How To Conquer Your Hangover With Activated Charcoal – Green Press

Alright guys hang over help. I’m gonna show you what I turn to when I’ve had a few too many the night before. Starting off with activated charcoal and pour that in. They use this in hospitals to get rid of poisonings. So hopefully it’s gonna clear out the booze that’s in my system. It’s also really useful for any sort of food hangover, so if you had dodgy food the night before activated charcoal is amazing at just stripping that out of the system. You saw me add some lemon, another great detoxifier. It’s gonna push stuff through your liver. Coconut water because you need to hydrate, you need those electrolytes. Very simple little combo. Blend that up. Looks pretty full-on you can see it doing a number on my blender with that black magic. But it actually has very little impact in terms of taste. I’m not gonna take it at all, all I’m going to get is the the sourness of the lemon and the sweetness of the coconut water. Pretty tasty. Easy done. So if you can convince yourself to work through one of these when you wake up feeling no good, once you’ve consumed that you want to get some healthy bacteria in your body because this is going to strip out the good and the bad. So we want to replace what we’re taking out with some fermented foods or some yogurt, Kombucha, something like that. Get some new good bacteria in. And it’s as simple as that. You’ll be feeling better pretty quickly. If you want the full recipe, just click on the link.

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