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LISA: Hulk and Stella are having puppies and they are due any day. MARLON: Mother Nature decided to poke her head into our lives and she cut the power on us, and it’s very, very important that we have electricity when the puppies are born. MARLON: Without the power it can prove fatal to the litter. LISA: This could not have been the worst timing. I don’t know what we are going to do. LISA: She doesn’t look so good. She is not lively. I am going to take care of them and hope for the best. MARLON: Breeding dogs is a pretty crucial part of my business. It’s very important that we have successful litters. There is no ignoring the facts ‘Hulks is our biggest star.’ So we decided that he should try to have a litter with Stella. If she had 10 plus puppies, this litter could easily be worth $150,000, $200,000. LISA: Stella is a big dog. So it’s hard to see anyways but she is two months pregnant and she is due any day. MARLON: Hulk and Stella have known each other, well, all Stella’s life. They have been romancing for quite a long time. They make the perfect pair. MARLON: We took Stella for a little walk, you know, try to keep the puppies moving like a cement mixer. Try to see if we can induce labour, so. Doesn’t look like it works. She just seems like she is just enjoying herself, wandering around with Hulk, smelling stuff. MARLON: With Hulk being about 180 lbs. And Stella being about 140 lbs. I expect this to be the biggest dogs that we have produced yet at DDK. LISA: She is doing good. I just noticed she gets starting to shake a little bit. So I am going to check her temperature again and see if we are dropping, see if we are getting close. So hopefully, hopefully I see a low temperature and we can get things going. You know she is anxious. Stella, come here. When our temperature drops into the 98s where we should be expecting them in other 24 hours. Right now it is at 100.4. So it is just normal so no puppies at least till for the next couple of days. MARLON: With Stella giving puppies this time around, it’s very important that we have a successful litter. The last time she didn’t have such a successful litter for a few reasons: the room and the temperature wasn’t right. We just weren’t prepared. Unfortunately, at times, you know, make us sometimes forget things. We are human beings, you know, believe it or not. We  are not robots. So, you know, we mixed up the date and the dog started having puppies unexpectedly and we just weren’t ready. Unfortunately, we lost the whole litter. So emotionally it was tough. Honestly, we didn’t know if we wanted to breed her again and honestly go through it again. LISA: Can you feel her belly? That’s your belly. Where is Stella’s belly? So, yeah, that’s for the puppies to eat. The puppies are in here. They are inside here. Can you pet the puppies? MARLON: We decided that it was time to step up the whelping game and we actually dedicated a whole entire room in our house to whelping. So right now we are about to enter into the whelping room. Like I said this is a room that we put together for Stella but we will use this as we carry on breeding. But everything is custom made. It’s still being finished. But come with me. Check it out. LISA: With Stella’s due date approaching, we still have quite a few things we have to get ready. Luckily, I do have my veterinarian on call. But the room is not quite finished.  I am really hoping we can get everything done on time. Otherwise, everything could just be absolutely terrible. If she is not comfortable, if she is stressed out then she is not going to take care of the puppies the right way and we could lose all litter. LISA: So she is at 99.6 right now. She does seem a little bit more, a little bit more anxious right now. So, hopefully that’s a sign that she is going into labour. But we will see. MARLON: Mother Nature decided to poke her head into our lives. There’s trees down everywhere. I mean there is flooding. LISA: There is power outages. This could not have been worst timing. I am really hoping it comes back on and we can get everything set back up for the puppies. MARLON: We are kind of at the moment. MARLON: Without power, I mean it could prove fatal to the litter and it’s very, very important that, you know, we have electricity when the puppies are born. The power is out for 2-3 days. The dog can’t have puppies in a room that’s like 50 degrees and drafting air. That will be like a gigantic problem. LISA: I have been trying to reach the electric company and they are not answering. I don’t have heat for the puppies, which is really important. Puppies can’t generate their own body heat until they are about two weeks old. I have no lighting. I can’t see anything. Luckily, we are at least able to get some lanterns where they are quickly selling out everywhere. I don’t know what we are going to do. LISA: Hey, Stella!
CHILD: Mom, is she having her puppies now.
LISA: No! Not yet. MARLON: Pray for the power to come back on to the power gods. LISA: And she is shaking and panting and she looks pretty uncomfortable. So let’s see. Her water just broke. So that means they are going to be coming sooner than I thought. She is nesting, panting, really getting uncomfortable. You can see her starting to push. You can see the contractions on her stomach will tighten up. LISA: When Stella starts having puppies, I like to give her space and, kind of, let her do her thing. I sit there, I wait, I pet her, I comfort her but once the puppies are actually born I like to get them out of the sack very quickly. So I will help her, I will break the sack and then I pinch the puppy’s neck to make sure he has got a nice, loud, clear scream. If he doesn’t, I have a aspirator that I have to stick in his mouth and pull out any fluid and then wipe him down with a towel and give him to mom to lick and clean off and then I put him right on to the nipple to nurse right away. So she is just minutes old and she is already on the nipple. She is eating, which is perfect. It’s just what I like to see LISA: Stella is having puppies a lot slower than I would like to see and I am kind of, starting to get worried. LISA: So if she doesn’t have this next one soon if she doesn’t really start pushing. I am going to take her to my regular vet here. Unfortunately, living out in the middle of nowhere, the closest vet to me is 30 minutes away. The only problem with that is I don’t want to be driving back 30 minutes to my house with her in the car when she is having a puppy. LISA: She is starting to get a little faster now and she is doing good and I am feeling a huge relief and I think she is going to be okay. LISA: You are right. It’s a boy. It’s a boy. He is blue. He is 1.5 ounces so only an ounce smaller than his sister. MARLON: She is having another one right now. LISA: Another boy now. LISA: There is a hole. So when they eat, it can actually go into their nose, into their nasal passage and a lot of the times these ones don’t make it. But to give him the best possible chance he is going to need to be tube fed, bottle fed and just be given like, round-the-clock treatment and care. LISA: We just had a puppy born with a Cleft Palate. Unfortunately, with these kind of things, there is a lot of the time a birth defect internally. So I am going to take care of him and hope for the best. LISA: I stepped out of the room for five minutes just to put my son down, thinking that I was going to have enough time and she popped out another one. Unfortunately, this one when I picked her up, she doesn’t look so lively. LISA: So at the very end, she had seven puppies. Unfortunately, we were left with three: one male and two females that are absolutely gorgeous. LISA: Our breedings with Hulk are key a point in our business. It can be really stressful and unfortunately, we do have some tragedies. But it’s also full of a lot of excitement and happiness. MARLON: So now we have three new monster puppies from Hulk and Stella. One male and he won’t leave my clutches for no amount of money. I expect we have got a 200lb-er on our hands here. You will hear his name-King Kong. MARLON: We also have two other beautiful females who are already sold. I know they are going to their amazing new homes. LISA: We are really excited to see where these puppies go within our business and to their new families and seeing the smiles on people’s faces and kids when they get their puppies is just, it’s beautiful. It makes it all worth it.

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  1. I don't think these hate comments are really necessary. It is actually, and unfortunately, common for certain breeds to lose puppies not long after birth. Breeding those two dogs together can have complications. They showed the poor babe that had the cleft in his nose, and unfortunately, that usually means that the litter itself isn't 100% without defect. Not saying that the puppies are not in good health, but it is difficult to have most of the pups in that litter survive. I don't think it has to do with what they have done. They seem like people who really love their animals and if they cared about money… I'm sure that their housing and even their choice of cars would be far more extravagant. They would also hire people to do this instead of keeping the hands-on showing themselves. I do believe that mistakes can be made and there are ways to try and improve. I would hope that later down the line they could have a vet available to come out to their location and try to assist. That seems like a fair comment to make, but I don't feel that all of this hate and disgust is necessary. They clearly love their animals. If you don't think they do then watch the video: Goodbye Maia… that will show you their heart.

  2. now I don’t know why she would feel uncomfortable hmmmm maybe because you are sticking a thermometer up her butt

  3. Someone who owns a big house With a family and a lot of dogs in the middle of no where should have a generator incase of emergency

  4. 😁😅😊😎👽👀💝🐸💙💜💛💚💪🐊🐉🌀💧☔🌍👑📰🎂🎉🎊📠📡📝🎼⚓🚲⛵📶®©™⭕ℹ✅✔💫🌟🔑👍

  5. I really want that Hulk dog because that can lie detectors I think but anyways I like your videos shout out to check which shut up to you you're the best YouTube channel and almost 5 million million subscribers but carry on doing good😊😊😊😊🐶

  6. I feel bad for stella,she’s tried so hard for this pups to come out and half of them are need treatment
    One of them need tube feeding,I honestly wanna cry

  7. She only has three pups that are still alive?
    If yes,then I’m finna cry a river,a ocean,and the universes

  8. My dog had 3 litters of puppies 6-7 per litter, not one died. One stopped breathing for abit but we put it in a towel, warmed it up and it still lives to this day, I don’t get how so many of the pups die so consistently

  9. You don’t lose 4 puppies naturally- you don’t breed a female with a dog 40 pounds heavier. That’s ridiculous.

  10. Poor Stella all they care about is the money the poor puppies are dying and they’re not even caring they’re just using there dog for fame and money they’re also training them to attack which is not what you do to them it will soon turn on you

  11. BAD BREEDERS! They just lost Stella's last litter and now only 3/7 survived… Next time, instead of trying to save your money, take her to a vet!

  12. Y’all should have kep one for the mom and dad that was so mean to give them away sorry but thats what I think

  13. I don’t get why the dogs pass away when they get first born like they alive when they first born but then pass away after I just don’t get it.

    Do you agree???

  14. Ace died a month before the pups got born and he looked unaffected but cries in the video that was about ace dying, no wonder they are on youtube pretending to be actors.

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