How do United States military veterans spouse survive in retirement off poverty income?

okay so I just wanted to show this to
you guys this came from the Department of Defense today and so this is the
little tiny bit of retirement that I get this is the tiny bit of retirement that
I get now this has never been shown before I don’t remember this being on
here I thought well they said the soldiers are actually getting a raise I
don’t know if retirement is getting a raise a military retirement they said
the soldiers are now I wanted to show you this right here so there is a place
for alimony and child support there so in the event of a divorce and so that
that’s just the amount that a person is expected to live off of and and I so I’m
again I’m confused because that’s less than what they base a lot of rent off
and so this is military retirement and so my so so this is the percentage that
I’m supposed to be able to live off of as an ex-spouse and so I’m going to take
another picture though with my address and send it to my congressman though but
I just wanted to share this with you guys for transparency to show that this
is what some spouts this is 40 percent this is 40 percent of a divorced spouse
what the divorced spouse is supposed to live off of not knowing where she’s
going to end up and I think that this is a really good example because because
it’s like well so then if the he takes the kids then that means that she ends
up with less money and she was and then factor in the Social Security record
which I’ve showed that to you guys in other videos and so I don’t need to
rehash that right now we’re just looking at
specifically the 40% so I have no healthcare no benefits a lot of people
think that divorced wives of soldiers get health care and full commissary
privileges we don’t we don’t get a go on post to buy things tax-free and we don’t
get we can’t get a VA loan or anything like that now granted here I I mean oh
gosh well you guys know about that too I wouldn’t buy a house here I can’t even
afford to actually live here because this is all I would be getting
so so my current husband wants to completely exclude me with a prenuptial
agreement and so then that would mean that this is all I would be getting so I
would be right back to 20 years ago and so then this is what I got 20 years ago
in 1999 to 2000 timeframe and so I’m not sure how I would survive off of this
without because I’ve never been counted as a contributing member of society as a
military spouse is a divorced military spouse and as a potential heading in
that direction divorced spouse of a manufacturing supervisor I’m I’m just
completely confused here you know how this is equality for spouses in America
so this is to me this is symbolic and representative of all women in America
who have stayed at home with children raising children which is a job to me
this is symbolic of all women in this country the military spouse is symbolic
of all women in this country who stayed at home cared for children and then upon
divorce are shitted upon by their husband you know by their husbands
spouse companion partner whatever you want to call
him or her I’m being politically correct here him or her part about it’s
primarily women we know that and so yes so this is what someone is supposed to
live off of and so then if the man takes the children then a judge is going to
the judge whoever is in charge is going to assess that against the person who is
receiving the military retirement pay so I’m glad I don’t have any children right
now because it would be no wonder the veterans are homeless that’s what I can
say no wonder they’re homeless I mean look the winter no wonder military
veterans are homeless you know the defense the Department of Defense
retirement statements surface that now and one more thing that I’ll add is I
don’t actually have any way to access this little pay voucher to change
anything online I can’t get into it because I don’t have my own way to
access anything and so you know so and and that’s why it’s so funny it’s like
when when you have someone telling you to move out of the house to move out of
the house they’re gonna kick you out of the house you don’t get any money and so
that you’re supposed to try to save you’re supposed to try to save up enough
money to go live on your own and then someone else is telling telling you that
you have to pay these bills and hang on a second so this is one bill one bill
from that accident that I had there it is August 11th 2019 there it is how in
the hell am I supposed to pay this bill and so if I’m someone who has child
support and was paying alimony and so what I’m earning is considered
common property but yet I keep I’m getting these inflated bills which are
actually there they’re at least double they’re probably triple what I make if I
added it up it’s probably at least two-thirds more you know double yeah at
least it is double and then some so so two two-and-a-half times more than what
I make how would I ever get out of a bad marriage and relationship I’m curious
about this government Department of Defense you accounting people who are
geniuses who just want to put indentured servitude upon spouses and women I’m
curious so anyway that’s it that’s it for right now
and this is what I got this is just one bill I have two more that were each over
a thousand dollars so that was over three thousand dollars for one bill and
this is all that I get I’ve lost my 1099 work and so I’m completely confused as
how I’m supposed to pay this you know I’m asking for all women in America
uh-oh men and women in this country who are in the same situation the homeless
veterans under the bridge the homeless veterans living in a internment camp
type of prison style thing who are down at the border at the Mexican border
experiencing the same thing how do you pay this how do you pay this bill when
this is how you make and then you’re expected to share it with someone else
and and so someone who’s making over $50,000 a year but then they exclude
their partner from it I’m confused you know how that’s a relationship so then
you pay into the place where you live and then they can want to completely
exclude you from it I’m confused and then tell you to pay for your own
bills I’m completely confused over this whole scenario but it’s at but it’s
actually happened so anyway that’s it for right now

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