Holiday Food Survival Guide

Hey guys, this is our guide for surviving the holidays, we love the holiday season, but we know it can be stressful Particularly for diabetics because everywhere you turn there’s temptation During the season, so we wanted to give you a couple tips for surviving the holidays. We know that there are treats, candies, cakes, everything you can imagine in the office, at schools In the grocery stores, and so our suggestion is gonna be- find a buddy We try to find somebody, a co-worker. Maybe it’s a neighbor someone that lives your neighborhood, a fellow mom? someone who is gonna keep you accountable and that you guys can really look out for each other, and say “steer clear the kitchen today, there’s a there’s a some of that chocolate coated popcorn in there today. Let’s not go in there. Why don’t we go and eat our lunch somewhere else, so that we can just avoid it.” So find a buddy, so you have a support system just through the holidays to keep you accountable and help Steer you in the right direction with your exercise and your diet you’re eating plans. One of the things that really helps me through the holidays is to never deprive myself Completely of anything because you can just drive yourself crazy You begin to resent the fact you have Diabetes and the fact that other people can indulge, even though they shouldn’t be any more than we are. So if you see that Dessert that you really want Maybe you get a really small piece and you have less of your regular meal because you’re getting more calories and carbs from the dessert? Maybe it’s something that’s so sweet that you can’t afford to even eat a whole piece or entire cookie You just get a bite or two, but I think I’ve found that not depriving myself is really helpful It helps me see the that I can get along with everybody I can do what other people do, I just have to make up for it in other ways. Yeah, moderation is really the key so that you don’t have to say, well I can’t have that It’s, I can have a bite or two, But then I’m really gonna have to be careful. I’ll have to make sure I get my exercise in and eat low-carb for the rest of the day- so that you’re accounting for it I think it’s also really important to show people that you do know how to manage your diabetes That you can have a little bit in moderation because you know how to handle it. You know how your body’s going to react to it? you know how much medicine you should take, you know, whether they should increase your exercise, so you CAN have The same things that other people are having. Yeah, and if you’re not quite there, you will get there. so with trial and error, trying certain foods and seeing how it affects your body and how exercise And the low carb diet affects your body, you will get there where you feel comfortable managing it. Hope that’s helpful. And you survive the holidays. Happy holidays!

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