How about an onsen session for hangovers? [Battle Trip / 2017.02.19]

The best liquor is all in Shandong. – Right. / – It’s flashy. It reminds me of raw fish restaurants in Busan. – That’s true. / – It has a similar feel. There are tons of skewers. Hello. Hello. So much seafood. – You can choose your own in China. / – Look at this. What’s this? Abalone? You can see all the ingredients. – That’s abalone? / – It’s not? – It’s oyster? / – Oyster. Oyster? – You can’t eat oysters. / – No oysters. You can’t eat that. You’ll get in big trouble. Even if you’re hungry, you can’t eat oysters. Let’s eat this. – There’s so much. / – We eat that a lot in Korea. – Right. / – There are really nice places in Korea too. There’s a great deal of refrigerated lamb in China. Lamb is raised in China. The lamb tastes different depending on the area it was raised. The seafood is good too but… – Seafood? / – In particular, clams. There’s a saying. What does that mean? You have to drink beer with clam. – The clam looks good. / – It looks delicious. – It’s amazing. / – Did you know? We’ve only tried one type of beer. – Right. / – This beer street is famous for… – Colorful beer. / – Colorful beer? Here it is. – Hello, thank you. / – Thank you. It’s here. Ta-da. Both are beer? Beer. Is that made from gallbladder? It looks like a beverage. What is this made from? That beer is made from algae. I heard it’s milder. – You can probably drink it. / – Here you go. – Here you go. / – Thank you. – It looks like green juice. / – It doesn’t look tasty. Does it go well? – I can’t imagine the taste. / – It’s not strong. It doesn’t taste very good. – It’s too bland. / – Right, it tastes like water. – It’d be better if it was fizzy. / – It has low percentage. It tastes slightly like green tea. Must be healthy beer with low alcohol percentage. – This is a dark beer. / – That looks good. It was really good. – In contrast. / – Isn’t this coffee? No way. – Is it coke? / – No, it’s soy sauce. – This… / – It smells good, right? It smells good. – It smells great. Right? / – Hey. I’m looking forward to it. – The scent has depth. / – It smells really good. You have to smell this to realize what a deep scent is. It smells kind of like coffee beans. – That’s right. / – Right? Coffee beans. – Cheers. / – Cheers. (Will they like the taste as much as the scent?) (Same beer, different response) It’s barley soda. Why is it sweet? It tastes like coffee. – Is this dark beer? / – It is. – Cheers. / – Cheers. It doesn’t seem like beer to me. – We drank beer, right? / – Right. – Now… / – Let’s try the clams. – Clams. / – I could eat that forever. – I’ve never tried that. / – There’s so much. Seojun ate 50 clams in chopped noodles. – You could eat it endlessly. / – Looks so good. Clams are the best. It only costs $3? – Yes. / – Clams. (Shindong doesn’t like seafood so he smells it first) It has a familiar scent. – Goodness. / – It’s not the same smell as noodles. – It smelled buttery. / – That sounds delicious. – It’s good. / – It is? It’s seasoned well with salt. It tastes peppery too. It’s good. It tastes different compared to its smell. – It’s different, right? / – It’s different. It smells nutty and sweet but when you taste it… – It’s more… / – It’s nice and salty, right? The juice from the clams. It’s spicy and salty. Good explanation. It’s perfect for drinking. I get why it’s good with beer. – It’s good. / – It seems like… A hot place for young people. – Right? / – That makes sense. It costs 70 cents for 10 lamb skewers. – What? 70 cents? / – You mean for one skewer, right? It costs $7 for a dish of 10 skewers. – That’s really cheap. / – For 10 skewers. 10 skewers for $7 is cheap. Of course. Does it taste different from the Korean lamb skewers? – The seasoning is different? / – Completely different. I ate so many clams earlier. I made a meal of them. – It’s time. / – Time to try the lamb skewers. Go ahead. – Lamb skewers. / – Pull them off like that? You haven’t eaten lamb skewers before? It’s already got sauce on it. Hold your chopsticks closer. – Hold them closer. / – My shoulder nearly gave out. Hold the chopsticks close. Those who have eaten a lot knows how to eat. How will the lamb taste? (Finally, time to taste the lamb skewers) It’s delicious. – It’s good. / – Is the lamb okay? It doesn’t smell in Shandong. If Lee Teuk says it’s good, it really is good. – That’s right. / – He’s enjoying it. It’s better than what I tried in Korea. – Really? / – Yes. (Since it’s nice, one more) Hold the chopsticks close? If that’s too hard… You did it. If it’s too hard, just do it from here. Start from here. Why did you tell me that now? Isn’t it obvious? – Really? / – Yes. – Try again. / – First of all. – Start from the bottom. / – Just one piece of meat. – This is how you eat lamb skewers. / – Right. To look cool in front of women… – Pull down from the bottom. / – Right. – Then try from the top. / – Pull it all down like a man. It comes off at once. – Wow. / – That’s it. Shindong, you’re the coolest today. – I know because I’ve eaten it before. / – Yeah. – Which do you like better? / – Can you choose? I liked the lamb skewers better. I really like clams. – Really? / – Before eating this… – This was so good? / – I thought I’d choose the clams. But after I tried the lamb, the clams… When I drank the beer and ate the clams, something was missing. But drinking beer and eating lamb skewers made my mouth feel full. You should’ve had Yantai Kaoliang Liquor too. We started off with beer. – You started off with beer. / – Yes. The beer stands out if you drink it while eating clams. But the lamb stands out more than the beer. Eat the lamb skewers if you come with guys. But eat this with a girl you like. Why? You can’t drink a lot of beer if you eat the skewers. – That’s true. / – If you eat this… – You’d drink more beer. / – You’re right. Then you’d get drunk. That’s all I’m going to say. Lee Teuk is such a man. This place isn’t bad. Let’s eat this in Korea. The soju would go down like water. (It’s been a while since they had dinner like this) (The next day) (A new year begins in majestic nature) – You went there? / – Yes. – You went there? / – That’s the mountain. It’s the hot springs. Hot springs are great for a hangover. I was shocked. (Why are they wearing white robes in such a place?) (Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky) (We know SHINHWA’s “T.O.P”) Why are we at a hot spring in China? People don’t really know. Isn’t Japan known for hot springs? People always think of Japan for hot springs. – But China’s hot springs are great too. / – Really? This is the crepe myrtle hot springs. – It’s good for the liver and eyes. / – It’s really hot. It’ll be really hot. 40℃ is fine. 40℃ for an outdoor hot spring is fine. – We drank beer yesterday. / – Right. – We have to cure our hangovers. / – Right. – It relieves swelling? / – It’ll relieve swelling. – Is the temperature similar there? / – Yes. – It’s winter there too then. / – The altitude is similar. It’s great being in a hot spring while it’s cold outside. It’s nice weather to take a bath. That must be great. It’s so hot. It’s hot. – Hot, hot, hot. / – It’s hot. It’s nice in here. This is it. – That’s it. / – The water is hot. – Are you supposed to wear clothes? / – No. – Swimsuits. / – Swimsuits? (Humming) I can’t help but sing. You turned into an old man after being in the army. It feels great. (Singing) Why am I sweating so much? – Your toxins from the army… / – I’m detoxing? – It’s toxins from the military? / – Yes. I feel like I’m losing weight. – My swelling is going down. / – It’s going down. If I spend 7 hours here, I’ll become thin. When people normally drink, how do they relieve their hangovers the next day? (Curious) Lately, people are into eating burgers. – Burgers? / – Yes. – I’ve heard of that. / – Right. People who eat burgers and pizza to relieve it. – It works well. / – Why? You can get rid of a hangover by eating greasy food. Eating burgers is great for a hangover. It’s really great. I want to drink again now that my hangover is gone. You can’t. The alcohol is drinking the alcohol. You can’t. ♪ Time to drink ♪ ♪ Drink, drink, drink ♪ – I’ve learned everything. / – What? I don’t drink but I love drinking games. Really? Like what? How does he know drinking games when he doesn’t drink? He knows so many games. Do you know the keeping time game? What’s that? ♪ Hot springs in China are… ♪ – Three words? / – Yes. – Want to try? / – Okay. 5, 6, 7, 8. – ♪ Keeping… ♪ / – ♪ Keeping… ♪ – ♪ Time ♪ / – ♪ Time ♪ ♪ Shindong… ♪ ♪ And Lee Teuk… ♪ ♪ Have come… ♪ ♪ To China ♪ ♪ What did… ♪ ♪ They do? ♪ ♪ They went… ♪ ♪ To a hot springs ♪ – That’s tough. / – It’s hard. ♪ They went… ♪ ♪ To a hot springs ♪ – He’s smart. / – That looks fun. ♪ Drink, drink, drink ♪ What are they doing? They’re having so much fun. They’re so innocent. What should we eat today? Today? There’s a lot of options. Since we drank beer yesterday… – Can we drink Kaoliang Liquor today? / – Kaoliang? – Sure. / – Really? They relieved their hangovers at the hot springs. – They’re excited. / – It really got rid of the hangover. Oh, my goodness. It’s so wide and big. (Cheerful) – Is there alcohol in the hot springs? / – No. – Did you drink? / – We didn’t drink yet. – You didn’t, right? / – It’s right next to the hot springs. – A resort? / – Folk village. It’s like a folk village. (A place that comes to mind when you think of China) (It makes you want to play Shaolin soccer) This is it. (Summon) – A little to the right. / – Both of us? That’s it. No, that’s too much. (Left) (Perfectly synchronized) – That’s so realistic. / – They’re so obedient. – That’s how it really is. / – Shall we walk? – Let’s go. / – Hello. – They look great in that. / – Right? Lee Teuk really does look great in those clothes. Shindong looks like a local. There’s street food here. The locals must think of us as foreigners… Like when tourists wear hanbok at Gyeongbokgung. – Brother. / – Hello. What’s this? (The dumplings hypnotizes them right away) – Dumplings! / – Dumplings! – Hwijae loves it. / – I want to eat that. It’s so delicious. (It’s drawing us in) It’s dumpling soup. Five dumplings cost around $1.80. – Fried, fried. / – $1.80 for 5? Everything is affordable. You can get anything for about $1.80. – How much? / – $1.80. (The highlight of trips is street food) (It’s delicious) – It’s not good? / – It’s delicious. ♪ Dumplings, dumplings, dumplings ♪ Is that a pancake? It’s not a pancake. There are chives inside. – That’s even better. / – It’s so good. – Like fried dumplings. / – Right. It’s like fried dumplings with chives inside. This place suits me. I like it here. – Now I feel like I’m in China. / – Seriously. – That’ll be tough to beat. / – Everyone… You’re watching a live torture program. This is such a torture. I’m sorry for being worried. It’s not bad, right? The food looks a lot more familiar than in Beijing or Shanghai. Beijing’s cuisine originated in Shandong. – It originated there. / – Yes. The food and drinks in Shandong are delicious. Does the cuisine suit your palate specifically? Or would it suit everyone’s palates? With Chinese food, you either love it or hate it. The scents and tastes are strong. – To be honest… / – Yes? We really enjoyed the food and even the staff… They were really glad we went. – It suits Korean’s palate? / – That’s right. What was your favorite food? I’d have to say the sweet and sour pork. The sauce is like a combination of sweet and sour pork and sweet chicken. Like dipping sweet and sour pork in soy sauce. That’s what the sauce is like. – I want to try it. / – It smells vinegary. Is the stewed assorted delicacies similar? It seemed pretty similar. But I don’t normally eat it in Korea. – You can’t because it’s too expensive. / – Right. How much is it in Korea? Is it around $40? About that much. – Really? / – It’s expensive. You can get it for $15 in China. – Right. / – Around $11. You’ve been eating all day but nothing was very expensive. In general, the food seems affordable and delicious. All of it cost less than the crab in Hokkaido. There hasn’t been anything special though. You can find that food in Korea. You can eat crab in Korea too. Well, you can’t find soup curry in Korea. It was fascinating to see twice filtered draft beer… – Becomes bottled beer. / – Right. There are so many varieties. The draft beer at the museum has a shelf life of one day. You can only drink it there. – It has a shelf life of one day? / – Yes. The shelf life of the museum beer is one day? – That’s right. / – That’s it. That’s how it’s made. It has to be processed once more in order to become bottled or draft beer. I really want to try it. – That’s right. / – I want to taste the difference. – I’m curious. / – At any rate… I’m sure there are many who want a taste. Please enjoy a can of beer as we watch the second half. Please watch! (Shandong, second half) The first half was all about the beer. – When are we going to drink? / – We’ll drink. There are three famous drinks in Shandong. I know. He’s always saying the same thing. What does that mean? “From all directions, the best drink is in Shandong.” – It was on a commercial before. / – Right. First, there’s Tsingtao in Shandong. – Tsingtao. / – Tsingtao beer. – There’s Kaoliang Liquor in Yantai. / – Yes. – Right. / – You know a lot. – There are three? / – Yes. – What’s the third one? / – Take a guess. – Rice wine? / – Not rice wine. It’s completely different to what you’re thinking. – It’s different? / – I’ll give you a hint. There’s something similar on your body. – On my body? / – Yes. Look at your body. A similar feeling. Lee Teuk said it was on my body. – What? / – Is it flesh-colored? It’s not flesh-colored. – What is it? / – What is it? – Wine. / – Wine? That’s the color of wine. The color of wine. They got 8 votes because of Lee Teuk. He’s just so… There’s no wine in China. Here it is. This is it. What is it? A miniature model? – What’s that? / – It’s an actual building? – Is that really China? / – It’s on a different scale. – Is that China? / – It’s China. China purchased many wineries in France. They probably brought over the techniques. – That’s true. / – I’m so curious. There’s an incredible place. – There’s food and drinks? / – Yes. What’s the incredible place? (A paradise world that’s told that the 8 immortals) (Crossed the ocean while drunk) – You’ll understand when you go. / – Really?

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