How to survive 400 Days of zombies

hello there
how’s everyone doing welcome to the stream so i finally got the definitive
series since I found likes I got it that day
but the only unfortunate thing is I have to deal with random choices I know it
doesn’t really matter that much but it’s still a little bit freaking annoying
okay so choice based you know there’s a whole point of this game is a game as
choices and yet I now have to deal with random ones not even my own so it’s
really sad and and I’m very upset about it okay generate story I guess the answer would
be yes why is my controller not working why am I not surprised it’s only 4 p.m.
what do you mean I’m still dreaming at 9 o’clock my time maybe the UM what’s it
called daylight savings or whatever happened time change or whatever that
annoying piece of crap are you though Coco can you second light unplug and
replug my controller and it looks to be working now I did no
see I don’t even know anymore when it happens because we don’t have any clock
so we have to actually manually change so it just changes on its own with the
phones and everything oh there we go look at that this time I felt for the
definitive series you don’t have to turn the game off and restart it for the
controlled at work so that’s one good thing about it should
I in that case be streaming at ten o’clock my time then until the time
change happens everywhere so 400 days don’t you plan to watch no don’t care about it that much
oh yeah you’re gonna watch the for today’s aren’t you because you like the
foreign today’s to that’s how you said Oh Oh that one right here in the front
with missing everything the lower jaw and half the neck Jack gasps up now keep
gas in your car for the zombie apocalypse only $2.99 gotta go on the
bike and met my faith in 20 minutes okay well enjoy the bike and all of that missing okay well this is a guy on the thumbnail
so I’ll be him first I guess won’t be enjoyable mmm did it snow its note here
it’s tend to snow dress already oh well hopefully things improve that’s
stuff fun I already told you wasn’t me man man
come on I told you like like 20 times I don’t even I don’t even know you drugs oh look it’s making it’s got to be
making because that’s the drugstore throw-up on rooftop there you go well that helped greatly anyway didn’t
it friend two hours no it was traffic man is not
gonna clear up supposed to have been a dependent hour ago
gonna be worse than it was traffic still backed up for lunch at all never thought
I’d want to get to prison what the heck is what you know
cut it out Jesus you guys you gonna make me yeah hey Vince Justin’s gonna make me
yeah cool good for Hamlet vids I’m making him hot now yeah Danny you’re
making me hot I knew it I got that Latin heat you
can’t resist come here boy ant you guys ever gonna quit how else we gonna pass
the time by shutting up hey justice guy in the beat-up train right I’ll bet he
lives in that truck now you probably got his whole house life savings
shit I bet you stole his dog you steal his dog man
I wasn’t stealing from guys like that anyway better than stealing his
virginity hey how many times I got to tell here we go seriously I was falsely
accused where are you 15 damn it a day like that
you’re telling me there wasn’t a star witness waiting around in your white van
I’m shocked you were convicted Danny got to admit that much oh it’s that don’t
mean I did it I don’t even know you but you’re pissing
me I’m afraid to say 20 years about me missing my girlfriend right now I’m
guessing she’s pretty haven’t heard her voice in months really
messing with me like for real well that sucks oh man not to but you know I love
her man Danny I know no don’t forget that shoes I do miss you rich no but you
probably ruined that poor girl’s life you piece of shit
big talk from white craft over there how many lights forgive okay hydrate hey how
about some water back here I thought you took the stand cried your eyes out
telling you again she lose your shit and tell them you didn’t know what you were
doing I lied turns out I’m good at that you lied
understand see that’s the kind of shit I could never do religious no man watch a
lot of cop shows nope what then it just ain’t right
Oh give me a break yeah it’s a tough call
why do more time than you need to gotta stay clean man says the criminal of a
contradictory regret any of it I carried my victims for years they knew what they
were getting and now here I am there they are and Wall Street assholes
pulling the same scores are smiling on TV fuck that
how’d it all work anyway it was like a pyramid scheme Oh what that’s it was
you’re going to jail for scheme good shit is still shit this was some pretty
elegant shit I mean pyramid schemes are stupid by
Wall Street Estelle fuck Wall Street good god how much did you
make off with anyway enough so like couple hundred K a little over a hundred
million goddamn boy when we get out of here you me and Vince we gotta go into
business know what I’m saying you know I don’t actually know a thing
about you Vince maybe he’s a priest yeah father Vincent I bet he touched a kid
too kids you touch a couple kids Vince I helped my little brother they send you
to prison for that now he was in trouble yes had did help him out I knew it was
something stupid if you’re saying what I think you are I got respect for you man
but that’s a hard thing to carry you know it would be
but what are you gonna do yeah I feel you of they get you toss the gun up on a
roof and it was a good throw and maybe shaking or something I don’t know fuck
are you gonna do about you fuck me fuck you motherfucker
oh my god hey get in there man hey let him go man he’s gonna kill him bitch let
the guard handle it guys fuck that we gotta get in there you do not want to
get in the middle of that shit Danny fucking Vince you gotta do something you
know the same right I’m not doing any more cursing by some stupid house speak
up boy okay change to short Crabtree I’m warning you he’s gonna kill
that boy don’t just stand there do something don’t just say oh god oh my
god okay well maybe that was Jesus a tad excessive what did you do boy still
alive get those cuffs off him man and now he’s dead
and he’s gonna be the one to turn into his ah was that he made a move on me I
don’t know he made a move or you don’t know which
one I don’t know you don’t know Jesus this is crazy
nobody had to die this is what happens when you give guns to assholes fuck you
gotta call someone man what I’m calling this in don’t don’t call it in here just
just wait okay just give me a damn minutes match coming right Stovall I
will be alive I love an ambulance man I just need a minute I need a minute to
think you ain’t got a minute you have a minute to think you should call a
friggin ambulance and now you’re pointing the gun at these guys wow
you’ve going down take it easy Oh calm down this is ridiculous fucking
mouth everything’s cool just take a breath okay quit waving that thing
around before you get someone else killed oh you’re gonna get smart with me
now Vince it’s okay just back off we all need to take it down a notch this is ridiculous you really want to
pull that trigger again son we’re already did it once blew a guy’s
head off thanks man did you see that you gotta get us the hell out of you’re
not going anywhere fuck get this bus moving hey guys kind of become a zombie
crap this guy there you go oh my god hey hey you need to call someone you hear me
we need them did he just bail on us Jesus brace
somebody’s got the shotgun can’t reach you sure about that shit
what are we doing guys come on we gotta do something find a way find a weapon
what kind of look the shotguns right there yeah yeah the gun good thinking
Justin where the fuck is it I think you fell underneath oh fuck me huh get the gun man yeah okay I got it
geez watch it man sorry man I can’t believe this shit can you
believe this shit man nope no we gotta find some way to get out of here it’s
terrible uh what am I supposed to do I guess I’m gonna get out of here look at
the back through that cuz shoot off the lookout are you the oh
shit shit the chain.i task but we get out of these damn chains maybe he’s got
the keys on him nothing well shit if the keys aren’t on him then
where the hell are they he must have left them up front maybe we
finally caught a break Danny hey buddy no buck god damn it
Danny you always put your fucking fuck you man
gotta get out of here before any more of them show up okay good luck with that
they’re literally swarming Oh bitch fire the fucking gun at what the chains
I mean well watching it could work crack okay well my apologies it’s kind
of fun to shoot you there – yeah yeah save the shells I don’t know what else to do won’t budge
yeah that’s not hell are we gonna get out he’s gotta be away can’t we just
shoot off the chains no wait I literally just tried to have to cuff if we shoot
one of those off the chain we’ll slip right now are you fucking insane what do
you think is gonna happen if you fire a shotgun that close to someone’s well
what do you thinks gonna happen if we don’t get the fuck out of here bitch
give me the gun we gotta do this back off oh okay what the heck am I supposed to
do ah I guess I guess I get shit off there listen okay all right hanging shit
off your cock you can’t we’re shooting off your cops it’s fine it’s just the puffs great deviate how’s
it going thank you oh wait we didn’t realize that men losing one of them I didn’t know that’s what that meant I’m so sorry buddy what was that it it was just that I was
also expecting a lot more than that or today’s must be pretty quick then I
guess interesting god this is so fun why the hell did you
shoot that guy man what the hell was that mean to do it it just happened okay
where the fuck were you with a warning you’re putting that on me now I didn’t
see the guy either oh he’s too worried those dudes were gonna pull guns on a
shit dude help me catch up to us give this shit just just drive man shoot
Oh God okay give me give me the gun brother shouldn’t have my face stick it
right out like that why dude are they there or not come on Wyatt talk words at
me man Sam is see anything be sure those guys wouldn’t just give up I don’t see
anything here I’ll turn off they’re gonna still be around look on me
man I’m not being an asshole I’m being smart no lights no you know they can’t
see us teeth blood in my mouth I don’t think it’s mine I can’t see a damn thing
out here man I’m just fucked crashing into a cow ain’t gonna help anything if
you do it cash should watch out for cows house why didn’t I think of that when’s
the last time you saw a cow dude okay bad example
okay I’m sorry you’re right all the cows have gone extinct my apologies so barf
just yet okay please this road is really straight
we’ll be fine at least slow down what fuck no did you see that one guy’s eyes
man he’s fucking gorked I don’t want that
guy in my life Wyatt well if you’re suffering on the rope
doesn’t matter we got to get the fuck away from those guys say you’re a great
fucking mental where’s they talk about it I’ll talk
about the zombies will punch your eyes yeah sure do it dare you it’s fine
roads straight is my dick i I okay I think we’re in the clear
I mean it could be curved don’t talk about you dick why not all right let’s
Tom Cruise out of here why is it that you never had a
girlfriend again right more than one reason see if there’s
still any sticky in the glove box but we’re gonna ridiculous person um oh
my god what yeah it’s foggy she see anything out there
who are you talking to you Oh what did you say
remember when TJ got high and tried to put a pancake in the CD player No
okay goodbye I guess I don’t see anything dude in there look harder I
don’t see it what I do see is that a mode you lost last week oh my god really
but is there any weed you know one time I was going maybe if I shoot it I have a
guilt she told me that she was survived I think her dad took her to the circus
sideshow they walked around for a while I saw the chick with two heads I saw a
dude with lobster hands some kind of monkey human with a dick for a face what
they loading the gun is probably more important right this second thanks
monkey person with a dick perfect okay okay what do you mean weird shit we got
zombies going on us and you’re not paying attention to the freaking Road holy shit dude holy shit
did you get a look I think that was a guy Wyatt come on man say something
was that a dude or not their contraband here look it was not human it’s oh fuck
man didn’t look human alive whatever really seriously I mean seriously look
me in the eyes and say that it was a zombie
you heard the Eddie let’s see if there’s anything around the
corner you know anything that’ll like tell us one way or the other that way we
can just book but I’m not leaving if we hit a human being man I’m just not if
it’s a zombie you’re fine everything’s fine man don’t roll it down
broken I can’t see through the cracks that’s a line see stupid idea bad bad do
you know roll up the frick back up Oh God um can I is that the mirror from the
car can’t tell from here you think that blood on the windshield is fresh heart
of a shot I think yeah but plenty of dead guys have shirts on keep looking
what’s that where’s that blood look fresh to you yeah but it’s kind of dark
yeah damn man I’m really not seeing anything stop messing around we need to
know what’s going on okay that’s not gonna help okay okay
geez where else am I supposed to look that’s the glove box for some reason
seriously you think so I made it into the glove box man I don’t know look Wyatt it was a guy are you sure yes
how sure pretty fucking sure don’t eat a burrito and get on a roller coaster sure
Jesus so what do we do what do you mean what do we do we go out there the guys in the truck go out there and
what find the guy and help him who the hell are you tonight if it’s a guy it’s
a guy I saw him come on man this is stupid we go out there we check
it out we get moving I’m taking the gun give me the gun dude
I’m the one who got us into this I’m the one who hit him should be me going so
why did you ask which one of us should go oh sorry
next time I get into this exact crazy fucking situation I’ll figure out how I
feel before I talk okay well okay here well rock-paper-scissors for it yeah and
and and and the zombies just coming to fuck himself and I win oh come on
sitting here is making me nervous I’m doing this shit dude two seconds it’s
over all right two out of three right one two three
Bravo trick pan okay all right one two three go
two seconds and it’s over what are the chances of that okay one two he’s just
gonna do paper every time isn’t it wouldn’t it
scissors who fucking pick scissors alright dude this is it one two three go
bait you poked me in the eyes while your fingers are like that huh
scissors blow looks like it’s me yep goodbye have fun I’m basically just going to drive away
as soon as everything goes wrong Eddie do you see anything out there I can’t
see a goddamn thing oh well nice nice toss way to go idiot
hey Wyatt I hate paper when I was a kid light
those may not really be the best idea but okay are you are you piece of shits I didn’t
just leave them in the ignition I don’t know he’s a bit of a dumb-dumb
Oh Frick shit Oh God close to are close of that I guess I should start the car probably no
okay maybe I should have been a little
quicker there you go put keys in oh no I left any behind what could I do well this is stupid this makes perfect
sense yeah I should have told I need to get back in the car so stupid thought it was centered around
gas station this whole thing supposed to be wait well this is gonna suck 236 days in a
shell your sisters getting pretty good look at some of the guys had a good
teacher stuff thank you for doing that from the other sites you know everything
else yeah growing up in a world like this what do you think that does to a
kid horrible things she’s already changing she dismisses
things she cares about so easily I guess you’re gonna have to when you’ve already
lost so much but I still worry Beck is a good kid
these are shit times she’s gonna go through that but if we can keep her from
experiencing some of the shit I’ve seen thanks Stephanie the cancer survivor
group pink yes we think we can do something about every week mm that
sounds like a great idea maybe we can all get in on it like some kind of
weekly talent show that was amazing Becca we could all use a little more
music in our lives did I ever tell you that I used to play in a band
yes Roman you’ve told us she doesn’t want to hear about it again all right
all right in that case let’s get back to work oh and thanks to Boyd’s hard work
on the vegetable garden we’re having fresh soup tonight Oh
okay let’s get to it you want to help me in she’ll do the supply inspection cool
you check the flashlights this time I’ll look over the guns cool actually I
wanted to make sure our blades were in good condition first no rush on the
flashlights shell when you get a sec meet me out back help me feed the
watchdog’s sure thing watchdogs are they it is I wonder if this is um Crawford
now do you ever find out what happened there no Roman said it was like this
when he and Stephanie found the place could be anything these days though
still better not to think about it guess so these knives are looking pretty
ragged don’t worry they’re on our list okay as long as you got it how we doing
on ammo better than we’re not we haven’t had to use these for a while
very good what did Roman want I don’t know yet
are you gonna find out yeah in a sec I’m just looking at everything else first
don’t worry huh still one short we never found the other flashlight nope still in
the cornfield somewhere I guess ah you guys need help yeah we got this right
Becca you go ahead and help Roman out back I don’t look pretty nice back then
that’s because they used to pay people to clean it also not visitors back then
also true yeah I mean you’re not the literal walking dead looks weird in here
without the things you’re gonna be pretty darn dirty something to paint his
own pictures on I guess it’ll be a personal gallery in here when he’s done
that might actually be fun yeah that’s gonna here walking I’m sorry rushing where am I supposed to go is this where
no what what do you want me to go game I can’t go that way I have no clue what I’m supposed to do
oh maybe go through here okay that makes sense didn’t see that a little crack in
the countertop hey Becca thank you charging for the inspections
we make oh yeah then we can spend all our money at nowhere haha we should do an inspection on these make
sure they all work that sounds like a good idea God what I wouldn’t give for a
cup of coffee in the morning dang our coffee sucks with you I guess
I’m the zombie Mullins worked in a long time no well so does not the best for
you anyway so who cares still can’t believe Clive got this thing working so
much nicer than how many raw food all the time well I mean vegetables aren’t
bad it smells good raw you can eat raw vegetables perfectly
fine we can bottle our water before it ran out mm-hmm starting to thin out in here thank God
we have a garden now our garden would be useful yes I don’t miss going on raids
for this stuff I guess I would be very dangerous
really you scared me he’s hungry I guess he knows it’s feeding time yeah see I
knew this is not really a good thing disgusting disagree with you there you
know sister since you wouldn’t mind doing this Roman we’ve talked about this
Becca doesn’t need to deal with this kind of thing listen I know you think
that giving her an easy life is what’s best it’s really not I’d rather she have
a shorter happy experience in this world then one full of fear and death and
horror as long as she knows how to protect herself it’s fine I don’t want
her to stop caring about people okay what’s that woody I don’t know I’ll
check it out I gotta get back out front looking
forward to that suit I don’t think this is a good idea okay oh my god
can I just like back up Frick this is disgusting it’s horrible chained these freaking things up and
leave them there yeah go ahead what’s he eating a rabbit I don’t really understand no I guess I
go back inside don’t ever fucking do that again
whoa what’s your problem I do this all the time you don’t get all pissed off
I’m sorry it’s it’s just the watchdog’s I guess they found a puppy a puppy yeah
there was a puppy yes it just got to me you know it was it was so little you
don’t think about babies anymore but after a while you just kind of accept
this is it yeah I guess you kind of forget can’t be easy to but then you
know there it is you see it and you want to protect it and and now it’s gone that sucks
maybe if Clive dies next we can put him out there instead he’d make a better
watchdog anyway huh Becca that’s not something’s going on outside
what is it I don’t know something bad we got to find Roman is it one of the
watchdogs did they get loose come here everyone shit come on we gotta find
Roman nice mother it’s okay she’s lot of gum oh my god what did you do all I did
was put on the blindfold and bind his wrists somebody else beat him up you
already had the cuts and bruises watchdogs caught him trying to steal
supplies is he bitten no they didn’t get that close who is he
I got no idea I don’t think he speaks English I can’t believe he just smoked
the second break-in we’ve had in the last couple of weeks
last time it couldn’t catch him they got away with more medicine than we could
afford to lose well we all know what it’s like trying to survive out there he
just came in here for food that’s just giving some could have been yeah that’s
right he could be part of a larger there were more seen them by now I notice
nobody travels alone by choice anymore right boy be sure to let him go why look
at the poor bastard we’ve all done the same thing trying to survive yeah he’s
actually responsible for him but we can give him some food and let him take his
own John about his chances it’s about hours well what’s to stop him
from coming back and armed next time we could always use more hands keeping the
place secure we don’t need any more people here and look at him house he
can’t even speak English this group works because we know how to communicate
okay that’s racist we can find away from him to help
well he’s not staying here you letting a stranger and everything starts breaking
down the last time we did all of you are strangers Vernon and the Vernon down the
reason the group fell apart not true strangers I was right there with you
when we don’t stare woman and her boyfriend for their boat that was wrong
yeah that’s when our group fell apart he can’t stay here wait what
I agree keep it important option Oh his condition would be a drain on our
resources look we all know what we’re talking about here so let’s stop dancing
around it Christine I mean this guy go and take our chances or we kill him Jesus are you serious Romans right it’s
got to be one or the other I don’t think he’s right we are letting him go it’s
the only right thing to do I’m telling you we can’t do that but killing him is
that really the answer Stephanie Boyd you two don’t think we
should kill him we know where Joyce and Clive stand on the subject you’re the
swing vote here she’ll what’s it gonna be we let them go set them free we don’t
even have to think about it we came he’s not even armed we can’t
just kill him this isn’t in self-defense isn’t it if it means you can’t come back
to hurt us that isn’t the same thing but last touch that was a long time ago how
are you feeling today right this man I guess working up a part of ourselves
Emil who never get back I’m not ready to let that go cut them free I hope you guys know what
you’re doing bring some food when three or four cans just as a gesture of good
faith and get him out of here I don’t know if you can understand a word I’m
saying but you better understand this you came this close to death today and
if you ever ever come near this place again or tell anybody where we are you
wish you had died today that’s terrible now screw you Roman go find cars and go
bowling Freck pizza with pepperoni or spicy Oh sounds
good really cold this morning that’s not something that’s not so good it is a bit
cold you have anything I miss playing guitar for everyone it was stupid but
fun oh the group broke up didn’t they since the attack there’s a lot we don’t
do anymore I shouldn’t have let that guy go Boyd
would still be alive and everything would be the same we’d agreed it was the
right thing to do anyway Romans obsessed with keeping this place secured now you
know that’s impossible right well after last time
Roman isn’t takin any chances and I should fix the loose board behind the
storage lots Becca are you sneaking out again did anyone see you leave no no one
saw me you’ve got to stop doing that you’re gonna get us both in a lot of
trouble I don’t see why is such a big deal we
had another break-in just last month Oh Becca you know what it means if someone
were to see you and follow you back here no one is following me you don’t know dopin what’s going on hey Becca Hey when
you get a sec I need you to come out and talk to me it’s important okay I’ll be
outside you’ll see me give us a minute yeah just don’t take
too long all righty I’ll try my best I don’t know
actually don’t know robably not good though stay here it’ll be just a minute
I’ll fill you and when I get back i I do agree that it was the right thing
to let that guy go though actually stated like you start killing people just because you know you just it turns
you into a monster that’s really all it’s gonna do well Boyd never finished
his painting oh well come on someone finish it for him geez I’d leave it
there as a reminder either take the darn thing Joyner know what’s going on but
I’ve got a class not in this one at least not yes what is it
this is DLC so we’re seeing five different people and it’s stealing and
then trying to escape oh my god what are they gonna do I don’t know what can we
do I’ll go talk to Roman we’ll figure it
out Romans choice well let’s kill her you
guys have her good you’re here trapped in that I heard about Stephanie did
Vincent survive I’m sorry Vince do i I escaped with Danny I didn’t realize that
I had to do was one over the other what happened didn’t realize that’s how I
escaped maybe she wasn’t me I left maybe behind those walls for a while not
knowing ever since the incident aunt made this place feel I don’t know
oppressive we’ve made it safe she was definitely all trying to escape
most of our the other guy screwed us Sheriff not all of us now we’re in that
position again where we can’t keep her here and we can’t let her go
you do know why I’m telling you this right no no I don’t know you know Vince
what we did I didn’t realize wrong dad can you not control her don’t do this to
me we’re beyond the luxury of taking chances now and I need to know that
you’re with us a hundred percent we have to talk to her first
see if we can talk some sense into her no she tried to sneak out and leave us
without any medicine or extra ammo she knew that could mean the death of
any one of us we give her a second chance she might not try to leave so
quietly you got your gun it’s in the camper I’ll give you a few minutes to
get your head together god this is my sister good that’s up to
you whatever you say I’ll back you up whatever I say a cool shell
what’s wrong am I in trouble No what I’m gonna say it’s gonna be hard to
hear what is it it’s Stephanie she stole a bunch of ammo and medicine and tried
to escape oh my god the hell did she do that for Roman says we have to the
killer yeah why would she do this to us she’s just scared she made a mistake
that’ll be our last mistake Becca Stephanie is your friend my girl is
messed up Roman wants me to do it I’m sorry
let’s just get it over with guns over there in the drawer are you okay do you
want to talk about it no I don’t just want to get it over with you know we don’t have to do this we can
just go what we’ve survived on our own before if we just go we can be out of
here before anyone can do anything about it
are you crazy where would we go there’s nothing out there as long as we’re here
we’re safe the group will protect us but for how
long I don’t know longer than we’d survive
out there besides you know the rules if we try to leave Roman will hunt us down
we don’t have a choice this is who we are now let me do it then
no I’ll do it you shouldn’t ever have to do something like this I just need a
second this really sucks yeah it does yeah it
does shell yeah what do you want shut up the girls messed up I don’t like this
that this group is terrible it’s just as bad as it was when Vernon broke up the
group over the friggin boat I don’t know God like what you leave it it’s
basically suicide plus Becket doesn’t want that anyway she thinks it’s stupid
she’s probably gonna fight you for it so you’re gonna be on your own anyway and
then Romans gonna hunt you down so I get are you just standing there
I don’t ever want to put you in danger if that means this is what we have to
become then it is what it is no it isn’t Becca will remember this yeah for like
the next 10 seconds until her part of the story goes away I’m not driving away
because Roman will hunt us down anyway and Becca doesn’t want it so Becca will
fight me for it so it will end up being three people that died two to three
people the dying so just one me too azam biatch oh this this is more like a sacrifice a few for the many sort of I
guess you know at least until Roman ends up slave what are you talking about
lease until Roman ends up getting killed or something and then oh hey look he’s
gone oh well we can run away now or you know we can stay here because it’s only
being you anyway ridiculous the other two were so quick and I didn’t
realize what I meant I thought I was gonna shoot off the cuff I thought
that’s all it was should have maybe taken so many cans yes
you should have you need it got like 60 miles left I think shit no it’s not it’s
not at all now I can’t run with this guy 63 miles
to go I miss the days of taking shortcuts yeah well I guess you can’t
well they take shortcuts now come here Oh Frick Oh No Oh God
you get no serious good I like how he has a smile on his face this whole time
is that one of those armies have got like run over something as we were
driving along in the RV probably hurry Oh dive off to the side hide hide hide wrote me I see you cuddling with your girlfriend
down there boner be oh I don’t want no trouble please you just want to be left
alone with your friend down there no just cuz I’m alone
look I don’t care what you do to whatever corpse you find wasn’t what’s
your name asswipe so you didn’t steal that back I don’t care who you steal from if you did
maybe you’re in a gang that likes to rob me I don’t know are you in a crew you
got some boys wearing hoodies I got to worry about not in a gang fucking racist
man hey now I ain’t no racist I just call them like I see them pasty hard
you’re gonna get eaten out here otherwise and I’m bored come on scoot
are you gonna wait forever you take me to Statesboro I’m trying to get to my Gran’s house oh
she likes to party just get in we’ll get there we’re
somewhere eventually I guess yeah we got somewhere name’s Nate by the way thanks
for oh good he has my name you thirsty wonderful yeah I’ll take some whiskey
and whatever what does it matter hell of a gig takes the edge off you’ll
get used to it actually I think that’s it for me I’m good I don’t like it all
right where you come from at least must have been with a crew any tailback where you come from maybe
drop you off do a double back we just drive can we just drive we you wanted to
sit on my lap yes just don’t want to talk Frick you’re a tough little nut Russ and I can
like kill ain’t no not happening huh hello am i asleep no I look man I’m sorry if I freaked you out
at first we all got our way of coping sure right I mean this is a guy who
attacked the other two and then whatever second part of this yes there you go
so yes III kind of agree with that once you tell me where you were before you
got here fine well you tell me where you were I
didn’t have any family doing nothing they’re all my grandson the state’s part
there was a dad who had a daughter about my age one guy said he used to be a cop
nobody really believed my teacher and that’s wife leader one guy
go back to the daughter Steve was a bad dude
but everybody was with him you know he said go back to the daughter magic now
I’m Steve we didn’t add nobody but Steve the daughter survivors it’s the same
every time you kill him let it out Paco just we gonna kill these folks and take
this stuff of what then bang may be dead anyway
I couldn’t handle it no weak spit I pack my shit up and figured I could make four
grands alone and try to find my family I slipped out of there
I couldn’t live like that so nobody got down with the daughter
then no they did what would you give her she’s strong six just tell me something
about her how was the rack oh my god it’ll
something just a taste Russ I’m doing you a service here I got
to get my beak wet I put it right in here why don’t be like that
like always talking about women like that women let me see if I can answer
your question because because the hunger a man’s got for a woman it’s all we got
left no laws no jobs ain’t nothing that make us men with a ain’t eating all the
women yet whatever let’s try this again all right maybe someone who wasn’t so
near and fuck fuck
gala wanna pick what do you think what is wrong with you oh my god you calm down geez yeah you’re out of
ammo idiot fuck is wrong with you oh you have the option to shoot him I’d love to oh maybe I do I sure would love to at this point let’s look for some supplies in here see
if we can fill up while we’re at it sure don’t be mad fine be mad just stop being
a pussy you stop being an ass I don’t like him Oh Frick you don’t want to be
there get to the truck I’ll cover you um okay get ready don’t
stop running and keep your head down okay sure oh god if I actually stop what
happened – I’ll cover you okay good you did this guy is such an ass
uh what are we gonna do what are we gonna do first we’re gonna figure out
exactly where this asshole is just get a quick glance why do I gotta do it okay
got him client see easy now we know where he is we can fucking get him all
right yeah that’s the spirit yeah you didn’t see so
how do you know okay it’s in neutral just keep your head down all right just
keep pushing one of the tires it’s a smart cookie in there not killed motor
tire push you know how to change a tire and freak Oh
what now we’re gonna get around the side of the building we gotta go from cover
to cover seriously this or you know we can just
pick this guy up and be like here I bring sacrifice uh you’re gonna cover me
if we get to that car is out of the line of fire
here you can cover me first I’m not fucking around cover me
then I’ll cover you or if you want to go first that’s fine too
I’ll cover you you go first just shoot the window and keep that
bunkers head down till I get where I’m going then throw me the gun and I’ll do
the same ready yeah John Nate oh I actually cousin you know what de
Lyonne not a Saudi fire Oh Bam Bam Bam Bam Bam how many bullets I
got gun I’ll cover you go you shop like one bullet you told me
you don’t stop shooting now what we get over there and we should be good
go Jesus people have a lot of ammo Oh Frick see if I’ve to kill them I’d been
stuck there Thanks we’re not done yet guys nasty but
get in around back they’ll sneak up on this answer follow me man what are we doing well we gotta get
in there fucker shot at us Russell relax man when this is over
we’re gonna take what we can head on down to your grams and have a big whole
home-cooked meal all right sure come on
watch out for that what’s the problem oh we should put it on its fucking dead
come on there you go you like a big man now yes let’s go okay all right we’re gonna be fucking quiet
we’re gonna sneak up on this son of a bitch you take him out Jeremy I hope
feeling he’s gonna die anyway let’s go I see him Jax are the window see if
there’s anyone else I didn’t see no one I think I didn’t see
anyone oh the sneaking is best got that doors noisy how does this guy not hear
us it’s an old man get the fuck out of here you’re monsters
whoa Gramps I told you not to come back here
think you could just leave your mask at home and now you’re with this fucking
spook what’s her stuff watch the fucking racism this is my boy secondly I don’t
fucking know you we were just passing by like anyone oh shit
you came back to finish this off and take all our food lost you goddamn
marbles she’s dying and now she can see your face we’ve never been sure then who
shot my wife wasn’t us you tried to kill us for no goddamn reason if anything we
should take you out for that please just get the fuck out of here
please leave us alone what do you say Russ
should we just kill these folks and take all their stuff no that’s a terrible
idea come on are you serious maybe why not
that’s fuck house so ridiculous there’s no reason stirs out there no shit
and you’re just gonna joke about the shit I see fuck you Nate I saved your
ass you didn’t yeah you did he stills I’m
not hurting no-one and don’t you hurt these people either come on can we still
be friends shut up you probably shot them anyway or I was gonna say or they shot him but
guess it doesn’t seem that way it’s Russell gonna do now this is frickin
ridiculous okay you got one this is my court oh you’re so bad at this
would you rather have a snake fruit Tom OH or lobster claws for hands oh there
we are at the lobster claws again any was talking about this can I control the
snake can I control this thing or does it have free rein three right well I’m
thinking thank harder lobster snake tongue lobster claws lobster claws
weirdo think of all the stuff you could grab all I’m saying is
good luck find a man if you haven’t washed our hands Oh snake tongue he’s
probably creepy left no never mind barely oughta stop bugging me with
stupid hypotheticals okay yeah no more would you rather you’ve been a lot more
fun lately feeling better I guess I am well you sure do look better you gotta
admit anything isn’t improved huh what I mean is I mean you were you were
you know you know you’re not perfect either mr. lobster Haines maybe I should
spend a minute listing off your flaws see how you wanna get home I ain’t
perfect that’s right hell and you’re older than
dirt yeah exactly look I can see of that stuff the dust in
your eyes all you want I mean it though and after we found you you were still so
hooked on that stuff I never thought you’d make it you ain’t
out of the woods yet I know but you’ve come a long way buddy I’m proud of you
well mercy okay I know okay you’re not that great look ha ha you know I ain’t
going nowhere right long as we’re together I’ll be there for you I’m kind
of worried you know that right of course I know
Leland Thank You Barney Leland Barney dee hey honey oh this isn’t good is it
I found us something what are you two up to chatting huh what about lobster lobsters
lobsters well yeah fishing figured it’d be worth a shot
what do you and you hate fishing no it ain’t totally true and how many days you
gone fishing what I go fishing all the time thought you didn’t I am a catch oh
yeah I got you a present oh you shouldn’t have
what you fine I’ll tell you later I don’t mean to interrupt your chat with
your uh girlfriend but we gotta get moving girlfriend well I mean I guess
she doesn’t really care tonight it seemed like she was gonna be very very
pissed or not bad but I guess it’s fine gee did you hear me
let’s keep moving I feel like I’ve been in a washing machine all day I’d kill
for a towel right now or a blow dryer that’s good lord deliver us a blow dryer
hey Dee when we get back to camp would you let me borrow some of that mail
sure honey you like this color it’s my favorite and after today I could use a
new coat you know same here feel like a drowned rat with these claws not to
interrupt the Girl Talk here but be that better look I found it down the road a
piece all right we’re down the road someplace off that away you’ve got to
give us more there was anyone there I don’t think so you don’t think or you
don’t know those mean the same thing Leland just do that really you guys sure
gang up on me a lot lately honey that ain’t true
tell me one time you sided with me in the last week the last month all right
can’t remember one especially but I know I have both this is how all our fights
go every time now we’re standing here in the woods soaking through and for what
don’t you want to get to the camp before dark I ain’t the one who we should get
moving now but you are the one to me stop you’re
regardless we could just as easy carry on like this while we’re walking listen
to me now I have had it up to here with listening to you I can’t believe you are
still religious lately that’s enough it’s obvious you can’t win this one so
why even bother trying honey I appreciate you trying to help but let me
handle this all right Thank You Bonnie finally someone makes
some damn sense around here Bonnie darlin I’m sorry were stylin Dee come on
save it I know what side your bread is buttered on oh my god – now’s not the
time ever issues we go just shut up and get into fuckin dance well too bad you
already are I’m sorry I just want to get somewhere
where I can change my clothes and then you and your girlfriend can oh no oh God
run come on we got to move what are you talking yeah I bet
oh oh wait oh fast I can go oh poor body I don’t even know who she is before her
where am I going is this not where I was supposed to go was there another way I could have gone like oh they’re still there go Bonnie yeah oh look it’s the bus or those two
in the beginning escaped it from and the cornfield us the others are talking
about oh no oh no no one see nothing we got blind bats over here Oh Frick
where are you Oh dark out here well that’s just a tad dark yeah Oh God I wonder who these people are anyway anything no I can’t think a damn thing
out here oh that’s a good thing you guys didn’t look left that would have sucked
for me stop making so much noise okay Bonnie stay calm
find a weapon find a weapon now look very funny wait what hold a
button the force officers is it okay there you go okay why is that after you
I have no clue a bullet Erin how’s it going no frickin I didn’t press it soon
enough oh I guess I just have to redo it okay that’s fine oh geez oh okay okay
weapon time find a weapon bamm-bamm I like how she just like moved
it completely to the side once BAM oh that’s rather not so good you what I
talk it’s so dark I couldn’t see you I didn’t know it was you you killed me you
killed me again take him I know God sorry I need him I
need you both B I would never I swear this has nothing
to do with him it was an accident junkie B did you find her
Pontiac they got you back there Jesus are you shot yes I am
how are you Sasha I have to do it or it doesn’t matter Bonnie hey I thought you
would Bonnie what what was that you just said it really was an accident
Wayland it really did this you did this to my D she came out of nowhere I
thought she was one of them I didn’t see her until she was right there I don’t understand I’m sorry that’s so
sad oh sorry leaving me which way do this to you darling
maybe here it’s hard but you did hurt you mean light to her maybe to D and I
meant she’s gonna die for this thing after damn sure hey no you haven’t
I didn’t lie to him not telling the truth
oh that’s so sad stop it controller you should why I like being honest
more than lying who’s this who are you
or hundred days in wanting to sell it we were right there are survivors out
here five round five I think they left a note so at least we know they want to be
found and I see smoke in the distance no so there’s a little more – it’s not just
that I’m gonna try to make contact tonight there’s just some bees wandering around
outside of the gas station everything makes perfect sense I’m just standing
there at the friggin billboard with like thousands of zombies thousands of
zombies so far so good Hey
don’t spit don’t fucking move who the fuck are you
my name is Tavia how did you find us I found your note I’m a scout for a
growing settlement up north we go out and look for survivors to rescue them we
have food clean water and shelter for everyone we’re offering you a chance to
help us out and start over gaagh the sense too good to be true but
wait what where’s shel it’s respect Lenny get real just because
you have to tell the truth all the time doesn’t mean everyone else does if I
didn’t trust people I’d be dead I know that for sure people can care about you
if you let them like Leland cared when he let you run off a lot that’s enough
Beca guys look if I learned one thing from Danny it’s that we have to stick
together and protect ourselves what that guy was an asshole you should be in wise
he got killed before shell and Becca joined us why don’t worry about it
Irish cartel we appoint survivors hmm do you find a lot not as many or what well
we gotta go yeah Eddie money scared why look we need people plain and simple you
folks can decide if you want to come as grade but I don’t want to be out here in
the wear grade so you’re parading I don’t see it getting back in my car away
a ninja how’s it going Kjell why are we even listening to her
she obviously lying are you and if she’s not I think it’s better to just keep on
the move staying in one place makes you an easy target relay by the way how safe
you think preciate it truck stop was a death trap there’s right off the highway
for God’s sake no way you and a bunch of sick old people we’re gonna defend it I
don’t like this guy psycho you should just walk away I don’t trust you of
course you don’t row come on I don’t trust anyone
well I mean after what Nate did I don’t understand I don’t like some of the
choices I’m really considering staying out here foraging for food like fucking
raccoons I mean come on and why did we even leave the photos there well it
could be a trap what if they want to kill us thank you
everyone out there is batshit crazy we’ve all seen those creatures we turned
out all right there you’re clearly outnumbered number me yeah sure
overpower me you could help just gonna come here with myself now someone is
gonna hurt sadly not that’s not a bad idea actually and I’ll do it because I
know when you guys see this place you’ll change your minds look I want to see the
place where E and you have every right to be you don’t know me from a hole in
the ground and yeah there are some crazy fuckers out there yeah all I’m here to
do is make sure you can come with me or you could stay here the choice is yours
hey Bethany Burrell’s how’s it going so a couple things to do all right
no problem thanks first up and by appreciate it you’ll see it in season
two oh good that’s good bonnie agrees yeah Wyatt agrees come on shell shell agrees shelling
Becca yeah I’m just not sure we’ve been out here for so long and seen so much
bullshit and is it really worth getting our hopes up of course it is run first
love hope is all we’ve got left hmm but being smart that’s what’s keeping us
alive it’s a safe place for every surface criminal activity isn’t
tolerated within our walls period you don’t have to worry about bandits or
walkers or anyone else we look out for each other we understand why it should
be I think we’ve all made up our minds well I guess we have our group what do you want to do with these keep
him somehow I knew they were gonna burn okay
I was kind of hoping to catch a good choice but you know how do we know this will work out you
don’t you don’t that’s what I said you can
keep it Wow whose foot did you shoot off I’m
sorry Justin emote emote
oh yes that one the the hearts there I did you know what I didn’t even see it
I’m sorry there we go that stop it um then I stay in the car get out 50% we’re
gonna do season 2 oh yeah I definitely vote for sure I have the definitive
series I’m a little annoyed about the random choices I have to do but you know
leave Nate or stay with him I left him screw that guy lied to Leyland no see
only 25% were honest and killed Stephanie Oh what ah so some of them what I wanted them all to come with me earned
well debt to go to the can that’s so stupid
get out of here random choices and you think you’re
picking one thing what’s actually something else exactly it’s a crappy
ending I agree it’s crappy ending everyone seemed fine but you know I
guess some of them just freakin decided that nah screw that we’re not going to
some stupid camp mMmmm sorry one sec
we got to sit here through the credits anyway so well stop it
that sound you guys keep hearing is the sound of my controller constantly
disconnecting for some stupid reason or at least it thinks it’s disconnecting
it’s not really apparently oh well that’s really unfortunate mm-hmm
at least I got a few people that join the camp as you redo it redo it make
everyone join why what what could I have possibly done different with with
Russell to make him want to join stay make him stay with Nate the whole time
kill those old people and then leave Oh see it didn’t even show this part here oh I guess it wouldn’t be showing I
thought showing what happened after why ran away or drove away we stand up to
Nathan he goes I did stood up stand up to Nate though and he stayed behind so I
don’t know maybe something else hmm that’s annoying
well there we go completed the game whoop-dee-doo
not one eye what do you mean what one no not me Sean
what what are you doing don’t played season two yet if you
choose that I’m out one then wrong twice no I I told him III I said are you
effing serious and said I said you stood up to me I don’t know James say foul
yeah let’s let’s make a new one okay and port season one save yes okay did
you find to save this time yeah it is all weird save file found
hallelujah I actually got it yeah beat take this one play without save yeah and
deal with random arse choices my arse know already done with random choices
ones might as well keep my crappy random
choices as it is previously on the walking dead
I was they’re gonna go through all my random choices so I get to find out what
my random choices were and all by yourself through this I know who you are
and I know you’re a killer it’s for you Larry it’s how the world works now we
are those bad people dead don’t know I hope you know what you’re doing with her
I don’t Molly said Crawford is the only place left in Savannah that still has
people that means it must be where my mom and dad her no but you have to
promise to stay quiet yeah well he did let her talk so that’s
good Cooper Todd yesterday two days old Molly – spotted on Thursday so we’re all
humming the same thing about five people including we were actually watching out
of maybe 200 interesting she wouldn’t be exposed to what she has been with you
know I’d see that didn’t happen in my game random choices cuz I can’t import
my file into this one I still hate that choice I still think it’s better than leaving
them there I weight that I have all episodes of
life is strange – yeah I think life strange – the final episode comes out or
is released or whatever in November sometime I don’t know when but did you
kill him relieve him a real game I killed him
you know the only thing in there that didn’t actually happen in mine was was
Clementine shooting that guy the stranger that didn’t happen him again
unheard of meanie I mean you can’t be serious Chris totally lived we are shut
up controller why not because I’ll keep you could have don’t
want spoilers to smile all right no worries
we’re not calling our baby oh joy it was fun is it notice my first time playing
it too so Clementine a little help here ah she’s pregnant we
all knew it no only junior no you have to admit it
as a ring to it what if it’s girl it’s a girl
then we named her krysta but I’m on my god
that’s just confusing so Neymar Genevieve I don’t care how can you not
care you’re not taking this seriously I take
everything seriously especially the low needs future keep talking you’ll be
sleeping in the ring tonight remember that time in Barstow Vegas weekend I’m happy clementine ism why don’t fully
alone get cleaned up at the girls room claim
I hope the sink works in there I wouldn’t count on how that doesn’t just
be careful and make sure to keep track of your things
we’ll be right next door okay will be I guess they’re going into one bathroom
comes the other shit on you owe me gusta why why a shame on them she just walked
around hold the gun make sure the bathroom is safe use left stick to walk
a right stick to move around look around already gross yeah just a little looks like
someone got their face smashed in on there maybe we all done again maybe not
it says a broken charlie dissolved it’s a nasty
yeah still nothing yes very good okay
no one’s here guess it’s safe to get cleaned up
guess so give me a second something keeps tickling me in the eye
oh this is insane but I may be but hasn’t for her to come in
oh yes okay that makes sense sometime looks so sad understandably so I said probably won’t work please okay
he’s alive I I know he is I already know yes oh no he’ll feed
yours I’m excited to find out how but I
already know seen pictures already then again maybe it’s only possible for
him to be maybe is not guaranteed no they’re gonna be a hand pop out that was a wrong one I guess I guess I was also the wrong one number
two okay alright number three yeah right you’re right in front of the
toilet delicious you yeah you shouldn’t have to put your face that close to it
Oh who’s this person do your own thing and don’t make so much noise random girl uh-oh toy that’s gonna break what do you think LEM is here – yes
probably still 9 they could have been wandering for more than like a few days
I see you get out of there you’re not fooling me who are you
none of your business are you sure only if you’re stupid there’s the same
11 get out you all right now anyway after nice cutscene you got anything on you come on let’s
see no that’s all I have that’s it how’d you make it this long
I’m serious what else you got that’s it don’t lie to
me give me sir go give me that hat no
where’d you get it I asked you a question
dad gave it to me just give it to me no the hell’s wrong with you woman junk
junk junk look at all this junk and more shit and here’s a meter Christa oh no
it’s a zombie isn’t that people I got no shit that was a good catch you ain’t
nothing you’re just a little fish you’re gonna cry little fish no but you will
this your daddy no what the hell I didn’t need to I didn’t
need to yes you did you pointed your gun had a little girl can you hear me homie what a waste frickin stupid after cutscene now 11 oh that’s only 16 months later it would
make her about 10 – well then again if Chris or was that noticeably pregnant
Krista talk to me that would make sense here’s almost 10 yeah this will never work
look at this it’s pathetic the woods do wet boys you can’t really tell someone’s
age my voice it’s more smoke than flame this rate will be eating this for
breakfast what else can we do find something that’ll burn baby I don’t
know won’t be easy in the dark and in the rain no you’re doing this no not
just by voice alone tending a fire so you can cook and stay warm it’s
something you have to be able to do Clementine otherwise touring so far
not much has happened we shouldn’t build a big field a big
fire at night it attracts too much attention
it’s too dangerous when we’re out here by ourselves we need to eat don’t we we
can’t survive without food this is true but still I’m freezing you think this is
bad wait till we get up to Wellington then talk to me about cold if we make it this rain will turn to sleet then ice
then snow it won’t be easy is it safe there safer than here because
of the cold they say we just need to keep moving north
also what exactly happened to the baby because clearly there isn’t one lying
around I mean Krista is fine so hi miss Li
I’m sure you do I’m gonna go look for more would you just keep the fire lit why is she so she seems to be so mean
now I know she lost a mean and baby but still Oh Kenny duck and catch a picture she
drew a long time ago okay just waitin for zombies to pop out Laura Krista just starts screaming or
something press and hold a button okay I approach love stick okay interesting
so slightly different controls you don’t just click things anymore I’ll put it
there I guess or you know you could just hold it while it burns in your bare hand better but still not enough the flames
are too low ah Oh what do we got we got a license
plate we could toss Ivan there this won’t burn oh you don’t know unless you
try our this this will never burn it’s too wet
well it doesn’t mean it’ll never burn just have to be there for a while take a
blog and not like anyone was using to sit on oh no no no no no no no no no we’re
burning the log I’m not burning the pictures no way no way Jose
log gets burned instead so screaming yeah for a little bit longer anyway Oh need to see you someone got hurt oh no
no no no no no don’t fucking lie to us who do you think you’re fooling here
give us the truth then you don’t get hurt
fucking with me where’s the rest of your group I’m by myself bullshit liar
cut the shit lady it’s it’s just me come on guys
no distracted No it’s crystal okay
get the fuck over here now those are not by 400 no I finished four
I’m down here girl I’m not fucking around look girl ain’t no way your dad Oh we’re gonna go take that nope I’m not
kidding you at all there are you like that friend No No get out of here screw off but oh
god you don’t learn do you your dumb fucking kidding me
no I’m not ah there you go well there you go idiot maybe you should
have tried so hard to kill a kid sometime gonna be all alone again frickin stupid then we see Kenya helping can I help
soon hello you probably shouldn’t be
screaming maybe another episode maybe mom still can’t run with her just and I didn’t realize I could have run
the whole time in episode one I think anyway she still can
what’s it saying it oh well oh this a person huh Marilyn I’m affiliates or zombies is
true but what about Krista Krista probably got killed no no I hope not
that sucks who’s that first up are you there well
it’s not Krista is that what okay nippers gravida can you maybe
are you kidding me Deathwalker okay now someone took care of that locker
darn good great okay let’s look at the gray if I guess I mean you don’t know
it’s grave it’s just two twigs tie together there’s no lump in the ground you don’t know what it is I’ll be back okay warning sign bears snakes lions and
wolves what’s that sound a bear the bear coming
for me I just come over to the tree or Clementine has had to go through so
much that’s just wind bitch in the trees
stupid Birds if this was crisis I’d shoot the birds pop them right out of
the sky not the dog
mr. puffy no it’s okay boy it’s okay Josh :
Sam well nice to meet you Sam those can get a puppy friend what’s he
doing sniffing yep Sam Sam where are you going wait up where’d the puffers come
from hope it’s just a puppy bring up you know no bad people around don’t keep
screaming who looks pretty run over but you never know it’s true you do never
know let’s look around for some food well not very much around where did the
puppet come from why is puppy randomly in the forest looks like it’s been here
for a while oh this is where puppy came from like
they were a happy family once I hope they left some food behind somewhere that sucks now look toy broccoli could probably eat
that nothing edible dancing on the barbie no kids no food
here eat role in it well there is a tent can you get around
the thing Spratt what’s the matter Sam we have to be quiet first said I sent for say thanks
appreciate it what’s up Sam it’s okay he’s dead
well sort of look you can see the bite looks like he tried to cut it out there
sound putting out fires well thank you I guess the guy tied himself to the tree
to prevent himself from hurting anyone – he’s not smarter than all of them got
too close hey it’s okay boy he can’t hurt us I think he had himself tied up or did
someone force him to do this no no let’s grab the knife maybe I guess maybe not I bet I take a second time Oh branch I mean that knife is gonna be useful so
okay one little clunk it’s not all the takes nope that’s not that’s gonna say
Leigh Leigh would have made sure there you go
you’re probably gonna have to do it like six times as usual just make it more
more fertile every time better make sure oh poor puppy see we just have to stay
out of their reach okay search pocket yeah I guess yes sir some pockets
probably good idea should I take the knife first he’s got
the knife first now search pocket you have grass all around – you could have
wiped it on that and useful we won’t go another night without food
okay no hmm no searching a pocket excuse me I
wish to searched no I guess I can’t search a pocket then fine piece of junk
disrespect nothing but mold in there in the cooler
I hate scavengers they take everything well I mean you’re also scavenging
technically so you know God survived somehow empty Sam anything in the tent
it’s not much of a tent anymore I bet scavengers tore it apart or you
know the the bear that the sign warned me about Oh fine desk can play frisbee
with the puppy first be fetch hey want to play you want to play catch oh that’s cute okay forget back oh good boy Sam I’m saying again think anyone’s been
sleeping in here I can’t tell well doesn’t look like anyone’s been in
there for a while we’d better not wait around to find out well let’s play one
more round of catch fetch fetch catch want to go again nope Oh get it Sam
maybe he’ll find something nah I bet you miss this I sure do I wonder what would happen if I did a
third time third time’s the charm that’s it let’s
go one more time go get it boy maybe you have to anyway
oh shoot oh you threw it a little too far Clem right guess oh yeah you’re
right shouldn’t waste the energy anyway well
there we go I guess it’s over okay let’s just get to a checkpoint pack to dog should call him Sam come on
should say talk to Sam not talk to doing anything yet yeah everyone want to
search for trash barrel yeah well here we go oh my god thank you
found something look Sam a can let’s see what’s inside there we go ah please don’t be bad
that’s a can can’t kinds of things don’t usually expire not easily anyway the can
has to be damaged for it to expire there go bad thank God hey guy give some to the puppy – don’t
be selfish hmm I guess you’re pretty hungry – oh gotta give him a little bit okay there stop a controller oh no oh my
god what the Frick No
oh my god what am I supposed to do what is going on I can’t you he was violent and unnecessary stupid
dog fat soft pad Oh what happened Oh fell on to the tent pegs well you
can’t leave it there that’s horrible Oh that sucks stupid dog though trying to find food
together and the stupid dog decides to be selfish it’s still that pretty sad okay that’s what this cutscene doesn’t take
too long though it seems like she’s just destined to be
alone what’s going on this is not very good at
all time to end it though yep accept my
apologies but I am done for the day so thank you everyone so much watching I
hope you all enjoyed 400 days was quite interesting you’re glad I played it and
season two so far starting off pretty well I shouldn’t say slow but not really
the best I don’t like it so far I don’t really like the start of it very much um
but that is it so I’ll see you all again very soon
tomorrow I’ll stream some more of this so have a good one see you then bye bye
god bless keep calm and keep dragging on see you guys I have a good one you you you

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