How to Survive a Day Without Money

It seems impossible to survive even one day
without money in the modern world. And yet, if you do find yourself in this situation,
don’t panic. You don’t have to starve or use credit. Just follow this instruction, and be on the
bright side of life, even without cash! Now, there’s one thing you can’t do without,
and that’s food. If your fridge and your pockets are empty,
what can you do? Check out my list: 1. The most obvious decision is to call your
relatives or friends and visit them for lunch or dinner. You’ll have both food and pleasant company. Don’t think that it’s something to be
ashamed of: a lot of brilliant artists, writers and musicians used this method when they were
pressed for money. 2. Ask neighbors to lend you some food, and then
invite them for dinner when you get back on your feet. 3. If there’re no friends or relatives around,
and you start feeling hungry, look for Foodsharing groups in social media. Foodsharing is an ecological movement that
was started in Germany in response to food waste. About 1/3 of all the products produced in
the world are thrown away, and most of them aren’t spoiled. Supermarkets, restaurants, and caterers can
utilize food that’s lost its presentable appearance, but is still good. A lot of people also often buy too many products
and are ready to give them to someone who needs them for free. Some restaurants, food markets, and cafes
hold food-sharing events where they cook dishes from leftover food and then give them away
for free to anybody who wants them. Some people also gather wasted food from vegetable
wholesale warehouses and cook it to spread among those who can’t afford to buy food. You can find the information about events
like this on Foodsharing pages too. 4. In a lot of coffeehouses, you can get a free
coffee that was paid for by a previous customer. Just ask the barista if they practice it. 5. Use apps that show free events and vouchers
for big discounts at restaurants. In a big city, something’s going on daily:
at exhibitions, parties, and presentations with a free buffet, you can eat and have fun
too. Sometimes you can pay for lunch with points
that you’ve gathered in an app, so just monitor them for good deals. 6. Go to a food market, where local farmers or
small private restaurants are presented. They usually give out free samples, which
can fill you up if you go through the whole market! Sometimes you can get a big discount or a
free snack if you post a good review about a restaurant on your social media page, or
fulfill other conditions. Don’t be shy to offer an ad in your Instagram
if you have a lot of followers! 7. Before people invented money, they used to
barter. If you think that’s outdated, you’d be
surprised. Think about any things or services that you
could exchange for food. You can make a post on your social media,
in special groups or apps devoted to bartering. You’re lucky if you can draw or do handy
work, or anything useful. Babysitting or walking with pets is a good
idea too. If you have an old smartphone or iPod, or
pretty much any device that you don’t need anymore, you can exchange it for food, or
money too. 8. Go to a restaurant and offer your services
in return for lunch or dinner. You can wash dishes, clean the kitchen, or
bus tables. 9. Sign up for a supermarket mail-out about utilizing
leftover products and gather food for free. Small grocery stores will give you unused
food if you help sort vegetables and fruit. 10. And finally, if none of the above worked,
and you’re not daunted by the extreme, become a freegan. Rhymes with vegan, but these are people who
abstain from consumerism and salvage society’s wasted food and resources, rather than purchasing
more themselves. And it’s not only food-sharing. In fact, freegans look for food in dumpsters. There’s a special term that describes their
way of gaining food: Dumpster-diving. They believe in conscious consumption, and
eat leftover food mainly because of ideology, not necessity. The term “freegan” was offered in 1995
by Keith McHenry, a leader of a volunteer-run group that spreads food among homeless people. Freegans believe that humans treat nature
only as consumers, making goods out of resources, and then wasting tons of them because it’s
easier to throw them away than to recycle. They have a noble mission to save as much
food waste as possible. This can cheer you up if you have to dumpster
dive yourself! World-wise freegans know dumpsters – both
private, and those near restaurants and supermarkets where one can find a lot of food waste. They use rubber gloves and masks, and try
to arrange a system with the owners so that food is piled up in boxes, and not just thrown
into the dumpster. It’s not a guarantee, of course. Sometimes there won’t be any food waste
at all, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find more than you can eat in several days. Just remember that that there are health risks
associated with dumpster-diving, and be sure you’re willing to take those risks before
attempting something so extreme. Ok, now you know that you won’t starve without
money. But what about other necessities, such as
transport, clothing, and entertainment? If it’s warm enough, you can ride a bicycle
– this way you’ll help the environment too. Hitchhiking is another way of getting somewhere,
but it’s not necessarily safe, and be ready to change several cars before you get to your
destination. You can also buy a bus or subway ticket with
any money you get in return for the services I mentioned earlier. It’s a very bad idea to try and get a free
ride on public transport, however. If you get caught, you’ll be fined and will
have to pay money you didn’t have in the first place. Clothes, as well as furniture, home appliances,
and pretty much anything else can be found on social media or in special apps – both
free and on barter terms. You can visit a second-hand store and find
good clothes that are really cheap – just in case you’ve managed to earn something. And finally, you don’t have to be cooped
up indoors if you’re pressed for money. Look for free books and movies in libraries. Cinemas have free shows, and museums have
Doors Open Days – you just have to subscribe to their pages in social media and monitor
updates, or find special offers in apps with coupons. And, if your wi-fi was cut off because you
haven’t paid for it on time, use the free one in the nearest coffee shop. There are people who tried to live without
money just for the challenge of it, and then liked it so much that they made it their lifestyle. When journalist Michelle McGagh, from London,
moved to a new house, she made up her mind to sell or give away everything she didn’t
need anymore. As a result she got rid of 80% of her belongings. It had a huge impact on her, and made her
realize she was stuck in a cycle of consumerism – earning money to buy stuff she didn’t
really need, which wasn’t making her happy. She took it a step further and spent a year
without useless purchases. She had about $37 a week, which covered three
meals for herself and her husband a day, toiletries, and house cleaning products. Soon she found that it wasn’t difficult
to save money. Small purchases we don’t pay attention to
can turn into huge expenses. Michelle counted that she’d spent $490 in
a year on coffee, even though she doesn’t like it that much. It took her more time to look for special
offers on products and get to work by bicycle, but the result was worth it: she got richer
and wiser. She was able pay off a big part of her mortgage,
and realized she doesn’t have to stay indebted to the bank for another 25 years. She says she won’t always stick to such an
extremely frugal lifestyle, but definitely won’t buy tons of useless things anymore
like she used to. Do you have any more ideas on how to survive
without money? Let me know down in the comments! Hey, if you learned something new today, then
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  1. If you are wondering how this channel has 31.1 million subscribers, please remember most people read at a 7th grade level and shows like The View actually exist.

  2. I think they made a law in France where grocery stores can't throw out a huge amount of food, some of it has to go to the needy. We need that in the US. As a kid I worked at a grocery store and it was shocking how much perfectly good food was tossed out every day.

  3. The best way to survive a day without spending on a single dime is to stay at home and eat whatever you have in the fridge.

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  8. Its better to Grow your own food than Dumpster Diving!! Those organizations should rather help people in identifying crops(mostly tasty fruits and vegetables) that can be easily grown and harvested instead of tricking them to eat from garbage!!! Those organizations are trolling homeless people!!

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  17. If you need food, clothing, shelter……..there are always food pantries and food banks, churches, salvation army and other women and men groups, dept of social services, soup kitchens, even though housing may take time….There are always ways to survive morally and legally….you must be resourceful, humble, willing to work, respectful, clean, patient!

  18. You can live with no money. Learn what plants to eat, how to drink safe water, bugs and good food. You make a large tent from dumped stuff.

  19. I Exprience this daily and I work for the NHS, I have nothing and I have no family and a very small circle of friends, I deal with a lot, I am seeking a new job and hopefully it will come sooner rather than later.

  20. Or perhaps get a job. While at the job, learn to save and budget properly. If you lose your job, take on a job that is "below" what you are used to making. Work better; live leaner. No need to live off of other people. Your friends are working hard to ensure that their future is secure. Quit blaming others for your ills. Take some responsibility. And smile. lol


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