I found a PewDiePie Boss in Minecraft! (Real) – Part 26

No! Oh my God – he’s still tough! OHMYGOD- he’s flying! OW! Joergen! GOOD MORNING GAMERS Welcome back to another episode of Minecraft! I know! Surprise! 😀 Look at IKEA tower… In all its glory. So beautiful… *Amazing music starts to play* We are nearing the endgame. We beat the Wither last… -battle.. I’ve cleaned up a little bit. But, next up… Is the Ender Dragon, baby. The final boss of Minecraft. After that, we go get a bunch of cool stuff, as well. So, it’s time for us to prepare for that. Our next step is to increase our village. MAKE MORE BEBE!!! I have this genius contraption, right? So, there’s a little hole here in the glass.. And then you put a boat here… And then eventually, we’ll catch a baby! That’s right! (What?) I’m gonna catch all your children. Riptide.. *Swedish gasp* I think Riptide is pretty good.. Riptide.. What is Ripti- 32?! NANI!? DO YOU THINK I’M MADE OF MONEY?!? I think that’s another thing I can put on my.. trident. It means I can use the trident as a means of (fast) transportation? Uhhh.. Yes please! Sven, where is my purse? I need it now! Give me my purse! I don’t think I have any money left.. Nooo.. I’m poor again.. Ugh, God. I’m gonna have to trade with people far, far away. Okay, give me my stuff. I have an insane amount of pumpkin Okay, Sven! What are you doing with all the cats? Daddy’s coming- gotta go- business trip! Damn, if I can use the- I love the trident. We gotta travel far in the south Maybe I should kidnap these people in the south- actually- yeah maybe ill do – IKEA Bird? Did I see IKEA Bird..Or am I crazy? IKEA Bird! You can’t… Ahh god damn it. Alright fine you’re coming with me Ikea Bird! How did you sneak?? with me?? How did you do this STAPHH!! Lowkey kinda cute thooo….. *Cute Chuckle* One thing I wanna do At some point … Is try to collect every monster in the Game. Cause apparently you can put- You can put any monster in the game in a boat. *More cute chuckling* We’re put the Enderdragon in a boat. Get in the boa- *laughter* *More Cute Chuckling* I think you can actually put the wither in a boat as well *laughter* Thats gonna be the next- Oh god Ikea Bird is gone. That’s our goal through this playthrough Put every creature in a boat Soo this is one of the first and biggest villages I ever traded with So this is where I make my Stoinks This is where earn my bread and butter You haven’t refilled already! It’s been days… My GOD!! NOOOOO He went into a cactus! Ikea Bird Yes! Ikea bird for real! Awww NOOOO!! Ikea Bird GET IN THE BOAT!!!! You’re coming with me If anyone has an objection Feel free to call the cops. WHYYY IKea BiRd… Whahayyyy Oh, was I talking to you? Say bye to your friends *sad music* Ikea bird was like father to me I love him like my mother Everything was going so well till the fire nation- Just get in the boat! It’s not that hard! What is this place? The netherlands why are we riding in a boat? DON’T ASK STUPID QUESTIONS NOo! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo! *sad music* He was like a father to me. The way he would trade me melons for a discount? I felt truly like I belonged. He was irreplaceable, there will NEVER be another man like him… HEeeyyy! Wakey WAKEY. GET IN THE BOAT! *rock music* Get in. Nop- Listen. Get in the boat, or I’m gonna shove this bed somewhere you’re not going to like it. Thank you What happened to your friend? Nothing special… Hey no hard feelings, right? (burps) Trust me this is 100% safe. I’ve done this before. gEt IN dA BoaT!!! YOu ThINK i’M PlAYinG! My Neighbor gonna- *wheezes* Just- Just trust m- Just trust me. So do you think that guy is still gonna trade me Riptide? about three hours *chortles* later? I know you can play- wOw, damn, we’re fast. You can place ice And then thats a really fast way to actually transport in the nether with ice, and a boat. So apparently, you can take one of the farmers, and place him in your automatic farm, and he will replant the seeds. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I mean if that’s the case… is that *WHEEZES like a baby* That means I get free labor! Uhh… Don’t worry about the new guy, guys. *llama bleats* *meow* Don’t worry about him, don’t- Don’t even look at him. How much do you wanna bet he doesn’t have Riptide anymore. No baby?! Come on, guys! Okay so he still has Riptide So that’s okay Yeah, he’s like “Whoa, Guys, guys, it’s raining potatoes! This is crazy!” Don’t worry, man, I’m just preparing your little… uh… your little new adventure. Alright, enjoy your new home and-a- job! *cackles* WOah! What in the world… OMG it’s raining! Yes! this is perfect! I didn’t even real- What are you doing in my house?!?!?! Guess this is against the rules to kick you out, alright, uhh… You can stay, just like be nice How does this work? Oh my god! *bone crunch* OW! Sven, did you see that? *Laughs* *Deep breath* wait.. wHaT Oh my gohahahooddd That’s awesome! Let me get away… *Riptide thwoshes* WOAH! This seems very dangerous. I don’t know why anyone would do this! NoOoOOO! Oh my god… you- *Screams in Swedish* StaAA! *sad music* All my friends… Look at what a great job he did. (rip villager #5997) I am flying away, I am out of this *Riptide thwoshes x2* To the skies and beyond! I am gonna find Joergen again. I’m gonna find IKEA bird. Oh my god, its snowing up here! How tall- Oh my go- (ded) N000oOOooo!!! Are you kidding me? AHWWWWAaaa! *SSss* TiHS iS thE WOrSt EPisoDE Of AlL TimE! I have a cyan bed, and i’m not afraid to use it. If anyone, comes near me? *grunts* What are you guys even *sighs* Yes! Finally! *chortles* Woh who! Yeah! The circle of life continues Little child? follow me, little child. Now we place another boat trap. We refill the food, and more babeh will come. Wha- What are you doing here!?! *laughs* Alright lets put some more potatoes and carrots He is the electrician, he’s just making sure it’s all running, thanks.. Thanks Mr.PeePee Really Appreciate it *Laughs* “Guys, there’s like food raining from the ceiling! Does anyone know where that comes from? This is so strange! Suddenly my pant feel like they are hot!” Mine too! (what felix?) Oh, look, he grew up!…. “Curse of Vanishing”. Okay, you guys are just getting greedy now. Yes! That is what I like to see! Alright gamers, I am BACK! They’re all farmers now, come on! You’re my destined new farmer, we’re gonna have a great time together, I’m so glad. No one, is going to escape my prison. Unless I willingly escort them out, okay? Don’t look- Don’t talk to him. Don’t talk to him, Sven, don’t look at him, he’s bad man. Very bad man. Look who doesn’t have a job, huh? Well, we will sort that out for you, buddy! Don’t worry about it! Just follow me, in here! Yasss, yasss. Oh, you’re lonely? OK, I give friend. I’m very generous man, people don’t understand. You know what? Actually I think you should be alone. *le laugh* For no reason whatsoever. Despite the fact that I dont like you, and I dont like your bald fa- where is your face? There it is, okay. That’s all I gotta say. That’s all the reasons I need. So we place my- OH LOOK! Look who’s already started, huh? From the boat, eh? (laughs) What a loser, what a nerd! Hopefully this wont get overrun by zambies, I have protected it this time, let me see. Well if you like the boat so much, why dont’cha… Why don’tcha try this? (laughs) (laughs some more) so basically, he will work for me… and i will sell him his own crops. (short laughter) I N H A L E S now that’s S T O N K S.

100 thoughts on “I found a PewDiePie Boss in Minecraft! (Real) – Part 26

  1. Pewdiepie fighting his evil clone and gives illusions to revive loved ones and making them go against him
    You could make an anime with this

  2. I saw everybody die watersheep yurgin ikea bird ikea bird2 snowman ⛄️ pew pew pow pow don’t want to get a strike and dj cow and people he doesn’t care about sandstone villagers normal villagers also wither

  3. This series use to be about friendship, love and adventure. Now it's about slavery. Will this be the "Breaking Bad" of Youtube? What an epic twist

  4. Nobody:
    Felix: have bebes so I can keep them in a prison for the rest of their lives

    Also Felix: iM a GeNeRoUs PeRsOn

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