How to Survive your First Night in Minecraft Survival (1)

Hello and welcome. Today I would like to
show you how to survive your first night in Minecraft Survival. I know you can
play creative, but survival is so much more fun. Now I’m going to start with
a random world, no seed that I found, that is that is a good one. No, this could work with any seed so remember Minecraft survival,
difficulty normal, there will be mobs there will be zombies,
you may die, so let’s get on with it create – so first of all, what you need to
do for the Survival Series, not sure if it’s going to be a Let’s Play or
just a one-off. Let me know in the comments down below if you like
more of these. Now first of all, let’s see where we spawned. Okay, we spawned in a near a mountain biome it could be hills, it could be a a forest
a birch forest, yes ok ok now good we have some sheep, that is great, it’s not
necessary but it is great, now the first thing you need to do if you want to
survive your first night is start punching wood, yes that is right, because
we need some tools in order to survive your first night you need some
essentials now the essentials are if you can get it a bed, but if not that is
still perfectly fine, now we need a crafting table, let’s craft some planks,
crafting table, and now we’re going to well I don’t don’t have enough do I know
I need to put down my crafting table OK I’m going to make some sticks and then
I’m going to make a pickaxe that is really important and you’ll see in a
moment why now first of all I’ll punch them all trees I’m not going to bother
with an axe at this moment it’s not really necessary for one tree I will cut
down some trees later but yeah that is what you need to do punch
wood, get some planks and then make a pickaxe possibly a shovel if you’re not
near mountains okay now let’s run to the mountains and you’ll see what we need to
do now in order to survive your photos night you need shelter now these
mountains are perfect for shelter if you don’t have mountains do not worry you
can basically dig a hole in the ground to hide for your first night now you’ll
see what I mean when I said we need to get some stone cobble stone because we
will need something that is very important and that is you can already
see it we need light okay how do we get light now if we’re lucky we could get
coal but I don’t see any coal right now so I’m going to make just a second
crafting bench it doesn’t really matter we have plenty of wood there wood
bam. second we need a furnace an oven now you wonder how we gonna make this
okay we’re going to put some of the logs in in the furnace how are we going to
burn this let me see I’m going to make a pickaxe first a stone pickaxe and then
yeah I’m just going to put the wood in there just for good measure I was going
to say I’m going to make an axe but that won’t be possible so I’m just going to
dig I’m going to dig around this will by the way be my first house or a hidey
hole there you go you can dig as far as you want you can actually dig all the
way down to bedrock if you wish to do so but right now I’m going to kill some
sheep sorry sheep the sheep will give me wool hopefully two pieces, oh one piece of wool one piece of wool and some meat where was the other sheep
come on sheep give me two pieces of wool so I can craft a bed come on come on
fingers crossed fingers crossed die die and give me wool oh oh darn it
just one piece oh okay never mind I’ll cut down this birch tree so I can make
some more charcoal that can give me torches but I saw another sheep far away
in the distance so once I get to that sheep it’ll be dead meat there another
log okay now oh no no no I don’t I don’t want to leave these sticking out of the
ground I’m a bit OCD I guess so yeah there birch log where was the other
sheep I’m gonna leave this crafting bench there yes I don’t care about that
crafting bench it’s plenty more wood to make new crafting benches
yes sheep that sheep has my name on it and the name says bed he’s bound to give
me at least one piece of wool come on come on I’m sorry I’m sorry but die die
oh come oh yes great so we have three pieces of wood I’m sorry three pieces of
wool we have some wood now lost where I was where was I I’m totally disoriented
where did I start punching the mountain you see I’m a professional not I’m not
professional anyone can do this anyone can play Minecraft and not die oh there
there my hidey hole was there okay we need to get in there and let’s get the
charcoal first okay and let’s put in some more logs yes we
need logs and then we need some more sticks and I’m going to make let’s say
eight torches that should be fine for now there do I have more wood now don’t
have enough wood so let’s make let’s make an axe I’m going to chop down some
more wood you can never really have enough wood I’m going to leave these
tall trees I’m a bit OCD I like tall trees but I don’t like these very short
trees so in my world I cut down all the short trees and I leave the taller trees
I know it’s a bit counterintuitive but hey that that’s that’s the way I play
Minecraft here short now that out is short there is a shorty okay I’m wasting
some time now to cut down the shorties but I don’t really care
we’ve got plenty of time before the Sun sets okay, there, bam
I think that’ll do for now this one I don’t really like this one come on tree
die don’t worry I’ll plant more trees once I pick up the saplings I like
forested areas so don’t worry I’m not causing any environmental catastrophe in
Minecraft or global warming it’s not like that where’s my hidey hole darn it
darn it where is it well oh there there there see that’s why I need it torches
so there I’ll put a torch here so I won’t get lost anymore
I’ll just I’ll just cut down this and this yeah like so like so I don’t like
this wooden pickaxe if you don’t like your tools anymore you can just use them
to to smell something up oh yes there let’s let’s get some more charcoal going
do I need a stick of birch wood I know a little nori like birch wood
yeah okay now I need a door can I make doors logs into planks no no not that
door I need a door we don’t want a zombie coming into the cave the hidey
hole so shall I put it there here I’ll put it here okay and there we go
we already have a nice little hidey hole and we’re not going to die the first
night let the zombies come, I invite them, zombies
skeletons creepers now here we’re basically safe and that is how you
survive the first day in Minecraft Hey look at that
we have some coal that is absolutely great oh I can stop I can stop wasting
out too late okay nevermind let’s cook some lamb chops getting hungry already
there we have can’t see very well we have some coal there Oh lots of coal
yeah these pockets of coal are massive nowadays that is absolutely
great that’s let’s dig some coal and then well this is all you need to know
to survive your first night in Minecraft little hidey hole you punch would you
make some basic tools you get stone you get a furnace even if you don’t find
this coal you can still make charcoal out of the
logs that you chop down now later on I will probably dig this down all the way
to bedrock to find some iron for one to make other tools and armor hopefully
some diamonds here more coal sweet lord that’s amazing yeah coal I’m really
sorry about burning coal I know it creates carbon dioxide I will try to be
more environmentally friendly in the future farm some seaweeds or get a
bucket of lava but for now well let’s craft let’s just for fun
craft a sword there and let’s venture outside it is getting dark
where are the mobs I can’t see any monsters but hey I don’t care I’m not
going to wait for them I’m going to stay in here craft myself a bed and I can
just sleep the night away there you go that’s how you survive the first night
in Minecraft I hope you enjoyed it if you want to see more content like this
oh no no darn it I’m really a professional oh dear oh dear the ceiling
was was a bit too low well I almost killed me there so be careful make the
ceiling high enough before you go to bed otherwise gonna choke in a piece of
stone want that but that’s it for today see you next time goodbye

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