I Did Something To A Girl In A Barn And Her Sister Has A Video

Hello! My name is Kurt and I am 16 years old. I would like to tell you a story about how
I became a victim of love. Well, well, not necessarily of love and not
earnestly a victim, but those who were mean to me could never know the depths of my suffering. But let’s start from the very beginning. My story began when my father and his business
colleagues went to the countryside to attend a team building event. My father works for a big corporation. And when I say “big” I mean “BIG”. And it is very important, even crucial, that
all the top managers, who are located in different cities, can function as a real team, to be
almost like a family. That’s why it is a custom at the corporation,
that from time to time the managers of the major city branches that work closely together,
get together in an informal setting. So the story began when one of these trips
was organized. And this one was even different from the previous
ones because every participant from the top of the team had to bring his family along. And there we were — four families, including
ours, went out into the countryside, not in tents, of course, we were no longer accustomed
to a camping lifestyle, but to a pretty nice area with small wooden cabins, where everything
had to be done ourselves. There were no restaraunts and the nearest
gas station where you could buy ice cream and chips was 12 miles. And the only mainstay of civilization in the
middle of this wilderness was a vending machine with chocolates and sweets, which was located
in the hall where all the families were supposed to get together in the evenings. We were supposed to stay there for over a
week, and this seemed like a really long time for us kids, especially as our parents saw
it as a way to combine work with pleasure and we were really all by ourselves, with
nothing to do in particular. My father and his three colleagues all happened
to be married and have children, and while the elders were busy getting the housing,
which was supposed to be our home for the next few days, into proper shape, we, their
children, of course began to get to know each other. There were a couple of little boys, twins,
who I could never tell apart, one guy my age who would not part with his gadget, and since
the network connection in this wilderness was very weak with the only exception being
the hill behind the houses, he spent almost the whole time there, and two girls. One of them, Bobby, was about my age, and
her sister Teddy, who fit in well with the company of the twins, although I don’t think
that she could tell who was who either. I had no choice but to communicate with Bobby. After our first conversation, I realized that
there was no way I was going to be friends with her. She, in my opinion, was boring, and even a
little bit stupid, and no matter how many interesting topics for conversation I offered
her — comics, video games, baseball — she didn’t seem able to talk back about any
of them and only looked at me with her large, pretty, blue eyes with long eyelashes… I can’t really say that I liked Bobby very
much, but she was Okay and in general, seemed to be attracted to me, so I decided to not
miss the moment to have some fun while my parents were busy with their team building. The only alternative seemed to be playing
all kinds of little kiddie games with Teddy and the twins. Bobby and I went for walks a lot, but I did
not dare to kiss her, although there were many opportunities for this, and she herself
did not look like she was against it. If I had waited a little longer she would
probably have made a move herself, but I was positive that this first move had to be done
by me, and finally the time came for me to take some action. I had found a small barn, used for storing
gardening equipment, as well as feed-stuff and several piles of hay for the rabbits that
were kept onsite. Bobby really liked the rabbits and I suggested
that we go to this barn on the pretext of taking some feed and feeding the animals. For some reason I did not dare to openly tell
her why I called her into a secluded barn, although everything was clear. However, Bobby was clearly not against our
solitude, because she trustingly put her hand in mine and followed me without a single question. There was this romantic dim light in the barn
and the pleasant smell of hay. We pocketed a few handfuls of rabbit food,
and then I laid down my jacket, which I brought especially for this occasion and suggested
that Bobby and I sit down next to each other. We started to kiss, and got so carried away
that we didn’t notice that there was someone other than us in the barn. We came to our senses only when we heard a
satisfied childish voice say, “Filmed!” I didn’t even understand what had just happened
— Bobby instantly got up from my jacket and ran away, straightening her blouse and
pulling dry grass out of her hair on the way.And I was left alone with… Bobby’s sister Teddy. This cute little girl immediately assumed
a business-like way of talking with me. She showed me a video on her smartphone, with
Bobby and I kissing, and said: “What do you think, how many views will this five-minute
video get?” She also added something about the choice
of music, and it finally angered me. I tried to snatch the smartphone from her,
but Teddy quickly dodged, and added that she had saved a copy in her own private cloud
storage on the internet, so no matter how hard I tried, destroying it wouldn’t be
that easy for me, if not impossible. The only thing that she thought I could do
to save the situation was to try to make sure that she does not want to upload this video.And
I would have to try really hard. I asked her if we could somehow reach an agreement,
and then she immediately told me her plan. She suggested that, OF COURSE, we could come
to an agreement, because if that video with Bobby got on the internet where she was doing
“things” with the son of her father’s colleague, her father would certainly punish
Bobby, but she was even afraid of thinking about what he would do to me! And that it also remained to be seen whether
this would harm my father’s career. I was shocked at how such a little girl could
come up with such a vicious plan!Teddy was no more than twelve years old! After this evening, my life in this beautiful
camp turned into a nightmare. At first, Teddy asked me to bring her and
the twins one of the rabbits so they could play with it. I obeyed, but this damn animal ran away, and
then I had to catch it, chasing it clear across the territory of our campsite. Then they needed cash, as they said, for the
vending machine. I gave her all the change I had in my pockets,
but she needed more. She was certain that my father had some, and
I had to go and get it – meaning I had to steal money from my father. What could I do? I checked the pockets of my father’s jacket,
then raked out all the coins from my mother’s handbag, reassuring myself with the thought
that I would protect them in this way, because after this video appeared on the internet,
they might have been in trouble. I almost stopped my relationship with Bobby,
and she herself was not even eager to walk around with me, but apparently she did not
know anything about the video shot by her sister. At least she didn’t tell me anything. This went on for a while — I chased rabbits,
tried to get cash, and I gave Teddy my portion of dessert after dinner, but she looked at
me with a snake-like smile, taking out her smartphone hinting that change for the vending
machine was not exactly what she meant since she had been dreaming for a long time about
getting a new smartphone, and that I could … I just nodded silently, thinking that
the time had probably come to tell my father everything. And while I sat on the stairs, preparing for
the conversation with my father, thinking about how to tell him everything in a way
so that he could understand that I did not mean anything bad, one of the twins, I still
could not tell which one of the two, suddenly approached me. “Kurt, my brother wants to tell you something,
and he is waiting for you in that barn” he said. “We both don’t like what Teddy and Bobby
came up with, and we think you should know about it.” Of course I was curious. So I went to the barn where the second of
the twins told me that the sisters TOGETHER came up with the whole story about this video
recording, and he overheard Bobby, before she went for a walk with me, instructing her
younger sister about what exactly she had to do and where to hide in order to make the
best video. So they planned it to make fun of me, pulling
pocket money or small services out of me so that Teddy wouldn’t post our video on the
internet. Can you imagine!!! I was really terribly angry, but at the same
time I realized that now, when they moved from silly pranks about sweets and rabbits,
to some serious matters, like making me steal a few hundred dollars for them, there was
definitely nothing left to do but to go and honestly tell everything to my father. My father listened to me, and although I was
afraid that he would scold me, he said… that I did everything right, and the fact
that I wanted to protect my family in this way was a brave and courageous act. Then, however, he laughed and added that I
should be more careful with the girls if I, at such a young age, had already become a
victim to their deception. After that, my father left and, apparently,
talked with Bobby and Teddy’s parents for a while, because I have not seen the sisters
around the camp since that day. Their parents probably punished them and forbade
them to leave their chalet. I never heard anything more about that stupid
video, so I guess it never reached the internet. Now I think that I’ve overreacted and there
was nothing really bad about this video – just two teenagers kissing. But at that time I got really scared and did
some stupid things. But I am happy that my father treated me with
such understanding and I hope that his colleague, the father of Bobby and Teddy, did not punish
them too harshly. But I hope that they will learn their lesson
that every vicious plot can be turned against the ones who make it. Please write in the comments what you think
of my story and tell me, was I right to tell everything to my father?

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  2. I was late please I am the only person and I have not had any way to go on the bus I have never got a job but it was my first job and it is for the first to be like a new school teacher blind I will show your kids how you got your job and what they want for Christmas

  3. Teddy didnt save nothing on thr internet because the connection is really poor…. all u had to do was kill the kid

  4. You can't know what anyone is planning unless he does something bad for you. Better not to try to kiss any girl you don't know well. Know the person well and then decide what to do. But do not go so easily so as not to fall into such tricks

  5. The title was so misleading. I thought he was doing something else in there. If you don’t know what I mean your too young. 😂

  6. Why didn't you tell teddy that taking photos of people without permission was illegal and you can go to jail that would have shut her up

  7. “ Every vicious plot can be turned against the ones who makes it. “ I like that. 😏 Or in another words “ Those who dig a hole for other end up falling in it themselves” 😏 Aka it’s known as Karma. 😏 I always say “Karma is only a b** if you are.” 😏😆😉 that’s what happens. Like Justin Timberlake said “ what goes around comes back around.” And like Ellen DeGeneres says “ be kind to on another” man it’s also written in the bible and I still don’t understand why people don’t get it. I also say to my kids “ whatever you plants you have to harvest it yourself.” You do good you get good things you do bad you get bad things. 😏 simple.

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