again? / – Yes. Why don’t we have her back here? – Excuse me. / – Kisum. Kisum. – They are holding hands. / – Did he pick that again? He’s holding Stephanie’s hands. – Seokhyeon? / – Seokhyeon. (I’m watching you) – Did he leave a mark on it? / – Yeah. – He wants to hold hands. / – Something fluorescent? – He wants to hold hands. / – It must be visible. He’s like a professional gambler. He says he’s a banker but… I guess you love holding hands. I do. (In that sense) (Will you hold my hand?) (It was his right hand before) (Now, I give you my left hand) (Would you hold my left hand?) You have no other choice. How will I take my stick out? (The two hold hands tightly) (My gosh) (Why do I feel so bitter?) – End it now. / – End it now. How long is this going to air for? – End it now. / – End it now. – End it now. / – How long will you air this? (Her dance moves seem sad) Seokhyeon seems pretty happy. “We were happy.” His facial expression is sincere. I know. (Upset) I’ll take one now. It’s good to hold hands. I’m sweating. Did you like it this much earlier? (Say it now) Earlier… I like it more now. (My gosh, what did he say?) (Why did he speak casually?) (Don’t you think we’ve gotten quite close?) I like it more now. I get what he’s like now. He’s quite flirtatious. (He’s flirting with everyone) I liked it. Whether it was a lie or not, he still said he liked to hold my hands more. That was very nice. That was smart. I must have no pride. He held hands with Kisum then it was me straight after. But I still liked it. What can I say when I liked it? (This sweet guy) Well done. (Whispering) He whispered like he was talking to his girlfriend. (The two are so happy) Can I go and take a nap? (It’s not because I’m jealous) This is so boring. – It’s nearly over. / – Is it? (I’m looking at the wall because it’s so boring) (She looks away) (Or that’s what she wants to do) (But why does it bother her so much?) Don’t overdo it yet. I hate seeing you holding hands, but I want to ask something. Don’t let it crumble yet. (He’s super focused) (His attention bears fruit) He’s an athlete for sure. “Is your ideal type here or not?” (Is your ideal type here or not?) – Ideal type? / – Or someone close to it. Yes, you two are. (You two are close to my ideal type) I like people who show how they feel about me. I don’t have any set standards of men’s looks. So this is what I always say. That’s it. Alright. This is hard. It’s tricky. (He does his best) (I will not let go of this hand) (You can do it, Mr. Jin) (Wobbly) Oh, gosh. Are you okay? Yes, I’m fine. (Why would you get hurt from playing Jenga?) – What does it say? / – “How many relationships so far?” Good job on dropping that. – Everyone would’ve been hurt. / – He’s… – Well done. / – You saved yourself. – Well done. / – Good job. It was fun. I keep forgetting that we’re shooting a show.

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