HUNTING & SURVIVAL | Long Range 80 Mtr RUAK-RUAK Tumbang Lsg BAKAR

hello guys ,, meet me again RR One the Adventurer friends Bangkrong Pro Channel I will go back to hunt around Swamp With Bung Octo I will go back to hunt in this area we have made a hiding place and behind me is Rawa, which is temporarily receding I will fish birds Ruak – Ruak while waiting for grouse to come good luck on our adventure in front there bird Ruak – Ruak seen when sounded decoy briefly dude Octo I have not set the equipment we tried fishing and it turned out that Ruak – Ruak responded immediately how exciting he is … follow my hunting trip Rawa Lalonggaluku I’ll try to raise 3 dots Going up oh my gosh nice shoot 80m 2.5 dot Neck 80 meters OK, I just hit the distance is 80 meters Initially I was up in 3 dots, it didn’t hit bullet rises to the top finally I Lower it to 2.5 Dot and the results are just right the target is across the Swamp briefly Bung Octo will take it Friends Bung Octo is already across there to get a game and it turns out our prey was already first with monitor lizards we took it less fast because I had a lot of croaking that came out Bung Octo didn’t find our Terget Precisely on the edge of the swamp across we were first with monitor lizards we did not see the monitor lizard coming okey, we continue Fidgety targets when you hear the Sound Box Sound Target Tries to Approach the Sound Box Runs really fast and it turns out that Target is near the Sound Box The distance is only 5 meters Dot Kuarang I lowered Nice Just Now Ruak – Ruak Approaching The Sound Box Fly Approaching the Sound Box I shot at close range not hit because I lack Dot finally the croaking flew to a distance of 80m, I shot and finally got hit thank God we point Bung Octo immediately took it because later we will be monitored again because we can’t make lunch yet we will burn it right away before we were caught by monitor lizards like the first Point We were first with Lizards friends – teaman there is grouse there is a pair of grouse but very far away far away the grouse didn’t come down near us we will try there I’ll consult with Bung Octo first we can go there or not very sexy owgh Octo dude Sexi Boy Because this place is full of mud its over there Nice Pretty far too must cross Bung Octo is still curious about the first point he searched again he was still curious about the first point even though it’s really bad We were caught first by monitor lizards I am also still an interviewer with the grouse ahead how do we get there Grouse grouse or grouse grouse The grouse is very large not bad if we can get it very enough for our lunch on the other end I don’t have a zoom camera to see the target yet far away we will try to spin in the forest there Let Bung Octo go there I’m just waiting here I entrust Bung Octo who will execute him there is someone over there are there monitor lizards? I see from here the grouse fly I wanted to shoot suddenly the monitor lizard came Bung Octo failed to get grouse because there are more monitor lizards Bung Octo Preparing for Fireplace We got hit today we can only burn one for our lunch no problem sukuri what is there while we wait for grouse which is not here yet we burn game first should be two points it’s just that we were monitored by monitor lizards Suddenly a pair of grouse came Oh, God hiiiiihhhk Blimey hit by a tree branch Got a twig Branches Broken this branch boss fortune yet there is a Pigeon Bird There is a Pigeon Bird, can make our lunch Alhamdulillah okey friends we were given a chance to shoot grouse But unfortunately we were unlucky again the target is very clear The target is very close The grouse is huge it’s just a branch Crazy damn it we didn’t hit it because it was blocked by a branch we only get Pigeons make for our lunch we are starving we will have lunch our menu is Roasted Banana Heart, Bird Crack – Crack and Sambal Bung Octo’s cooking we will wait for this one Pigeon Bakar okey friends we eat first we will enjoy our results today as it is Bismillahirahmanirahim Roasted Banana Heart is very good very less Lack of hahahahah still want to add okey friends our trip today is very good Alhamdulillah, today we are satisfied hunting even though we only get two points but we really enjoyed it with Bung Octo ok guys thank you to all friends in my Hunting adventure now the swamp behind me has tide grouse and cough – The cough may not come out anymore we also had lunch okey friends

65 thoughts on “HUNTING & SURVIVAL | Long Range 80 Mtr RUAK-RUAK Tumbang Lsg BAKAR

  1. Hadir master…mantap,walau pun gk dapat blibis,yg peting bisa menikmati perburuanya,masih banyak kesemptnπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Mantap bos 80 meter tumbang. Yg lebih mantap lagi makan am bakar ruak2 plus jantung pisang bikin kangen ke kampung halaman πŸ˜₯

  3. I think you have a great place to live, so much more to hunt so many kind of birds and animals and fish. Here we got hardly anything but fish rabbits and deer. I watched you go out with only a little rice everything else comes from the world around you, here we got oke trees and grass and pine trees and that's all. So if you don't grow it you don't got it. Good luck on your next hunt wonderful video

  4. mantap long range nya bos,, tapi kasian kawan yg evakuasi malah keduluan biawak,, πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘ hadir bos

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