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“Tiny Is Mighty!” – ♪ If you got nothing to do ♪ ♪ Well, I’ve got a couple
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Hacks For Kids ♪ Hi, I’m Jordyn, and today’s episode is
Deck Your Halls hacks. The holidays are here! But, you’d never know
it looking at my room. But hey, why does a Christmas
tree have to get all the fun? Let’s deck out our rooms! (bell ringing) Much better! Now, let’s do some hacks to
deck the halls to the max. First up, my
ho-ho-holiday wreath. For this, you’ll need
a Santa Claus hat, a pool noodle, six
bath scrubbies, white tights, or a
sock, and scissors. Cut the pool noodle in half. Now, slip a leg of an old
pair of tights, or a sock, over the noodle. Now, slip the strings of the
bath scrubbies onto the noodle. Now, tie the scrubbies in place. (clock ticking) Now, tuck the ends
into the Santa hat. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas. He knows when you’ve
been sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he knows when you
have another hack to make, my giant candy canes! For this, you’ll need
a red pool noodle, white and red tape, wire
hangers, and a wire cutter. Cut off the top of the
hangers with the wire cutters. Now, link the hangers together. Now, tape them together. Now, tape it together where
you cut in the middle, like this. Slide the hanger
into the pool noodle. Now, bend the top into
the shape of a candy cane. Use tape to make the
stripes on the candy cane. Keep adding stripes ’til
you like the way it looks. These would look great outside, but I’m gonna keep it right
here in my winter wonderland. And finally, you can
have a ball with my giant ornaments. For this, you’ll need
a playground ball, wire cutters, an X-ACTO knife, spray paint, a piece
of a wire hanger, and a pint-size deli container. Poke a hole with
the X-ACTO knife in both sides of
the deli container. Now, cut a piece of the hanger, and bend it into a
semi-circle shape. Now, bend the ends like this. Now, stick the
ends in the holes, and bend again to keep in place. Spray paint the
whole thing gold, and then paint the ball whatever
Christmasy color you like. Cool! Once it’s dry, hot glue the
bowl to the ball, like this. Ready to hang and enjoy. It looks so festive
in my room now! I’m a little worried
everyone is gonna ignore the Christmas tree. – [Announcer] Thanks
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