How Close Are We to Curing HIV/AIDS?

[TRACE]In the 90s, we heard about the AIDS
epidemic on every local newscast. We were irrationally afraid of toilet seats,
pay phones, even kissing people; sex became scary. And while we don’t see those Public Service
Announcements anymore… AIDS hasn’t gone away. It’s still a global epidemic. To date, over 39 Million people have died
of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome commonly known as AIDS. Current drug therapies mean it’s now possible
to live a normal life span with HIV, but that’s expensive and not a long term solution. What we really need is an HIV vaccine and
a cure. So, how close are we? [TRACE] Only one person has ever been cured
of HIV56 – Timothy Ray Brown. In 2007, he was undergoing cancer treatment
and was cured of the HIV virus. Researchers still don’t understand exactly
why or how. [DR MARGOLIS] The things that he went through
to cure his cancer also ended up curing his HIV and the treatment was rather dreadful
and had many terrible side affects and had an expected fatality rate of around 70%. [TRACE] After fighting this virus for nearly
40 years, with only one person cured, (which was a fluke we don’t completely understand,
and can’t replicate, in which it will probably kill you) we’ve still learned a lot. Once scientists figured out how the virus
worked, they needed to figure out how then, to eradicate it. . But that was easier said than done. You see, the virus’s RNA invades your cells
and changes your DNA. So the challenge was finding a drug that could
kill HIV, but not your own cells. By 1996, they were able to make advances in
antiretroviral combination therapy meaning that HIV was no longer a death sentence. Like a gang of defensemen dragging down a
football player, the drugs work together to stop HIV in it’s tracks. After killing millions of men and women, this
cocktail let people live relatively normal lives. Doctors could then take the time to look for
a cure. [DR GREENE] There’s certainly an AIDS epidemic
that continues. In fact, it is pandemic in proportions throughout
the world [DR THUMBI] HIV/AIDS is probably the most
serious public health crisis we’ve had in Sub-Saharan Africa, in Africa, in the world
in fact, since the beginning of time. In terms of the numbers of people infected
and the scope and the socio-economic impact of the problem. [TRACE] To fix the AIDS epidemic, we need
a vaccine and a cure. A vaccine to stop the HIV virus from spreading
and a cure for the people who already are infected. [DR THUMBI] The most significant problem that
we face in making a vaccine against HIV is the genetic variability. Viruses that look similar but are not alike,
And so in making a vaccine, we have to make a vaccine that would be able to protect against
all the strains of HIV that exist in the body, but also that exist throughout the world. [TRACE] This is why it’s so difficult to
get rid of HIV once it infects your body. Remember, the virus’s RNA invades your cells
and changes your DNA. The anti-retroviral stops it, but doesn’t
kill it. [DR MARGOLIS] In the future, treatments might
get even better or more long-lasting, where one could have an injection or an implant
of drugs that lasted for months or even a year. [TRACE] There are vaccination trials going
on now with some success. But if you’ve followed science news, you
might have made this connection already… this virus hiding in our DNA, and we’ve
got a new DNA-editing technique CRISPR-cas9. Why don’t we just use that? CRISPR-cas9 uses a protein called cas9 to
cut DNA wherever it’s programmed to. It’s part of our own cell’s internal immune
systems! Cas9 could be told to search for a specific
sequence, like a bit of HIV… If it finds the virus, the cas9 could cut
the HIV out of the cell, and let the DNA heal itself. This can be done today…in the lab. We can’t yet do it in humans… Drugs to control the virus are still the best
way to live a semi-normal life. [DR GREENE] I can’t say how many years for
a cure, i can tell you there are many many people throughout the world that are working
hard on new cutting edge technologies to find a cure. [DR THUMBI] I don’t think we are close, to
be honest, to a cure, but we are making progress, and it’s my firm belief that we should continue
to do research, and hopefully we’ll have some scientific discoveries in the future that
will lead us to a cure. [TRACE] Look, we’ve come a long way, but
we’re not there yet. The research into the fight against AIDS has
taught us so much about how our body functions it’s taught us a lot about other diseases
as well, like Hepatitis C or Zika. And every year there are new breakthroughs
in the fight against HIV. There are scientists around the world working
on this problem day-in and day-out. So, how close are we to curing HIV and AIDS? A cure could be a while or it could be tomorrow… Take a second and subscribe to How Close Are
We to help illuminate humanity’s path to other major scientific discoveries. Did you know gay men are often turned away
at blood drives? Even during times of severe need! Why? Find out in this video here. And thanks for watching Seeker.

100 thoughts on “How Close Are We to Curing HIV/AIDS?

  1. how about this:

  2. 19 Nov 2017 – "how close are we to photograph a black hole"

    Aprail 10 – the first ever photograph of black hole was taken

    If we can photograph black hole
    Then we can sure cure aids in few more days

  3. In Africa people got cure in two weeks with selenium and eat healthy. They know they cannot kill something that doesn’t exist.


  5. Im speaking to hundreds of people with so called HIV & none of them have ever taken the toxic ARV's & are perfectly fine after many many years , HIV is not a deadly virus that causes AIDS , unfortunately a lot of the people are too scared to put there name down on a list to prove this , they fear being killed , especially in Countries like Africa . Most will just be ignored , because the people who first put this theory out ( Robert Gallo ) is convinced he is right , also now there is far too much money involved to turn this around, also very convenient because the people who get tested & end up taking the toxic ARV's are usually drugs addicts , gay people & Africans , so as you can imagine the establishment are not in a hurry to have this exposed . Please look into Peter Deusberg , Neville Hodgkinson , Dr Claus Kohnleins , Thabo Mbeki & many many others who have been trying to tell people for many years now, please switch off your emotional & subjective thought & look into one of the centurys biggest mistakes that was to convenient to bother turning around , oh well the ones with there eyes open know & know that the Cure to HIV is simple , DO NOT EVER GET AN HIV TEST, you can still get AIDS if you don't look after yourself & do drugs , or have many other STD's or drink too much or take to many antibiotics & don't look after yourself , all the diseases that can kill obviously still kill people, a disease kills because it weakens our immune system anyway , without a made up deadly virus, please I beg the ones with open minds to look into this as the ones with closed minds haven't got much of a chance unless they look deeply into this, my best wishes to all of you

  6. I know loads of people who tested positive then negative after a certain time, there are hundreds of people , but the main media ignore this, I'm talking to loads of people who have had HIV & have refused to take ARV's & are completely fine , this is video is total bullshit , please open your eyes good people , they are feeding you spades full of bullshit & your all just taking it in , there is no epidemic , in Africa they actually just have to look at some people to diagnose them with AIDS , in years to come all these people are going to look very silly , there is so much bullshit surrounding this theory , for goodness sake just take a look at Peter Deusberg , Neville Hodgkinson , Dr Claus Kohnleins , Thabo Mbeki & hundreds more , this theory is a huge mistake , it just proves how much people are susceptible to utter bullshit

  7. drug it HIV cell after that kill inside DNA ,,
    Plasma Filter ?
    Other Filter ?
    Use CHili on DNA ? LOLS
    Use New T cell eat all of that ? after that Kill the T cell ? maybe u not death
    suck all your blood out … and refill new ? also contain on your organ ? Lols

    calculation , Change your T cell done ,

  8. The concept of drugs to cure a named whatever is a long standing hypnotic lie. Devils like lies. There is virtually no one who said: I don't have to take that drug anymore. I am cured. Not one. All of them keep chugging those drugs until they die with said ailment. Anyone saying they are cured are lying. Drugs cure nothing. People dying of pharmaceuticals is way higher than recreational drugs. All need upper cervical spesific only chiropractic as a preventative. That is best. Upper Cervical health centers. TheSpesific. Upcspine. Nucca. Grostic is like Nucca. Some use the Laney device instead of their wrist. Spesific, precision, X rays are needed. There is Zimmerman – SAM. That is an old techneque that uses a lot of force but still gives a good adjustment. The health of your spinal discs is important.

  9. hiv is made from secret societies and they have cure but secret society hiding the cure because they want de-papulation half papulation

  10. How to get rid of aids:

    Just kill everyone who has it. Since its only transfered through sex and blood if we kill every single one who has it, It will not be transmitted in anyone else.

    I know it sounds cruel, even I dont aggre with this idea but if this is our only option why let more people suffer from it when you have the chance to eliminate it?

  11. Hiv – Man Made Bio Chemical Warfare Agent!
    Cure – Keep Taking your ART Medicine!
    Also, Tea Spoon of Blackseed oil with Tea spoon of Honey Before Breakfast & After Dinner!
    7 Dates (Ajwa Dates) Every Morning After The Blackseed oil.
    These Devil People created This Deadly Disease in Military Labs coz They work for Satan!
    & The Main Thing, Believe in God & Accept The Last Messenger Sent To Mankind, Prophet Muhammad!
    & Pray 5 Times in a Day & Cry To God Like a Baby Cries To His Mother.
    Guys, I swear I Did This & I was Cured, & it was confirmed in my Blood Test.

  12. AIDS is just hedonism taking its natural course. Become a sexual deviant and your immune system will get worse, you'll eventually die. Its so easy to understand.

  13. I read a few months ago that there are some drugs by taking together, to prolong the life of a aids patient at the early stage. . That is a painful and expensive treatment. No complete cure yet.

  14. There is no cure for HIV because pharma companies don't wana collapse trillion dollars business…they want to continue this hoax

  15. We live in fucked up world! The government rather make billions of dollars from medication than putting a cure out, same goes for cancer.

  16. There is a vaccine, and drug called Romidepsin causes infected white cells to be attacked by healthy cells. But only work for 40% of test subjects

  17. I’m sure there have been numerous doctors that have found the cure but they end up dead or missing, look it up

  18. $610,000 just live? With that price we’ll never be close. How much would these greedy MoFos charge for the cure if they charge $610,00 to stay alive with the problem? How much is our life worth? 65 million people ? Doesn’t seem to be enough for the folks in congress to step up. Until it affects there pockets we will never se e a cure. Money and power is the only motivation to some. Spending money on Catching terrorist was more of an issue than stop the HIV.

  19. you dont cure diseses. no money in it. you treat treat treat diseases and makes billions and billions. many aids cure people have been killed by big pharma.

  20. You understand there is a cure for everything already but money is not on the cure, its on the treatment

  21. A lot of vaccine are made from eggs? But aids and HIV is a mammal. We know what makes mammals different from a reptile.

  22. Gorrilas live with it eat nothing but insects, greens, and bananas. We are plants reversed engineered. You are what you eat

  23. Radiation and a bone marrow transplant is basically the cure… you have to introduce the mutated CCR5 receptor to the human cells – the only issue here being that people with a CCR5 receptor mutation is intact so rare that you just can’t harvest the volume of cells needed…

  24. Yes there is already a cure for a specific ethnicity, however it is unethical not to treat all people according to the medical profession. Can you also cure Herpes?

  25. Hiv has 100% cure medicine companies are not making completely cured vacine because they lost customers

  26. Honey black seeds and dates have cure of this desease because all these things increase your imune system very fast and weakens the virus


    Red narrower is a plant that completely treat HIV AIDS.
    >Harvest 5lesves and add a bit of water and crush to obtain the juice.
    >filter the juice and drink 1glass morning, afternoon, and evening for one month.
    Note, to get the effectiveness, you must not eat anything for one hour before eating anything after taking the herb .

    Red narrower is a plant that completely treat HIV AIDS.
    >Harvest 5lesves and add a bit of water and crush to obtain the juice.
    >filter the juice and drink 1glass morning, afternoon, and evening for one month.
    Note, to get the effectiveness, you must not eat anything for one hour before eating anything after taking the herb .Constact me through my WhatsApp +2347060481264 for more information texted and trusted

  30. There are still people dying of aids – hiv that also have access to medication . Most people live mostly normal healthy lives – sometimes the meds do not work.

  31. ARVs should be provided by all governments all over the world, for all AIDS patients, no questions asked. If South Africa can do it, why can't America?

  32. Make me understand this big event by asking this :" how can people say it sas an anomally or we don't know when he was doing chemotherapy and other treatments and the hope administration of drugs was always written on pappers on which the doctors keep track of every single thing. I'll be ironic and say that all that data is only for ad targeting :))

  33. So there is no cure but if you continue to take this pill for the rest of your life you live a normal life. When you can make $$$$$$$$$$ for life. Why would they want a cure?

  34. whats this actually is stating , is there is nop BIG PHARMA CURE for aids…
    so look elsewhere …
    lots of spirullina , chloerella ,goji , selenium , iodine. distilled water .
    no more suger or tap water

  35. I have to issues:
    I don't know when this has been found out already (I'd guess before 2017) but it is known why the person was cured. He is known as the Berlin Patient and there was also a second patient (London Patient). The Berlin Patient received a bone marrow (BM) transplantation because he suffered from leukemia. Before a patient can receive the donated BM, the old BM has to be eradicated completely (I believe it is done with radiation). BM is where hematopoiesis takes place, which is the origin of all blood cells and therefore also the origin of CD4+ T helper cells. Those are the cells that the HIV infects and as an integral part of the adaptive immunity, this is what finally gives you the acquired immuno deficiency. Now, HIV needs two surface molecules on the host cells to infect it: CD4 and CCR5. Around 1% of the people has a mutation in the gene that encodes CCR5, which alters the molecule in a way that it no longer gets presented on the cell surface. And without CCR5, HIV cannot enter the cell and with that the person is immune to it. So the Berlin Patient received BM from a person with the mutation 😉 To be precise, it the CCR5-Δ32 mutation and it makes you immune against HIV-1, if someone wants to look it up.
    CAS9 is part of the bacterial "immune system" and in gene therapy with the CRISPR/CAS9 system the genes for both, the guiding sequence and the CAS9 and brought into the cell with a vector, e.g. Adenovector

  36. Power to scientists, make Hiv history, best of luck. Bcs it's more pathetic and stigmatised for the ppls effected. Than cancer patients.

  37. How close are we?

    Imagine the distance of earth from sun. Yeah that how’s close we are from curing HIV.

  38. With the availability of PrEP. I think we will see the HIV virus go extinct before they ever find a cure. If we could make PrEP available to everyone for free we could foreseeable say goodbye to new HIV infections in less than a year and extinction of the virus in 80 years or less.

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  42. Yeah when you treated cancer ,HIV gone. They are many way to treat cancer and after few day you Will see the changes.
    Example if you are positive,take soursop leaves+pear's leaves+…..boil together drink for 20 days.cancer Will be gone.the scientists don,t want to help people because they knows that HIV is disease of they laboratory s,not return to the natural remedies, no peaple will die again. By Dr.serbi.

  43. Hello, this herbal doctor has breaking the rules of science.
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  44. Yall been close. Just BS letting mf die. GOD has everything on this earth we need. Stop fkin bs and give those people what they need

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  46. I am just a teen but a few years ago I heard of HIV I just didn't want to have this type of disease infecting people I also hated other incurable diseases so I wanted to become a medical researcher

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    There are now 2 people cured of HIV one in Belgium and one in London

    Also cart t cell therapy might be an alternative that potentially could work

  49. i hope so this making be depress hearing all them people die and get it hiv is a cancer that shut down every thing in the body but it come thru the blood into your immune system 16 warning signs they all bad i know people who have it and lost a few family from it i really hope they find a cure for all of it

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