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hey I’m dr. Sam a physical therapist
here with REI co-op and with the help of Anna we’re gonna run through some
exercises with you cross-training for running is really important to help
reduce injury as you build up that mileage we’ve got seven exercises lined
up for you to really hope to prevent some of those injuries that we see to
those hips and the knees if you’re running we’re gonna work on walking
lunge with rotation hip roll squat reverse lunge with knee raise lateral
jump lift hip clock bird dog during this video we’ll do a quick demo of each
exercise and lay out a basic training plan for you remember before starting
any exercise to consult your doctor or physical therapist if needed walking
lunge with rotation let’s warm up with the walking lunge and rotation exercise
to really get your body ready for all the other movements we’ll be doing just
to remember as you’re doing the walking lunge to keep everything in a nice
alignment from your hip to your toes and trying to stay nice and tall as you
rotate through ideally you want to be able to go about 10 spaces out and 10
spaces back one way to modify this if you’re short on space is just like Anna
taking a couple steps at a time or not going as deep into that lunge hip roll
so we really want to prep those hips before we get started on some of these
other more intense exercises and the hips are going to be important to really
control the way that that knees moving and preventing all of this diving in so
we’re really trying to get that full rotation shooting for 15 reps each side
going through that one time if that feels a little too hard you can put your
back foot down and turn that way really still feeling that work happening in
that hip or grab onto something nearby you may be a countertop or a chair to
stabilize yourself and just using the chair as much as you need it
squat reverse lunge with knee raise running requires a lot of endurance and
really good control of that knee to really prevent those injuries that we
tend to see with runners so this next move is a nice compound movement to
really address all those components so zani goes into the squat she’s really
trying to avoid those knees buckling together and then as she goes into that
lunge making sure her knee doesn’t come too far over her toe this last bit here
that she’s going to extend on that toe is that push that we need to really
propel us forward into our stride try to do 15 each side to make it a little bit
easier as anna goes back into that lunge she’s not gonna go as deep just taking a
step back and then as she goes up into that knee raise keeping that heel down
now as you get to be more comfortable with the movement really try and focus
on that heel lift to really get those calves working lateral ski jump since is
this such a dynamic movement you want to make sure that when you’re landing it’s
nice and soft and you’re not wobbling there so that we’re really working on
that power through our hips in our quads shooting for jumping 15 times to each
side going through that once before you move on to the next exercise
ways that you can make this harder are jumping farther to each side or zayna’s
gonna show here really sinking down into it and then you can make it easier by
simply stepping to the side and working on balance that way lift as you do the lift remember to
really turn through your trunk and not your arms to minimize the loading on
your shoulders and then as you come through really extending on your toe to
work on that glute versus arching through your back Ana’s only gonna do a
few for us but try to do 15 each side for one set and then to make it a little
bit harder you can of course move away from your anchor point to make that band
tighter or you can move towards it and make it a little bit lighter shoot for a
band that’s about medium resistance hip o’clock as you work through the hip clock some
things to remember are trying to not let that knee wobble and then as you take it
into different directions like Anna is here not letting your weight shift over
ideally you’d run through this about four or five times on each leg for one
set and making sure as Anna’s doing coming up to a nice tall position
between each movement to make it a little bit easier try not to go out as
far and really focus on that balance part of it and then to make it harder go
ahead and see if you can squat deeper into each position bird dog a great way to work on stability through
your trunk and the endurance of those low back and core muscles is getting
into this bird dog position here and working on balancing as you extend that
arm in that leg so you can see here Anna’s keeping a nice neutral spine her
Chin’s tucked and she’s not letting those hips wobble back and forth try and
see if you can do about 15 each side to make it a little bit easier and is only
gonna lift her leg and trying to keep her rest of her body still this is a
great way to keep working on shoulder endurance now that you’ve gone through
that once take a little break maybe a couple minutes and go back through that
two to three more times throughout your week think about doing this routine two
to three times and then adding in some extra cardio or days of rest here’s a
reminder of the exercise list again with the number of suggested repetitions if
you would like more information check out our other videos nice work

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