i DIY’d every cursed sweater from blossom life hacks (why)

Oh hi, you’re just in time. Unless of course, you’re somehow watching
this video after Christmas in which case you’re really . . . really early because today, we’re
going to be reacting to awful life hack channels making awful Christmas sweaters. Now, I’ve actually done this kind of lifehack
DIY video on my channel two times before, and from what I remember I nailed both videos. Get black paper. I forgot to buy black paper. I’m not trying that. I’m not trying this one. I’m not trying that one either. Nothing in this video is worth trying. I mean, I could be remembering wrong. But you know what? Third time’s a charm. Today we’re getting our DIY fix from Blossom. Just Blossom. I don’t know either but they have 11 million
subscribers. Now if you’re hoping that Blossom is somehow
less of a dumpster fire than then Troom or 5-minute crafts, then . . . why were you hoping—like
what led you to be—it’s not. But clearly that’s not enough to stop me
so I’m about to DIY all 5 of their ugly Christmas sweater lifehacks. So for this first sweater, I’m supposed
to record footage of my fireplace. What this has to do with a sweater, I don’t
really know, but the thing is, I don’t really know a lot of things. Like how to turn my fireplace on. I’m just going to go ahead and download
stock footage of a fireplace. Okay so now we’re supposed to iron on a
fireplace. I’m 90% sure I see where this sweater is
going, and I’m 110% sure I don’t like it. Either way, I won’t be using an iron. It’s not because I don’t know how to use
an iron, I mean I have one, I just don’t have an ironing board. I also don’t know how to use an iron, that’s
just not why I’m not using it. But never fear, sticker paper is here! Okay, so next we’re supposed to be making
a pocket on the back, and sliding the iPad in there. I have the felt right here, so we’re just
going to glue this oh- So the issue with my iPad is, it’s kind of large. Like, much larger than these felt square. I think I’m just going to use my phone. Okay, so this is the fireplace sweater. The good news is, I was able to find a 10-hour
loop of fireplace footage, so It’s not going to run out. The bad news my phone battery is on more of
a 10-minute loop, so I can quite literally feel it dying. If I need to make an emergency call do I reach
all the way into my sweater to retrieve my phone, or do I just call the police through
the fireplace. Overall I don’t hate this, and I definitely
don’t love this, but most importantly I feel like this sweater should have come with
safety instructions. So we’ve done the fireplace, now we’re
onto the snowman. The issue is, I have no idea what a cotton
round is. I looked on Amazon and they didn’t have
cotton rounds. Either these things don’t exist, or I was
simply not meant to find them. But I had a brilliant idea. Why use 500 cotton rounds to construct a snowman,
when you can just use your brain. Nah, I’m just kidding. If I was using my brain, I wouldn’t be making
these sweaters. But instead of cotton rounds, we’re just
going to go with large-scale Styrofoam rounds. Or as we like to call them in the industry:
Styrofoam plates. Maybe you’ve heard of them. I’m not in any industry, I’m gluing paper
plates onto a sweater. So we’re supposed to cut out the snowman
decorations from this felt that I purchased. It came in a pack of 42, which is great because
I only needed three, so. Thank you for that for that, I love purchasing
things I don’t need. We’re going to give the snowman a couple
of buttons grafted directly onto his skin and crafted from the same material as his
eyes. Who knew Coraline was a Christmas movie. Is it just me, or does that look more a Halloween
sweater than a Christmas sweater? I guess the important part is, either way,
it looks truly awful. And that’s why I’m ecstatic to have created
an even worse version of it. Simply put, the vibes are kind of off with
this sweater. I don’t like it for some reason, but I can’t
really put my finger on it. Granted, if I did put my finger on this sweater
at all, it would probably fall apart anyway, so. So next up is the Santa. As you see, our sweater-making adventures
are getting a bit more aggressive, as the first step in this one is apparently cutting
it clean in half. So now that we’re done with that, we’re
supposed to be adding fur trim. My question is, in what universe would I have
fur trim lying around. What would I even type on Amazon to find white
fur trim. Well, probably just the words “white fur
trim” now that I’m thinking about it, but I wasn’t thinking about it when I ordered
this stuff, so instead we’ll be lining our Santa Sweater with silver garland. Who cares if it’s going to shed tinsel all
over the floor? It’s more festive. I’m going to be finding pieces of this in
my carpet for the next twelve years. I’m not very confident in my ability to
glue garland onto a sweater. It’s not a self-confidence issue, this is
more along the lines of . . . under no circumstances was garland ever meant to be glued onto a
sweater. But hey. If fabric glue can’t hold garland, you can
always just—wear a normal sweater. But to make for my lack of garland experience,
I purchased 100 feet, which now that I see it in person was definitely way too much. So next we’re supposed to paint these golden
polka dots all over the sweater with a cork. I have the golden paint as well as the cork;
now all I need is the will to continue. So, having opened this paint, I’m getting
the vibe that it was not intended to be used indoors. Since I have no intention of going outdoors,
I think I’m just going to bring it down from polka dots to a polka dot. Singular. Okay well now it’s asymmetrical, I have
to do two. So the placement of these polka dots is something
I’m definitely reconsidering, but seeing as they’re already on there, I’ll just
go ahead and tie on this giant Santa belt which apparently I was expected to already
own. And here is the Santa sweater. The pros of this sweater are that it matches
my pants, and it can easily be mistaken for irony. On the other hand, the only con is that we
don’t have enough time to discuss all of the cons. So looks like I have yet another use for the
100 feet of garland I purchased. Glad I can make a dent in that, now there’s
only like 93 feet. Now, I know we just did a snowman sweater,
but this one is the Snowman 2.0. This one is risqué. I mean, did you see how low I cut that collar? I really don’t feel like cutting and gluing
this many circles for the mouth, so I’m not going to do that. We’re just going to pretend we found a very
long piece of coal. You know what . . . Let’s just do the last
sweater. Okay, so we’re supposed to be gluing on
garland and ornaments. Gluing Christmas ornaments onto a sweater
after which they can never be used on a tree ever again seems just a little . . .I don’t
wanna say blasphemous? So I think I’m going to skip the ornaments
for now and glue down this leftover silver garland instead. Did I mention I purchased 100 feet? Now I had a bit of an issue with this next
step. Not only do I have absolutely no idea where
to purchase an embroidery hoop, I had even fewer ideas on where to purchase an embroidery
hoop large enough to fit around a grown man’s waist. So instead of that, I ordered an adjustable
children’s hula hoop. Which, for some reason, came in a pack of
four. Wait a minute. Watch that again. The sweater lights up. It has blinking Christmas lights. Where was that in the instructions? I follow their instructions, I do all this
work to make the ugliest sweater I’ve ever—The second ugliest sweater I’ve ever seen—the
third—one of the ugliest Christmas sweaters I’ve ever seen, and they just throw it in
my face like “Hmm that’s nice. But does yours light up? Didn’t think so.” No it doesn’t, because I did what you told
me. I guess I’m just going to have to be a lightless,
lifeless . . . Christmas tree. Here I am. I’m a Christmas tree, without any lights. Because I’ve been misled. Who would wear something like this outside
of their home? Besides me. I love drawing attention to myself at all
times. Anyway, this was the last sweater. Well, now that I’m done acquiring things I
didn’t really want, and after this time of year will serve no purpose to me; I’m
really in the Christmas spirit. So I thought it might be nice to have ourselves
a little fireside chat. Just pretend I’m sitting next to the fireplace
and I figured out how to turn it on. This is my last video for the year, and I
really appreciate how far I’ve come on YouTube in 2019, so there’s really just one thing
I want to say to everyone watching, from the bottom of my heart. Looks like I’ve gotten ten minutes of content
out of this, so leave a like, tell me what you think and subscribe if you haven’t already. Thank you for watching and a big thank you
to my 245,000 subscribers. Okay bye. There is tinsel all over my floor.

100 thoughts on “i DIY’d every cursed sweater from blossom life hacks (why)

  1. The fireplace one was cool, some company could probably mass produce something like that in the near future with it's own screen.

  2. your ability to ALWAYS make 10 minute long videos scares me and concerns me in a way how do you even manage that-

  3. They're terrible sweater but you somehow managed to pull them all off, except for the last one, but it probably would've looked good too if it was a darker color and actually looked like a tree.

  4. Just wait till your phone starts overheating for that warm toasty feeling, super realistic with the eventuall painfull searing pain that sitting too close to the fireplace will cause

  5. [cry laughing emoji] How much money was spent just for this video? Also, I might try the Christmas Tree sweater DIY next year, just so I can fulfill my dream of being a Christmas Tree (as if I wasn’t one already)

  6. You may never need this information again but you can cheaply buy large single sheets of felt at hobby stores such as Hobby Lobby and Michaels Craft Store.

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