Hillary Clinton Seriously Considering 2020 Run

>>Joe Biden has proven himself to be a disastrous
pick for Centrist Democrats. So as a result, they’re in a scramble trying
to find the proper replacement, who can really represent their values and when the primary
and hopefully be Donald Trump. Well, there is a New York Times article that
I highly recommend everyone looks into. The title is, Anxious Democratic Establishment
Asks, Is there Anybody Else?>>I love the smell of panic by the establishment
in the morning.>>So let me give you a tasty taste of what
this piece says, and then I’m gonna give you the names that are floating around in establishment
circles. So, party leaders who are fatalistic about
Democrats’ chances in 2020 are musing about possible late entrance to the race. Sherrod Brown, Michelle Obama, with doubts
rising about former Vice President Joe Biden’s ability to finance a multi state primary campaign. His donations are drying up a little bit. Persistent questions about Senator Elizabeth
Warren’s viability in the general election and skepticism that Mayor Pete Buttigieg,
out of South Bend Indiana, can broaden his appeal beyond white voters. Democratic leaders are engaging in a familiar
rite, fretting about who is in the race and longing for a white knight to enter the contest
at the last minute. So some of the names that are being floated
and a lot of these are disastrous Hillary Clinton. There’s Michael Bloomberg, Michelle Obama,
John Kerry. You also have some people floating the idea
of Eric Holder running Sherrod Brown, Deval Patrick. And then at one point Deval Patrick response
to all of these rumors and says, everyone needs to calm down, it’s early. It’s so early.>>No, it’s not. You’re about to lose. So, right now, Warren is in the best position
that’s why Bloomberg cancelled fundraisers for other Democrats cuz he’s thinking of going
in the race himself. My favorite part of the story and there’s
so many great parts to this story is they say that Democrats on Wall Street are worried
about Elizabeth Warren so they’re encouraging Bloomberg to run because they think that their
three voters might actually win the election. Good luck with that, okay. Yeah, Bloomberg coming in like a white knight
saying don’t worry billionaires. I will save you. I will not let any progressive do a well tax
or give health care to Americans. You think that’s a winning strategy, you schmucks? But in their world, they’re so insulated. They’re in their little billionaire bubble
and they think, yeah, Bloomberg is so popular. I bet the country will love that billionaire
who says we should protect other billionaires. That’s such a good idea. Mike, you gotta get in, Mike. For all the billionaires out there, there’s
like seven of us or so I bet we win the election. Okay, good luck with them. Come on, Mike. The water’s warm. Come get your ass kicking, see how it turns
out for you.>>So the way that a establishment Democrats
sell this, having someone else join late in the race to represent the Centrist in the
party is well only a Centrist could be Donald Trump. If Elizabeth Warren wins the nomination, she’s
100% gonna lose to Donald Trump but here’s the thing. First of all, we’ve been through this not
too long ago. And Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump she
lost to a reality show clown, okay? Where’s his red nose every morning before
he goes out there and embarrassed as the American people. And Hillary Clinton lost to that. And so now you’re gonna propose that Hillary
Clinton run again? No, go away. Go enjoy your life. Stop making ridiculous comments about other
candidates while you’re giving podcast interviews. And I mean, there’s a reason why you have
people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, at the top.>>Yeah.>>Pulling really well.>>So the person apparently most seriously
considering entering the race is Hillary Clinton.>>God, it’s just so annoying and devastating
like go away.>>So she’s on a book tour. And she’s purposely as we told you Just a
couple days ago. When I saw her making the comments about like
don’t tell me to get back in the race, when she tweeted that out, I said no, she’s not
joking, she’s testing the waters, okay? And so it turns out now the New York Times
reporting yes testing the waters is seriously considering it. But her, okay, I get it. Look if I was her, I’d want a rematch. And I understand her drive and I understand
her anger. I understand all of that, right, and to some
degree I respect it. But for the Democratic donors to think, our
white knight will come in and save us, it’ll be Hillary Clinton. Because the country wants a centrist like
Hillary. We just did that election. But see, that’s what I’m talking about, guys. There’s so biased, they can’t see straight. They think I got a genius idea. The one person who could beat Donald Trump,
is the one person who lost to Donald Trump. They genuinely believe that, they genuinely
believe it. That’s how insanely bias they are. Then they’re like, you guys, you well, you
want to help the average American so you’re bias? No, well, that’s kinda how you win elections. So now let me get to the rest of them. Now, John Kerry lost the George W Bush. And he’s like, maybe I should enter the race,
Biden’s faltering. And so they think, Biden had a couple of missteps. No, it isn’t about the missteps, if it was
about the missteps, so why isn’t Kamala Harris doing amazing. There’s 25 people in the race or there was
at one point, why isn’t any of the other establishment candidates doing great? Why is it club charging? Great John Delaney? Why is John Hickenlooper? Why do you get embarrassed and get run out
of town because your idea suck. And they’re not popular. But they’re like no, no, no, no, no, no. If Biden said the right sentences, then he
would win. But it’s because he had a little misstatement
and that’s why Biden is losing. No, Biden is now beginning to lose. And every other establishment candidate is
losing, because we don’t like your ideas of only helping the rich and only helping your
donors. Well, now they should be excited about Buttigieg,
right. First of all, another underlying theme of
this article is Kamala Harris is done. All these donors loved Kamala Harris. They’ve not totally given up on her. Okay, and they thought as perfect, this is
gonna lead to another part of this. That’s an African American we can hide behind,
okay. And now that damn it, we couldn’t hide behind
her. If you notice through the people that they
mentioned, African Americans. If you notice their criticism of Buttigieg
was we liked them a lot and he would definitely protect our money, but he’s not doing well
with African American voters. So, can we find another African American to
hide behind Deval Patrick. Deval Patrick, where are you, right? So, now look, I’m not blaming the people they
named they’re not in the race, right? So I’m not blaming Deval Patrick, Michelle
Obama or anyone else or Eric Holder. Now if they get in to be a white knight for
the rich donors, well, that’s a different issue, okay. But right now they haven’t done that, it’s
not their fault, but these rich donors are looking around, looking around. And so apparently their worried about Buttigieg
too. So if your worried about every single establishment
candidate in the race, why do you think a different establishment candidate will do
any better? It isn’t about the misstatements, it’s about
the substance and the policy.>>Exactly, I mean when we’re dealing with
a widening, inequality gap, when we’re dealing with people who are struggling to put food
on the table for their kids, who are going bankrupt because of the high cost of health
care. Telling American voters we’re not gonna do
much for you because its too hard is not a message that any one buying, its not message
that inspires people, gets them to the polls. You gotta give them something to vote for. And I feel like the establishment Democrats
are still in the mindset of we’re gonna run against Trump, that’s our message. We’re gonna run against Trump but that’s not
good enough. You need to inspire people, you need to give
them something to vote for.>>Two last things as. The New York Times, it’s actually a great
story, I’m glad they did it. That’s why we care about the reporting, care
about good reporting. But it is missing important context. They say well one of the other times people
were looking for a white knight was back in 2004 when Howard Dean was the leading candidate. I wonder why those are the two times that
the rich Democratic donors panicked when Howard Dean who was at the time a strong progressive
had the lead. And now when Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders
are in the top three, and Warren is taking the lead, progressives have the lead. And again, the rich donors panic. But yet the article is written like, they’re
just worried for no reason. They’re worried that they might not be able
to be Trump. No, they’re worried about the money. They’re worried about progressives actually
winning and that affecting their taxes and all the other things they care about. Write about it in reality. In the real world, the billionaire donors
on Wall Street are concerned that the progressive might actually win. And finally I get to Sherrod Brown. What a deep, deep disappointment. And also the unions. So what people don’t tell you is they say,
the union’s negotiated so hard to get these healthcare benefits for their workers and
they care about their workers, do they? Because in Bernie Sanders proposals in the
Medicare for All bill, and another bill that he proposed, what would happen is all those
gains that they negotiated for would then go into their salary. Well, the union workers would love that. They would have free health care and they’d
have a much higher salary. But the union leaders who also make money
from selling insurance would have less money.>>Can I also jump in on that real quick,
because healthcare shouldn’t be tied to anyone’s job. And for people who are making this argument
about how the unions negotiated hard and they got the health care that they deserve, keep
in mind that those striking GM workers lost their health care coverage because they were
striking. And by the way their pensions are in jeopardy
all of those things. So again, it shouldn’t be tied to the work
that you do, and that healthcare can be snatched away in a heartbeat. And that’s exactly what happened to those
striking workers.>>I understand why some of the corrupt democrats
who take money from the unions would want to protect some of the corrupt union leaders. I don’t understand why the reporters want
to protect them. You guys want to do any stories about how
the union’s make a ton of money from health insurance, and that perhaps that might be
their motivation? Haven’t heard a peep, apparently. Now look, I gave a New York Times credit earlier,
but they can’t find an investigative reporter in the building to go chase that down Washington
Post. Where are you You think that Sherrod Brown
is the Union’s man in the Senate. Now that leads him to being progressive on
a lot of issues. But at the end the day when the Unions give
him all his money, say, hey, boy, we want you to be against Medicare for All. Sherrod Brown comes in. Now in this article, he’s like, well, we can’t
have a candidate who’s for Medicare for All. We can’t have people getting health care in
this country. What happened? I thought you were a big progressive, it turns
out you’re not a big progressive, you just do the same thing as other politicians do. You go where the money is. it’s just in your case instead of corporate
money, it’s union money. That’s why you got to get all of the money
out. Wolf-pack.com. Until you get the money out, see Wolf Pack
is not part of they don’t give a damn. They can take the corporate money out, they’re
going to take the union money out, they’re gonna take the Koch Brothers money out. And they’re also gonna take the source money
out, that’s why both Republicans and Democrat voters, not politicians, the politicians hate
Wolf PAC, but the voters love it because they want all this corrupted money out. So, Sherrrod Brown is no, no, no, I’m innocent. Listen I’m innocent. I take union money, not corporate money, and
I do as they tell me. That is not innocent, and if Sherrod Brown
gets into this race, it’ll be the worst mistake of his life. He’ll be embarrassed, he’ll get zero percent
vote, and we’ll know exactly where he stands.

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