How To Financially Survive A Break-Up! – Relationship Advice

Ladies, welcome back to my channel. Today, I have a very hot topic for you because this is something
that I get drilled quite a lot since I am promoting a
certain lifestyle for women to achieve, since I am
talking about men providing for women and women having
the decision to be able to decide whether she wants to
work in life or she doesn’t. So, the naysayers always, always, always ask me the same question, “But what about if he leaves you?” “What are you going to do then?” This video is all about yes,
what if he will leave you? What will you do then? For those of you who are new,
my name is Anna, and I run an online finishing school called School of Affluence. That’s where I teach
women on high society how to become more elegant and refined. If you want to have this transformation, visit and start today. So, are we smart ladies,
or are we stupid ladies? That’s kind of the basics. We always have to think one
step ahead, and of course, we are clever ladies. We know that any time, unforeseen
things can happen in life. That’s just part of life,
whether you are living an affluent lifestyle or if you’re not. Anything can happen at
any point with anybody. Any man can leave you at any point. Any man can go broke at any point. Anything can happen, even
the worst possible scenario. So, to be able to survive in this world, you always need to have a plan B. Number one: you always need
to have an education in life. I would never tell a woman to
not study, to skip university, to not be bothered by
finishing even high school. Of course not, I think a woman
should definitely educate herself to the max, and not
only is it gonna benefit her, but she has always a
degree to fall back on if things don’t go
according to plan in life. Number two: work experience. Every woman out there
should have some form of work experience, why? If for instance, it doesn’t
go well with your partner, and you have to have
your own job to be able to fund for yourself,
then you have to be able to find a job, and to
be able to find a job, you need to have work experience for that. It’s very hard these
days to only get a job when you only have education,
so you need to have some form of experience, qualifications
to bring to the table, if you want to feel secure in the fact that you can always provide for yourself. Even though it’s a man’s responsibility to look after his woman financially, a woman must know how
to provide for herself. It doesn’t mean she has to
do it in her daily life, but she needs to know how to,
and she needs to have a plan B to be able to rely on if she has to suddenly rely on herself. So, that’s kind of the key aspects here. I do not encourage women not to study, not to bother to work, you
know, just let themselves go and wish for the best, not at all. Life is not that friendly, and it’s not going to treat us well if we apply that strategy,
so I really want you to think ahead and be clever. Number three: savings,
and not everybody’s good with their finances. I belong to one of those who love to spend a little bit extra, but you know, you have to really think about
having your savings in order. I have done the mistake
of not having savings, and then it ended with my
partner, and what did I do then? Well, panic hit the fan, and oh my God, I did not know how to survive tomorrow. And I really did learn from that mistake, and I never repeated
that mistake ever again, so that was a good
learning, but now I’m here to tell you all about it. Ladies, you must have savings. From the day that you are
a grownup, from the day that you have to look after yourself until a man look after you, regardless of how your lifestyle is built, you always need to have savings, even if you are not
earning a lot of money, even if you are currently
investing in your own leveling up, you must put at least 20%
away for savings, or 30%. It really depends how much you can afford, but even if it’s just 10%,
a little 10% of your pay will really make a big
difference rather than zero because if you have cash on your account, you’re never going to feel
like you are locked down in something and that you
cannot make certain decisions in life just because you don’t have the financial option, right? So, you have to really understand that your savings is your ticket out. Your savings is what’s going
to give you freedom in life. Your savings is what’s going
to give you options in life because when we don’t have
options, we become desperate, and desperation is what kills success. I don’t want you to be
a locked-down woman. I don’t want you to be desperate woman. I don’t want you to think that only a man can pay for your meal. I don’t think that that’s
a healthy way of living, absolutely not, even though I
still believe and support 100% that the man should be your provider, but you need to be a
self-sufficient woman, and you need to have savings. When you have savings, ladies, it is easy to let go of
a man who is an idiot. It is easy to move on. It is easy to look for other solutions. It’s easy to change plans. But if your bank account is empty and you have nowhere to go,
no form of ability to sustain yourself if you
leave the person you’re with, then you’re going to be quite miserable, and you might have to
sacrifice and do things that you are not entirely
happy with doing, so please, the basics: education,
work experience, savings. These should be sorted. If you don’t have that sorted, I don’t want you to do this lifestyle. This lifestyle is not for you because you might end up pretty unhappy. Now, what I do want to
touch upon is the importance of stashing cash. Okay, I spoke about savings, but I do want to expand
this topic a little bit more. Because what happens when we actually are dating affluent men, we get a lot of great gifts, oftentimes, unless the man is stingy, but, you know, you can get jewelry as
gifts, bags as gift, clothing, apartments, cars. It can be anything you want. Maybe you can get an education as gift. You can get, what else can you get? a business Businesses are great gifts. If you can have a man
invest in your education, in your business, that is a really good investment, ladies. Affluent men tend to really like investing in people they care for, and for them, if they end up investing
a lot in you financially, they don’t feel like they
just bought you, like, loads of material things that
are just collecting dust. They actually really see
a deeper purpose of this, and usually, it’s easier to
get this type of investment from a man. Some men give their partners
allowances, some don’t. Some only provide material
or other types of investment. If you are getting an
allowance, then you definitely should try and stash that
cash as much as possible. If we focus on the more material things, a woman should really try
and get as much jewelry as possible from a man because
obviously jewelry always have a high resale value, same goes for certain brands of watches. That’s why I recommend
getting a Patek Philippe because Patek Philippe tends to have one of the highest resale value. Then of course, we have
the classic Hermes Birkin or Kelly bags. Hermes bags really have
the highest resale value when it comes to luxury bags. Chanel does too to some
level, but nothing in line as with Hermes. So, let’s say your husband
is giving you a credit card, and you can use it as you please, don’t use that credit card to
spend on shopping all kinds of various, how can I say,
non-important designer bags. Because those bags, they’re
not going to have any, any particular resale value. If the day comes when you
really have to see how to get funds, Hermes bags,
definitely the best value. I mean, there is a cap of getting two bags per year from Hermes. If you have an affluent
man who is supporting you to that level, try and
get two bags per year so that you have a good
stash of bags waiting for you if need be. But jewelry, another thing, make sure to always get big
gifts from him when it’s time for Christmas or birthday
or anniversary rather than, I don’t know, a nice pair
of boots or a nice coat or something like that,
things that do not have a high resale value. Make sure you have these type
of pieces as much as possible that you collect while
you are with your partner so that if anything happens, you know how to put food on your table. Now, ladies, that was a
small sample from some of the financial
strategies that I do offer to my course students,
but I do want everybody to have access to this in particular because this is so
fundamental and important. Now, for my course students, of course, I do have more information
that we go much more in depth on this topic because it is
a really important topic, and we as women, we need
to always think ahead, and we always need to
think of a rainy day, and we need to act cleverly. In the end, if it all goes down the drain, the only people we can
rely on are ourselves, so make sure you are sorted. Okay, ladies, I hope you
have enjoyed this video. If you have any additional
comments on what you think about this, what is your exit plan like? What is your financial
strategy with a man? Leave a comment below,
and if you think this is absolutely crazy, but maybe my channel is not your cup of tea. Ladies, now I do recommend
that you watch my video, Men that You Should Avoid,
men that are perhaps not good for you because maybe
you do not want to end up with an exit plan after all,
if you end up dating a man who is like this. Watch that video now after this one. I will see you there.

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  1. Thank you for watching! Ladies, what’s your financial strategy for a situation like this? And there are red flags to watch out for even before a relationship begins, so save yourself from possible headache AND heartache and watch my video what types of men you should avoid:

  2. Find a man who helps you”build a business”???up until that pearl,the video was ok 🤣🤣there is NO rich MAN on earth EVER interested in helping a woman building her own business(more than a snack)because rich men want only”trophy wives”-Trump profile-who are good looking&nicely dressed but as damp as possible-“models” who are free for them when they fancy,women who depend on them(because once she earns enough money from her own business she’ll probably kick his ass,she doesn’t need him anymore)&women who are inferior and don’t intimidate them….. I experienced it for years on my own skin…..the only men interested in his wife/g.f. building a successful business is the”average Joe”profile who thinks:”if she makes more money than me,we can split the bills”…..and b.t.w., pls.give an example in the real life,because I never saw one in my life anywhere on this planet,no matter the country or language(real business,not 5k capital)

  3. I would like to know more about elegant 'at home' wear. do you always dress up or is there a good in between, f.e when you work from home or you have a relaxed evening with your partner at home. very good video btw!

  4. Great video, Anna! Thank you! Could you perhaps also make a video about introducing your rich boyfriend to your family who are not only from a different social class but also may not necessarily share your values? In certain cultures, such introductions are unavoidable, but I wonder if it's possible to keep the whole interaction civil and not lose face in front of your bf.

  5. Anna. You talking about Hermès handbags got me imagining Victoria Beckham liquidating her collection. You are so right. It is the best fashion investment one can make.

  6. If you want to stay unmarried and live with a man, get at least $10k+ from him in a savings account for when/if you need to move. That's the least he can do. If he can't do that then move on, don't move in!

  7. Great video! Never ever put yourself in a dependent relationship that you can not leave. A man can easily become controlling or abusive. Never stay just for the money. It is never worth it. Stay 100% debt free or get there! Your savings is YOUR savings. Your man does not even need to know about it. Be careful about marriage. If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement you could lose half of your money! Have your own retirement account that is your own. IRA is an INDIVIDUAL retirement account (Roth) you can invest $6000 a year and take out the money you put in at any time you need it (tax free). 401k usually has rules about splitting the money- it goes both ways. Never give rings or gifts back. You may need to sell them for cash if you are desperate but at least you have them. Stay as independent as you can. I never want to be dependent on a man for money. I make my own money, manage the budget and control both of our finances. Pay off my credit cards every month.

  8. NO NO NO. Is this the School of Affluence or the School of GREED? Speaking as an affluent woman, and having run the husband-hunting gauntlet TWICE I can safely say I am an expert on this point. Yes, save save save. Yes, set up your end. Cultivate friendships……but not with businesses. WOMEN! Cultivate relationships with affluent women. They will introduce you to other affluent men. No…to NOT try to get expensive gifts. That's a big time no no!!! Never, ever accept expensive gifts from a man who has not proposed marriage. Do not live with a man who has not proposed. If he gives you a gift out of the blue, always tell him it's too expensive and give it back. If you break up, he will respect you. And his friends will respect you too. That's what's important!

  9. Its not Jew-LER-ry…its jew-EL-ry! spelling! Pronounce this correctly..please…classy when spoken correctly! Love all you teach though!!

  10. And bank accounts also offer interest
    For a certain amount
    I have multiple credit cards at 16
    A saving card a spending card etc at 16 you and Chrissie on YouTube and my mum and sister are really shaping me into the woman I want to be today

  11. You don’t date or marry “society”, you date or marry a man that hopefully respects you, your need, your nature and your (financial, familiar, emotional) condition.
    Who said that a woman is better than a man, just because her brain is “multitasking-structured”?
    Men and women are “made” to fulfill each other’s lacks so yes: we’re different but one is not better than the other.
    A woman is not the “upgrade” of a man.
    There’re so many things that us women can’t do as well as men!

    Plus, who said that a man won’t help his woman with the kids if she has a career?
    A good couple is balanced. A man and a woman become “partners in crime”.
    Why should one completely provides for the other?

    The rule is simple: be polite.
    The one who earns more, should pay more often:
    The one who invites you on a date/dinner/whatever it is..should also pay and the other one, should always, kindly offer itself to do it.

  12. Gosh what a strange video… i don’t know if I must feel offended as a women. Or must feel offended for men…. 😳

  13. In my experience things in life rarely go according to our plans. Sometimes Plan B is the test were you learn how to thrive and enjoy. Nothing last forever and youth and beauty is not the exception. Invest in 🧠 education, university or not, knowledge of a vocation or trade will uplift you and dignify you if you let it.

  14. this is definitely the most interesting video you made! Thak you a lot ✌ We have to live in reality and not in the realm of our childhood phantasy.

  15. I wish I had you telling me this when I was 18. I wish our young folks still had finishing programs to teach what isn’t in school.

  16. Ana, I think the best gifts would be businesses and PROPERTY rather than a watch or a bag, they are ok but more on a 4th-5th place, don’t you think?

  17. Even if your significant other is a lovely average joe, (is okay) but divorce rate is over 65% nowadays and you still need to prepare in case something goes south.if Mr. Murphy never touches your door ever(doubtable) you have retirement money.

  18. Yes I'm listening, but I'm also feeling this look. Black knit dress with laser cut detailing, red nails, soft makeup and pulled back hair with minimal jewelry. 👌🏿

  19. My Dear Anna, thank you a lot for this video. I have really enjoyed it and understood the point. You are so clever, so smart… Keep on following you. A big hugh from Argentina!!

  20. You have a love bracelet …. hopefully from your man. I am wondering where is your engagement/wedding ring.
    Hope you get this sorted soon!!!

  21. This video is very sad! You assume your man will leave you!! Ladies I hope you know if you are worth it your man will not leave you and you do not need a plan B. Make your self worth it! That is the game!

  22. This may be out of date, but I was told that a strategy for wives of wealthy men given credit cards back in the '80s was to buy high end fashion, wear it a few times, then sell it on consignment while it was still in fashion to get cash, so that you could spend money on things without it always showing up on the credit card. That way you'd get a bit of privacy with how you spend your money. There was a very high end consignment shop near where I lived in one town that had the most amazing fashions, and I'm pretty sure that's what they were selling.

  23. University is overrated, imo, (I have an engineering degree) and qualifications do have a kind of expiry date. But it is certainly possible to make a living for herself if needed – especially with the internet.

  24. Why not forget about all this and have control of your own life . The way all this is going is not nice. No love at all is about money only.

  25. Highly recommend strategic long-term thinking regarding finances! It really has served me well. I save 60% of everything I make, and my boyfriend invested in my business which was even more helpful.

  26. What if your work experience dates back from 3 – 5 – 10 years ago ? I'm not sure this is enough for recruiters…

  27. Listen you are telling woman that finishing high school, studying working and having financial consciousness is a plan B? PROVIDE FOR YOURSELF IS A BASIC THING

  28. Getting a good job can allow you to take of you if you fall and to take care of him if he falls! Chances are you will love yourself more, and if he truly loves you, he will love you even more because you didn’t run when he was down! True Love ❤️!

  29. good video but you should have kept this only for your students, financially abusive men are most likely listening to this and will use this against their women.

  30. Anna, I Adore n admire u. U r so beautiful and I like ur Voice n accent so much. I am happyly married and not after rich men but i Keep coming back watching ur video , and i find a lot of usefull information

  31. Hmmm haven’t times changed enough whereby a woman, even a professional woman, needs to be supported by “her man”? Can it not be a balanced relationship where both parties contribute equally financially, emotionally etc? You are absolutely right that a woman must be self supportive and be educated….I thought that would be a given in today’s world even for those from wealth.
    In terms of saving and developing a financial strategy – hats off to you for focusing on this to young women. This is a crucial area.

  32. After 11 years together, my big ask this year is for help with buying real estate that Ill be able to afford the payments on in my own name, but need assistance with securing the down payment. Education and job security are in check, but I rely on him for the comfortable lifestyle. Thank you Anna for your well thought out videos.

  33. Savings? What is that? I have been broke since I bought my own house, by myself. A necessary investment, but since it is old it always needs work.
    My house is easily worth three times as much as what I bought it for, but because of code violations and my low income, I cannot get a home equity loan or another home.

    However, if there is a breakup in my life- I don't have to look for a new place to live-he does!
    I make decent extra income dog sitting at my house and I already have backup roomies that will move in and pay me rent if I need it.
    When I was dating a pilot (narcissistic, always late) he always bought things for my house, new garage door track and opener, sealant for the basement. Not liquid assets, but nothing he could ask for back either. Plus it adds to the value of my house and my comfort in it.
    My mortgage is lower than even studio apartment rents.
    So buying within your means, something you can afford by yourself, is important. Having friends that work in the trades do too.
    Homeowning is not for everyone, but I have made it work and I believe it gives me great peace of mind, independance, strength and respect.
    When men find out I have my own house (I don't have to flaunt it, it comes up naturally in so many ways) that I did not get with any help from an ex husband, I am seen in a favorable light.
    They always want to know more- especially when I tell them what I have troubleshooted and fixed myself so far.
    Of course they all love seeing us dressed up nicely, but I think they love it more when they know we can replace an igniter in our furnace or the belt in the dryer.
    At least the ones I have known do. Even the pilot who could pay for a Maytag repairman or even another Maytag saw me as a goldmine.

  34. Notes💯
    1. Education
    2. Work Experience
    3. Savings
    4. Investment can be in high resale value like Hermes Bags, Patek Philippe watches, jewelry

  35. Wow Anna. Great topic!
    I had a terrible experience where I was with a British wealthy men and moved in with him and had a child together. 6 years later, he went bankrupt and cheated on me with a wealthy woman as an exit to his financial crisis. Until today’s date I still persuading for child support payments. Terrible experience! I learnt the hard way. I had to star from cero alone with my son. When I met him I actually had my own everything & left all to be with him.
    There are this nasty type of men that use you and leaves his own child for a financial security with a wealthy woman. Love you Anna! Beware of this men.

  36. Men consider themselves independent only because almost every man gets parental properties & business properties by inheritance. After that they have the audacity to question women's financial independence.
    As a woman I made my fortune on my own without any "inheritance".
    I always wanted to be independent because relationships are dicey and my self respect is high enough that I don't tolerate unfaithfulness even once.
    After marriage when a husband and wife share a house and that house is not legally named for both, a woman should never pay bills for a house legally owned only by the husband.
    Seriously ladies, keep your money for yourself. If you are lucky to be in a situation where both purchased property together and legal documents show both names, only then pay bills for that house.

  37. You are my role model. The most beautiful and intelligent woman I have ever seen. 🙏❤❤ Btw you have mentioned in an earlier video that you speak 5 languages.. could you please make a whole new video about it with some studying tips? I would be so much delighted about that. 🙏❤❤❤❤

  38. Agree with so much of this wisdom. Always make sure you can afford doubles of things and sustain that over longer periods of time. Imagine if you need to walk away fast. Paying your 50% of the the mortgage AND additional monthly escape rent? And until the divorce and apartment sells? Yes…the younger one is, the more one should listen to Miss Bey. Please don’t learn the hard way because these mistakes are often one time only affairs, make it once and your life can be pretty hard by 40.

  39. Start a PayPal account and use a CC or debit to “buy” things online! If he asks what you want, send a link from your online store, so the money just goes to your account. This also works for allowances…
    you need your nails done? Learn how to do them yourself! Keep that $200/mo for a rainy day. Go thrift shopping in the rich side of town for secondhand designer labels, then have them dry cleaned/tailored to look brand new! A formal gown could easily cost $300-$500, and you could be selling it to yourself in your store that’s not really a store. Here in FL, you could easily find $800/mo rent. Look up places you could go if your relationship got weird, and make that your goal. $3-$5k could keep you a couple months until you found a job.
    Restaurants are awesome for quick cash and hostess/bar tending chic upscale nightlife is an easy way to make contacts and keep your phone/rent/gym membership paid. It feels like a social life because you’re in that environment, but you’re actually getting paid to stand there and look pretty! That plus admin jobs in medical/educational/legal offices is a good combo- just don’t overwork yourself. Part-time each, plus an online store is a great income and leaves room for loved ones and hobbies.

  40. Hello, Anna ❤️ I think it would be great if you made a video about Leopard/Zebra printed clothes. Do you consider them classy or distasteful? (Personally i really like leopard prints, but only if it looks good on clothes and is only used as a detail on a high quality clothing)

  41. I married a wealthy man who was kind and generous, but discouraged me from having a career. He wanted me to take care of the house and have lots of kids- always wanting a big family. It was a dream life; lots of holidays, and four beautiful babies….But then he lost everything in 2010 in the big recession. From the stress of it all he got cancer. He passed away, leaving me only massive debt and no life insurance. My life turned upside down. A few of my children have special needs. We are surviving from government benefits and charity handouts. I have no time to get an education or start a business. trust me: DO NOT EVER RELY FINANCIALLY ON A MAN!!!

  42. Savings, education and work experience. Yes, yes and yes. It is still hard to be a lady out there and find the job that you really need and deserve. Yet, having those three pillars is the key.

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