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-It’s easy to hate the city. I know I did. But then there comes a point
where you become a part of it. You fall into it. The city’s a mess,
chaotic and overwhelming, but it’s alive,
and it’s my home. You don’t fix the mess. You learn
how to see it differently. Ask anyone
who has ever lived in Jakarta, and I assure you, their first
terms to describe this city would be traffic and pollution. And, sure,
we have no shortage of that. But that’s not all we’ve got. I grew up in a small town
with huge trees, and I could go everywhere
by foot. -You’re like a monkey. -At the age of 10,
bags were packed and our family moved to the
second-biggest megalopolis city in the whole world. Aside from its hidden beauty, if you ever find yourself here,
the city is a challenge. So I have generated some tips
to take on this madness. “How to Survive Jakarta.” -1, 2, 3, 4. -Tip 1 — Never assume the sidewalks
in the city are for walking. Potholes, ditches,
black holes — Walking in the city
is like an obstacle course. If you ever choose
to attempt this endeavor, keep your eyes glued
to your feet at all times. And there’s no pedestrian
crossing specifically. All you have to do is hold
your hand flat out like this, and one is created. Look everywhere. Tip 2 — Traffic is an element that just needs to be accepted
into the routine. Always assume
that it will be there, which drives us to the tip
that is — be flexible. It’s rare
that things ever go to plan while traveling around Jakarta. And you have to learn to let
the city be itself at times. Nothing will start on time. You may end up spending
half your day in the car. Turn your car into a workspace. Keep your phone charged,
take lots of naps, or just get productive. And then you can always
entertain yourself by looking outside the window. Nothing is uniformed. The street sides can be watched
as if a movie. Tip 4 — The art culture
in the city is booming. Go have fun. Try new things — music, art, coffee shop concerts,
and bazaars. The city is an art show, both in
an experience and in itself. And finally, explore. Let the city grow on you. It may be scary and seem easy
to just be negative about it or just to stay
in your comfort zone. Trust me, I stand out,
and it can be intimidating. But you meet amazing people. You see the strangest things. So explore.
You will not regret it. I asked a man in a coffee shop,
“How do you survive Jakarta?” He said, “You got to be crazier
than everyone else.” And sure, Jakarta is insane, but then again, so are the people
that choose to live here.

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  1. The best thing about Indonesia is not the city, but its cultures and natures.
    Forget about Jakarta. Instead try to live in other cities and learn about heir culture, feel the nature.

    Also take a trip to outsde Java, visit Sumatra, Kalimantan, Bali, Sulawesi, Maluku, Nua Tenggara, and Papua.

  2. beautiful video! I moved and live on another city now, but most of my family live there, so I visits time from time.. This video brings nostalgia, thank you for the video.

  3. So many thanks to you for making this video Sonia… now I have something to show to my children whom, i guess, share your first impressions about Jakarta..

  4. I've fallen into a pothole once (cuz I walk & text LOL), I really hate the traffic, I hate the air, I often get headache just by looking at how much activities happening around me. But somehow, living in Jakarta has made me stronger, and I think every person must experience living in there at least once in a lifetime.

    BTW a perfect city would be Jakarta and Surabaya combined. A spectacular city with clean air and green trees? Who wouldn't want that? 🙂

  5. This is wonderful. I'm flying home soon to Jakarta and after seeing this I'm very much looking forward to it. Thank you Sonia and keep it up!

  6. Jakarta does not fall under any definition of the city. It is a laboratory, an experiment of market fundamentalism. Guinea pigs are people. They are being studied: how much discomfort could they take, how much unhealthy environment, and what doses of depressing vistas would make them finally run away? (ANDRE VLTCHEK)


  7. I've lived for couple years in Europe and always have chance to live there… but I'm back to Jakarta!… For me personally, it's more "live"… this is a real life! It's so dynamic and I always fall in love with the people and … obviously the weather and cheap food!

  8. Still trying to understand what drives people (millenial generation) to become so creative and involved on youtube. I am part of that generation and I am still questioning it.
    Anyhow… you're so creative and I hope you keep on being creative 👍👍👍👍

  9. i lived in jakarta for 5 years .. i know it's not an easy even livable city back then, but my time in jakarta was great! Jakarta for me is a place for struggling, for learning how to live. every success i earned it, every failure i deserve it. Right now, thanks to everything that happen in Jakarta .. i can enjoy my life in another city here in Indonesia because i know how to survive 😀

    If you have time please come here to Surabaya, i'll take you anywhere you want 😀

  10. I love the way you see things differently. Most of the footage taken in South Jakarta. Which is where i am right now, Kemang. This is amazing. I'll share this video to all my friends who just arrived here. They having a hard time living here because of the culture shock. But Jakarta is not that horrible if you found the right people and the right parties every weekend. We all be fine 😀

  11. Hey, I'm from Jakarta, but I'm currently in the US. While Jakarta is panicking, being here made me feel a little lonelier and helpless, but I went onto Wowshack and saw your video. It was better than all those travel vlogs that expose Indonesian beauty, because in a sense, you took the ugly and made it better. I'm feeling kind of homesick now, but in a good way. Thanks for this video!! It's beautiful.

  12. we still can see beauty in the chaos right?.. you beautifully described it, thanks.. even I live in Jakarta my whole live, the traffic is still killing me like everyday.. 😛

  13. wow I actually pass that street and i pretty much rant how much the traffic sucks everyday. Thank you Sonia for showing me to look it in another way. Keep doing what you do, youre amazing!!

  14. Your videos are "poetry in motion" ~ you know how to take the elements of a good story & create the imagery to match. It's almost like watching how I read a book… the thoughts swirling before me to make a new world. Lovely work & I'll look forward to more : )

  15. I have family in Jakarta and we visited it a few times. It is one of my least favorite citys. As a Swiss girl that grew up in a village with about 400 people it is just the worst! I hate spending that much time in the car, i get sick in it and I need to be able to walk from one place to another.
    I can see why you like it and Jakarta has probably some beautiful sides but it isn't "my city"

  16. I LIVE IN JAKARTA AND THIS IS SO TRUE and I love yet hate Jakarta it just grows into you and you start living lire unexpectedly. Plus, so many weird things happen here and it gets crazier each day and the sunsets are great and Jakarta is home

  17. Exactly my thoughts about jakarta. Its a mess but im used to it. You can get used to anything i guess and finally see the beauty in it.

  18. Spot on, girl! As I am not originally from Jakarta, I think you describe much of my experience. I love you're tip about traffic.

  19. sosonia, this is so creative..  your videos are teaming with possibility.  I admire the endless tools you've honed to express yourself.  super inspiring.

  20. however Jakarta where Place I was born, the place for me as my hometown, and How to be a man growing in jakarta with all of the mess in this city . Jakarta is my lovely city even I have not Permanent place to live here

  21. Wow I have been subscribed to SoulPancake for a while but haven't yet explored it so much. Then I found you in yesterday's "The Happiest Girl in the World" and I was excited that you actually live in Jakarta as I live in the suburban near Jkt! So nice to see your art and the work you put together. Good luck always Sonia and I wish someday I can meet you :3 Heck I want to be friends with you! Haha

  22. hi Sosonia and SoulPancake! I recently moved to Jakarta, around 2 months ago, and as you said Sosonia, the city kinda grew on me as time passes by. When I told my best friends that I'm moving here, they kindly said "welcome to the jungle'. And what a jungle it is. I use public transport, and what you said about being flexible rings true so far.

    We should really chat/talk, coz it feels like you see things from a unique perspective. And I'm all about learning to see things from different angles.

    Thank you for the video!

  23. this video is epic! i born and grown up here in jakarta, it's a beautiful city if you really know where to go hahaha 🙂

  24. born and raised here, to me it's a love hate thing with Jakarta, sometimes I reaaally really love it and sometimes I reaaallllyyy really hate it… and it's always those two extremes, never in between.

  25. even we're hate about the conditions of our city, but there's a thing that make us love this city, and yeah we've to explore and being more crazy than anyone else, i'm agree with you, sorry if my english not fluent

  26. i still cant understand why people outside the country would choose to live in jkt haha.. but video's well made. nice one i hope you survive here :))

  27. IF you let Ahok does his jobs, in another 4 -5 years, you'll witness the biggest transformation yet within Jakarta infra-structure. It has started, it will take sometime to complete. ONLY if the people want it to change !

  28. Hi Sonia 🙂

    I absolutely agree with you..
    not even a single day I like the Jakarta's traffic (have to embrace it with motorbike everyday)

    This is my 3rd year life in Jakarta and even as a native Indonesian i feel so stressed to live here, sometimes I hate my past decision to choose Jakarta for work. Bogor and Bandung feel so much relaxing than Jakarta.
    Anyway you have foreign bloodline, where is your parents come from? Not trying to move?

  29. after watching a few videos of sosonia, i really wish i can sit down over some tea and see what's in her mind. Very intriguing, like a puzzle piece i never felt before but so familiar.

  30. I am just so in love with the first shot and the audio und aw, I can rewatch it just again and again. I love the video as a whole, but this slomo shot together with the music and Sonia's voice is heavenly good

  31. So Sonia inspires me so much! I'm glad to see all the inspiring videos, and reading the comments makes me happy that others are happy. What SoulPancake is doing is amazing, and this series really teaches you some life lessons to follow every day. Thank you Sonia and SoulPancake for bringing so much pleasure to the world so we can see everything in a whole new perspective!

    Much Love,
    – Liyana ❤️

  32. I'm moving to jakarta next month and I'm really scared because from the first glance I know that it isn't my favorite city and I'm also worried about living alone there. thankyou so much for this video, I find it really comforting. keep up the good work! the concept, cinematography, and editing are amazing!

  33. whenever i walk there, i always use either a car or public transport; because i don't wanna fall down in the sidewalk

  34. I just moved here from what you could consider the exact opposite city (Singapore) and I've been trying to find the words to describe how I feel here, but what you said about 'seeing mess differently' is exactly it. It's the people and the thriving creativity that makes Jakarta what it is and what people fail to see and appreciate. Really glad I stumbled upon your video and loved it!

  35. I am moving there next year and I can say that your small video is the most useful thing this 55 year old man has seen in relation to the city. Thank you

  36. jakarta = the city that i hate soo much that i grew to love it so much that my mind maybe here in aukland but somehow my heart is still in jakarta. New Zealand here

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