how to: survive- the long dark!

I will play the Voyageur level, it might seem easy, but if you make mistakes you won’t last long I’ve edited and cut most of the loading scenes I’ve started in the trapper’s cabin, but I will leave now and show you how to survive I will avoid many spoilers and too easy stuff like ammo/supplies cashes and places that I know These sticks are the best option because you don’t spend time to gather them, not wasting time is the first big tip to survive in this game As you can see on the left, the temperature isn’t dropping too much, this is a good time to explore and grab valuable resources I’ll show you later what you can do with Old man’s Lichen This branch would take 30 minutes to break down, don’t do this now I’m fine now Birch Bark, another very useful item I have to look everywhere because in this level, wolves will attack If you see a red warning on the right side of the screen beware, you can hurt yourself and it won’t be good Look, a Deer 🙂 The temperature now is low and we will feel the consequences of being in the cold Second great tip: If you scare the Deer in the direction of the Wolves, they can hunt for you, later we can harvest the carcass We are almost losing health, but we have a great find here I was talking about the deer meat, but this wool sweater is very good also We can use Crow feathers to make arrows, increases the stability To harvest this carcass, we need to make a fire to unfrozen it, and then we would need a knife or an hatchet, bare handed would take too much time I’m losing health, I will return to the cabin and teach you more important things Now we will search for anything that can help us to survive This is useful to clean wounds This is very important, great find I will save this for my friend that loves Tomato soup 😉 When you need to clean your gun I will do this later :/ This is my favorite defensive weapon to scare wolves In the work bench, during the day, you can make lots of useful things, as long as you have the required items If you press the “SPACE” key you can see this menu and approximately what hour of the day it is This is another great find, the lantern and now we can refill it with the fuel I think this is important when you play in story mode When you are sick you will need this medicine The snare is very useful to catch rabbits I’m sorry for not using the lantern, but I have to save fuel The matches are another life saving item To stop using the lantern press “H” Now I will show you all the items that we have Birch Bark can be used to make restorative tea, it’s very important Another great tip: Teas are a life saver in this game, Reishi is another great tea Now we have time to refill the Lantern To repair the Lantern we need scrap metal, you can get it breaking things, or finding scrap metal With this kit we can repair our clothes Another very important item because we will need to boil water to avoid sickness This is extra weight and the lantern is full, I’m dropping this here for later I have to eat this soup before it’s spoiled, it’s already with only 21% left I hope you liked the tutorial 🙂

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