How to Play Black Survival: Eternal Return

Right-click to move. Hold the right mouse button to keep moving. Press A to attack a target in your range. You can also attack with the right mouse button. Press F to reload bullets for the gun weapons. Press S to stop your attack and movement. Press X to rest. While resting the recovery speed is much faster. You can open boxes by pressing the right and left mouse button. Left-click to collect items. In addition to the boxes, you can collect materials from all parts of the Lumia. You can equip or use items you have by pressing the keys from 1 to 0. Press Q,W,E and R to use the corresponding skills. You have to select the target to use some skills. Operate security consoles to enhance your vision range in each area. Use Hyperloops to take you to the area you want quicker. Press Tab to check the scoreboard. Press C to check your character’s information. Press V to check your character’s masteries. Press B to check the crafting guide. Press M to check Lumia Island’s whole map. Press P to open the Saved Recipes menu

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