Hiking With Gollum (Camping & Hiking Gear)

hi guys welcome back we do another hike
today just a day hike today we’re going to bring the didgeridoo not very good at
playing it but we’re going to mess around with it we’re going to cook some
bacon and we’re gonna have some fun probably see some snakes so I got my
snake guards on I just learned it snake bites wow they can go from forty to
seventy five thousand dollars on average I just saw a guy get a bill for 150
three thousand dollars so I would take this more seriously people don’t take
those rattlesnakes serious enough so let’s go ahead and get started all right whenever you’re in tall grass like this
go slow don’t go real quick it’ll waddle rattlesnakes off to the side rattling at
me well I’ve always already got the
mosquitoes out and we just read the trailhead right now that’s why you’re
hearing some car sound so but look at this oh man
thing is enormous pretty huge so I got sent some mosquito bands from trichology
again I am not sponsored by them I only received their free stuff I don’t get
compensated for showing you this or anything so sermon Thank You Sherman
sent me these mosquito repellent bands and it’s a 100 cent natural essential
oil and apparently it lasts for 240 hours and has a resealable bag so you
could put it back in there and I grow citronella at the house and citronella
is really good for getting rid of mosquitoes and this smells exactly like
a citronella plant so I can tell you who without a doubt there is real citronella
here these aren’t going to be a hundred percent but you probably will see a
reduction and how many bites you get I’m already get dick hate mosquito really really beautiful day here today
I’m using a tripod getting some different shots you see off in the
Canada over there there’s some Lakes off in there we’re going to be fishing at
this valley is all a lot of farm country and you’re hearing a tractor probably
right now so not the most serene environment we might hear some more cars
and stuff you can see them down there and the the orchard couple of dudes
doing some work man those guys I respect those guys some of the hardest workers
I’ve ever met in my life there’s snakes in those trees bees bugs they’re getting
paid next to nothing for it that’s a hard job so much respect all right let’s
get going hey guys how’s it going
say hi to YouTube for me right here they’ll see you not many people but
they’ll say it’s awesome have a good day you guys can believe that is coyote poop been
watching Vold outdoors check them out in the comments and in description below
really great Outdoor Channel had a lot of fun binge watching this guy last
night and he would end up trapping some coyotes we actually have a huge coyote
problem here and of course you know I noticed you got some of the down votes
and tusk is a lot of the naturalist and stuff like that they don’t like seeing
anything die and I understand that but they’re actually kind of in it they’re
like a weed up here very bad very bad well so far mosquitoes have been heinous
and I’m not even a mile in you still here the road I mean these guys are bad
look at that smacked him so yeah uh uh stupid mosquito well you know me I always give the
honest reviews Sherman sent me some great stuff but these things they’re
failing hard I put it on my arm here a little bit higher up and I’m smacking
these guys and they’re just putting out blood I’m going to get some type of
disease well I lay this they’re just wrecking me right now well we’ll keep
moving on okay so this is a complete fail the
mosquitos are so bad look geez they’re just everywhere areas
there’s one right there little bastard bitin my bite my ass up but I’ve learned
a lesson that you might be a good idea when you go hiking a backpacking take a
long-sleeve shirt because it is just heinous mosquitos right now and a
long-sleeve shirt would at least put up a barrier between me and them and so
that’s definitely a learning lesson Sherman I’m sorry man I got to be honest
to my viewers and stuff tried it out didn’t work my new blue scooters seem to
really really like me so that being said might work with somebody else and I can
verify it does smell exactly like a citronella plant so there is real
Citronelle in there oh man kind of a bummer I got bacon and stuff ready oh
you son of a bitch just kidding my munched and the last trip that we went
on way up high you guys heard me complaining about that then and I got
destroyed so I think a long-sleeve shirt is going to be in order kind of sucks
though because right now it’s in the 90s god damn so that’s going to be a lot of
sweating how much needy I was hoping to actually
go shirtless for some of these videos not for any reason just because about a
quarter of the way up there my entire tank top is just soaking wet and it’s
just pointless to wear it at that point I’d evaporate the water a little bit
better so this was just going to be another chill video I’m just going to spend some time
talking again record something maybe record group random thoughts down the
road here alright man this sucks I was going to had a really cool video plan
for you guys oh well there’s a lot of things that were kind of not lining up
today like the of noise of the road it’s just not very scenic and I’m pretty sure
the back of my legs just got munched up man that’s ball that’s ball well let’s
just listen I hope you’re bored that’s I could do better goal than that what am i
doing well I’m sorry dude we didn’t bring any
fish we just brought bacon and Top Ramen woman you know please
Oh too bad little master selfishness awful if we
were good well that’s too bad well now we’re not having anything because of the
fucking mosquitoes oh love the bottle bottle almost giggles well you’re lucky
that’s because you’re really ugly or blue well that’s debatable
uh what a bummer looks lonely I even brought this kind of
guys were probably looking at this thing John Hicks please turn that thing on for
a moment I’m not good at and this one I actually lost my first one on my first
backpacking trip I took a stupid didgeridoo with me that was really dumb
and I have this basically put it off the side of the trail for some lucky person
coming down oh man I got eight eight so what’d you do buy one of these it’s
awesome people really like to listen to it it creates an awesome ambience
background noise so you you’ll be pretty pretty stylin if you can manage to take
this with you on a backpacking trip with friends it sounds is so cool but they
all sound differently so if you find one of these I’m going to link two of them
in the description and this one does not play as good as my other one I just
can’t and the way you play it’s really weird when you first get it you just go
like this and it makes no noise you basically go I’m not kidding that’s how you play Oh really good for depression really good
for anxiety because I think as your bellowing so much air out that just gets
you kind of like mentally you know a little stimulated there the sound is
awesome not my favorite one though not good so when you’re blowing on it
takes you a while to figure out how to do it but then you kind of want to go
whoa whoa I learned this from an Aborigine video got a real Aborigine and
ought to do tube though again I’ll put that video in the comments below see if you can circle or breathe you could
play this thing continuously in one long note that’s basically blowing out and
sucking into your neck Oh bastard now things not working
that’s more blood

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  1. I really enjoyed this vid dude but I think gollum could have helped more by eating some of the skeets, keep the vids coming

  2. DANG !! Those skeeters liked you Bud ! You hung in there longer than I would've. I look forward to more on your channel.

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