How to learn to code (quickly and easily!)

Hi and welcome back to another episode, my name is Patrick Shu and I am the tech lead our topic today is how to learn to code and There’s really only one skill that you need to have to learn to code And generally people either have this skill or not And that is really the ability to just set at a computer for many hours at a time Our engineers know that there’s something called the zone Where they basically just sit a computer uninterrupted for long periods of time and that’s how they are able to put together complex thoughts chained together many pieces of logic and basically put a program together and This is a habit that a lot of people don’t have like there. They sit down for 10 minutes at a time They don’t really have a desk. Maybe they’re like Watching TV as they’re using their laptop and they’re checking their phones all the time and then they gotta get up and pick a cupcake and then go walk the dog and then they gotta go drive out and do an errand go shopping come back and then they gotta go meet up with their friends and each time they have maybe 10 20 minutes at the computer and it’s just not enough time to really sit down and focus so If you can get into the habit of saying you’re just gonna block out say four hours and then evening grab a cup of tea and then really just sit down and focus on Staring at the computer for this amount of time then I think you’ll be able to develop that habit And that’s even better if you can block off like an entire afternoon and just give a whole day to it And that is how you’ll basically be able to learn and basically software engineering is just all about learning Over and over again. It’s it’s kind of an interesting career because it’s not like being a lawyer or doctor where Over time your experience just builds and builds and then when you’re like a 60 year old doctor or lawyer You’re just so experienced and you can try to choose amounts of money Now for software engineering when you become like a 60 year old guy. You’re probably outdated Now this isn’t really necessarily about ageism. It’s more about Many people just decide to stagnate and they stop learning if you can continue learning Keeping up with new technology as it changes over the many years, then you’re gonna be good generally So this is really about developing the ability to learn and that ability to learn needs to be done over long periods of time sitting in front of the computer and you know one tip I have is I will usually just get some really good music and I it’ll make me want to sit down at the computer so I can listen to that music and now just listen to it and Now I just focus on whatever it is. I’m doing I’d also say that a lot of normal people don’t have the ability to just sit down for many hours at a time and start a computer like I’m not even sure if it’s really something healthy to be doing Usually it’s the people at school who don’t have a lot of friends who don’t get invited to the cool parties And so then they just sit at home by themselves and they’ve got nothing better to do except to learn Basically get good at computer coding. So if you’re a kind of a popular person or You’ve got a lot of events and cool things going on in your life then you’re probably going to find it to be very difficult to just first yourself to just sit at home and ignore all those other events For me, I’m the type of person who really enjoys being at home and not doing a lot of things like given the choice I might just sit at home for like a whole month and I might go out once once a month, you know I just I don’t feel a need to be going out shopping and like going to the mall every day Like it’s just not that interesting to me. I Remember when I was in high school? I wasn’t the smartest kid Like I was pretty smart but there were these other kids who were much smarter than me and They would always be getting like a pluses are not the exams and then we all went to college and since it was kind of Trendy at the time to apply to computer science a lot of them did that and basically by the end of the first year all of them dropped out and I was like the only Person left from my high school who was actually studying computer science in the program that first class is called the wieder class because it’s intentionally made to be difficult and just filter out a lot of students and Basically, give them bad grades. So they’re forced to drop out. Meanwhile for me. I just really enjoyed that course. I got like a and I think the reason is that a lot of these people were probably Very good at normal stuffing like they could read a book. They could memorize it They could do their homework But they may not have had that culture of Sydney in front of a computer for long periods of time and That was something that at least for me I had I have been actually coding since elementary school and meanwhile I think a lot of these other kids they really had no clue what they were getting themselves into they thought it was going to be like Studying physics or chemistry or biology or something like that? But computer science is a whole different culture and it requires that computer culture now when you actually get into the computer science courses It may surprise you to hear that the professors don’t actually teach you any programming languages at all so language syntax, like how to code in Python C++ Java JavaScript PHP or Objective C all of that stuff They don’t really know what nobody teaches you that so if you were thinking that when you get to college Somebody’s actually going to sit down and teach it all these languages. That’s not the case. No one ever held any engineers hand like that Everybody who learned how to code generally had to do it by themselves and they’re all self-taught in that sense So don’t wait to be taught by somebody and that’s just how it is and you just gotta keep self teaching yourself So if you don’t have that self teaching culture that initiative then you need to be able to develop that Okay now hold on Let me just clarify that there are some courses that can teach you these Languages if you actually need a help but most four-year degree college programs will not be teaching you that these are things that you might learn and say high school courses or community college courses and I think a lot of people maybe think that Well, the people who actually gone to a computer science program and maybe like you didn’t for example Maybe you’re thinking that they were actually taught this stuff No one was taught this stuff what people are actually taught in. These courses is their supposed fundamentals which are like algorithms data structures how operating systems and compilers work databases But probably the only course that you need to know our like data structures and algorithms and you know You can keep in mind that each of these courses is just basically one textbook, so if you were to read two to three text books, you’ll basically be covered and that Will get you going and in reality a lot of computer science You don’t really need to know these crazy data structures and algorithms Like they’ll tell you how to implement a hash table, but in reality no one really implements a hash table They just use it and and basically if you were to do the algorithms course, I understand time space analysis Like how efficient these data structures are then you’re gonna be able to use them fine and there’s not that much holding you back then like so I think you can get very far even teaching yourself on your own although That’s not to say that a college degree is useless like a college degree is actually incredibly valuable. I think simply because It’s so difficult for students to stand out the competition is so tough that Having that college degree just elevates you one level up and just makes everything so much easier for you to let your first job compared to having nothing and Trying to prove to people that you may be qualified Even though there’s tons of other people who may have some degree who’s competing for that same job basically after that I think like You know, you have to ask yourself why you’re learning to code and there could be a variety of goals Maybe you want to build a project for yourself. Maybe you’re just curious But if your goal is to eventually get a job as a software engineer in some company then I would say that your goal is going to be to get something on your resume and The best way to do that is probably just to make some personal projects as you’re starting out it’s gonna be difficult to get anyone to hire you so think about some cool projects that you can make and Set make that your goal to make it and then just try to create it and as you’re doing it you can that new language learned some fundamentals and When you finish it You can put that project on your resume and then you make sure you can be able to explain about whatever impact that had you Know like if you can have a website or something to show it That would be pretty nice. And if you could get a few users, that would be even better As for what track to go into I might recommend web development as one way to quickly get going like you learn HTML Javascript may be either PHP or Python as a back-end language, and I’ll quickly get you Going and that’s really all you need to be able to start creating. What complete web Applications and you know these projects you can basically put on your resume and get you started another option I might recommend is mobile development which is pretty trendy nowadays and I would say that in the past iOS development has been seen as trendy, but in recent times Android development has actually been Skyrocketing like if you check the charts Android growth is growing really fast So I think that the demand for Android developers should be going up Anyway, I think that pretty much captures what I’m trying to say Which is that no one’s really there to hold your hand throughout all this it’s not like when you start a job you get a pair of programmer and together you’re Programming with a mentor and people are watching your screen and going through each step together I mean, there are a few jobs that actually do a lot of pair programming but most of the jobs that I’ve seen they just give you access to the code base and There’s usually a lot of crazy technology and languages in there that even experienced engineers may not really be Familiar with and they just need to start digging through and teaching themselves how to get through it all What really takes is you got really just be able to pour yourself like a cup of tea or a coffee and sit down for? A few hours and just really try to learn the code by yourself. There’s you know, even in an industry, there’s even less documentation than what you see Online usually like the code might be messy There may be really poor documentation And people just need to have that tinkerer mindset and just go in there and dig in and take a look You know, that’s the culture. That’s how it is. There’s no true Correct way to do any of this I would recommend that as a beginner You can probably even ignore the whole algorithm Fundamental track at first you might get into eventually but like if you were to pick up a book on how to do web development in PHP or Python or how to do Android or iOS Development and then just go through that book will probably get you set up and you really just need to be willing to put in the time and effort to do it and I think that many times I’ll basically just see people and just just looking at the way they act like How social you may be if people? Don’t seem like the type of person who would be able to sit down and just really study a computer like I can already tell that they don’t really have that culture of the programmer like You need to be able to Develop that culture and get into the zone sit down for many hours at a time And I think that’s the one skill that a lot of people probably need to hone more on if they want to get serious Into coding so they’ll do it for this episode Let me know what you think in the comments below and I will see you next time. Give it a like and subscribe Bye

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  1. So if you're a social pariah you too can be a programming wizard ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ See I knew being socially inept was going to be good for something !!

  2. Be a loner โœ“
    Introvert โœ“
    Weirdo โœ“
    Gamer โœ“
    Ability to be in front of PC long hrs โœ“
    Virgin (optional)
    ……looks like I'm going to start learning code.

  3. Great Video, simple and useful I am doing my first steps o this world and I agree in the mayoptity things you are addressing in this video. It also applies for music LOL, thanks for the video and sharing your experience and true opinion!

  4. not weird at all, this is true in all sense. i thought this is some technical trick but amazingly a truth to all people who doesnt want to learn programming. people are now into their phones. yes this is true, i also find myself asking why am i a slow learner while im a programmer knowing all the resources are available online. this is the answer to my problem. thank you very much!!!

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  6. Absolutely true. In both my computing bachelor's and master's, not a single line of code was taught. Excellent tips! I've spent many years sick since then and am now returning so your video is great for me.

  7. Its funny cause im a junior devoloper at a company, but i bearly know how to code been learning since i started there

  8. If you want to learn programming.
    Here's the trick.
    if( there's_A_will )
    throw new NotImplementedExceptions;

  9. I'm really disappointed that even an expert like you cannot make a speech concise and structure. I'm wondering what the hell did you learning from google. Your speech is really wordy and borning.

  10. I really like coding and most of the time i start new language with tutorial video but after some time i become board of it and i feel like sleepy so

    do u have a solution guys i need help but ur video is amazing

  11. I wish I could have seen this video at the start of my computer science degree. I made a lot of mistakes and failed at my first job (a lot of mistakes are mentioned in this video) but I guess you donโ€™t know what you donโ€™t know

  12. One thing that makes me hesitant with coding is that you have to constantly keep up to date with mainstream. I still want to learn because I love being creative especially with new sets of code that nobody has thought of or put into practice.

  13. I think it's a great career path for women, we are naturally more focused and can sit for long periods of time working on something. They even did studies on boys and girls and found that boys tend to need to get up and run around every 15 minutes or so or they start to lose focus. Girls don't really need that as much, unless they have ADHD (like my daughter ๐Ÿ˜‘)

  14. I got a degree in IT, unfortunately most employers aren't familiar with that degree and assume I have no programming experience. I learned several languages in college but couldn't get a job as a programmer after college. I'm still in SQA and hoping to some day be a developer. Or maybe I'll give up and become a writer, lol.

  15. pft 4 hours? I'll start an mmo at 12pm and stop at 4am. Skip school, parties, family gatherings, toilet breaks. Yah, I think I'm good.

  16. 1:56 – Right, stagnation is a personal choice, a mindset. To stay long in this profession, you need develop the habit of seeing new ideas and new technology platforms as new toys to play with. And be okay with the idea of having to teach yourself something new on almost a daily basis. To me, that's what keeps this work from becoming boring, but a lot of people leave after 10 years because they would rather do something that lets them sit back on their laurels after a few years.

  17. Thank you so much for these videos man! You're really helping out…it suggests a kind soul lol and i love it! thanks again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. Ohh no i am a fresh programmer, huhu i dont know how to the code. Does anyone help me learn code with app ??

  19. You don't have to be a loner or antisocial to code or be a good developer….I have learned 3 languages in 9 months and I'm currently attending a coding boot camp. I still go out every once in a while, I am also very busy since I'm a single mom, I work a full-time job….. you need to be interested and actually enjoy coding. You'll also need a lot of self-discipline and PATIENCE.

  20. for my own perspective. i love to learn programming not bec. i want to impress somebody or bec. im a loner. i just want to learn to improve myself. being patient, focus and mindful of things. we need to be happy sometimes. but enjoying life to much will distract you from your goals.

  21. This is my story, I'm a drop out and first I tried to learn animation and it didn't worked out and wasted a huge amount of money. Everyone else who studied got a good job after collage. Then I learned RHCE and worked for a company with a salary of 60$ per month but due to health problems I couldn't work on night shift so I lost that job. I was totally lost then I went to an institution to learn php and they just grab my money and taught nothing. I have no idea what to do next. All of my friends were working in good companies and I have nothing. Finally I started watching videos of Bucky one of the early YouTuber and learned basics of web development and php. I was confident after that I got a job. I couldn't apply on many big companies becuase im a droup out it is dragging me down. Now after working for 7 years on this field and building a profile on Stackoverflow last week I got interivew invitation from one of the top companies named Gojek , I might not get but things started to work for me. I'm not hopless anymore. My friends who teach at University asking me to do their University project from a drop out. So my adivse to all is to dont give up , I was not able to code a single line when I was at the collage. I learned everything that I know from YouTube and internet. You can start coding at any age it's not a problem. Only thing is focus on it and don't listen to the idiots who says that you have no talent. Enjoy rejections and failures.

  22. Even if you are not alone, even if you have friends and fun and even if you go out every day, you can become a developer, all you need is fun while programming. But you have to be able to sit on a desk for some time thats true.

  23. I would suggest just learn some basic syntax of any language. It should not take more than a few day for non-programmer. If one knows programming any language, he can get going in few hours. Than take a project and start writing the code. Explorer web for problems you need to solve and learn working. Reading book and memorizing is not the way for programmers. Most programmers read for reference only. Learning is always sitting long hours on computer and getting hands on. Its more like learning mathematics, you solve problems and learn.

  24. You need to teach people how to organize their code..
    Way more important..
    How to debug..
    How to handle massive code.
    Complex code.

  25. Hi! It's me again. I endjoyed and I feel I learned a lot from this video and this is what I'm talking about, you being serious, honest and to the point instead of peppering the video with jokes. I have other channels where I express myself diffently. I thank you for making videos like this one. Great job!!

  26. Hi Patrick! Is that you Dad? Do you still love me? Are you my Dad? Why did you leave me? I am crying now. Where are you?

  27. I flashed a usb with arch linux… after watching a video. Totally clueless. Got it into my head after reading 3 chapters of a python book that I wanted to be a programmer.

    Proceeded to insert the usb into my computer thinking I could just follow the tutorial step by step. 3 hours later after wiping my hard drive… reality set in… Oh shit.

    24 hours later… I installed Arch linux, I thought I had made it… I did… but to a black screen… what good is that?

    A rolling distro?? What's a rolling distro? Oh no, oh no , oh no. Theres no going back. I have no OS.

    72 hrs later and at least 15 complete restarts …with minimal sleep…. yes!!!
    I am now on arch linux with astro linux spices using awesome window manager

    Python will be my first language and I found out about lua which might be interesting.

    I think I have what it takes… perseverance, willingness to learn. Long hours… check. The future looks bright

  28. I am not too good at math and when I was learning coding one time, I came across some math formula. How do I continue with learning how to code when I am not even good at basic math?

  29. Tech Lead: "How to learn to code…"
    Facebook: "You're fired"
    Google: "You're fired"
    Future jobs: "We've seen your YouTube videos. You're fired"

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    "Smile buying daily"

  32. Ha Ha I like comperelle
    SHOULD review and learn new english words
    what ever the department one score in college or what ever the school one score to

  33. Been programming and making personal projects in various languages including C++ for 3 years now. Also studied alot about CPU's, memory, operating systems, networking etc. In a couple years I'm gonna go study Computer Science and I'll be perfectly prepared ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. coding is basically:

    * stackoverflow
    ** trying to find the error on line 31;
    * stackoverflow;
    ** a random youtuber showing the error you're trying to solve
    * stackoverflow;

  35. i actually got excited when i heard that the code in real life projects doesnt have good docs. bc i dont document much while i produce something and thought i might get into trouble in different work spaces. looks like all programmers are as lazy as i am. but i can look through many codes and figure them out. guess thats a plus to all of us lazy goofs, haha

  36. Meanwhile me with adhd watching this video:

    Took a trip to Europe
    Met with the queen of England
    Walked the dog
    Dab on the haterz
    Commit sadoku
    Learn tiwanese

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