Heechul is my ideal type [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.16]

(The first participant walks toward them) Do the participants enter from here? – Yes. Here’s one. / – Here comes one. (He’s coming) (Our nervous-looking first participant enters) (Even the hosts are nervous) – He’s handsome. / – Hello. He’s handsome. He looks like Eric of SHINHWA. I thought you were a foreigner at first. He looks exotic. He also looks a bit like Bae Jungnam. (With prominent facial features, the 3 look alike) Our show is called Matching Survival 1 Plus 1 where you can meet your love and also shop. Are you here to meet a lady or to grocery shop? I’m here to do both. (Both) – So you don’t have a girlfriend. / – That’s right. When was the last time you had one? It’s been around 9 to 10 months. Isn’t this about the time you really miss your ex? No, it’s when you begin to crave for a new relationship. – Is that so? / – Isn’t it? How should I know? Whenever we speak… I bet the participants saw each other… – Before entering. / – That’s right. Is there anyone that you’re interested in? Yes. He saw one. – He has one already. / – That was fast. You can’t meet the lady if you two don’t match in preferences. That may be the last time you got to see her. I’ll try to match my preferences with hers. He’s willing to change himself for her. (Will his crush turn into a romance?) (Here comes a participant that’d make everyone smile) I think I see someone coming. She’s tall. She’s very fashionable. (He’s already in love) She’s a beauty. – Hello. / – Hello. (She even makes the hosts’ hearts race) (Yu Sieun, single for 4 months) Hello. Are you here to find love or to grocery shop? – I’m here to find love. / – She’s here to find love. What’s your type? (What’s her ideal type?) A handsome type. – She’s very honest. / – Nothing else is required. She just needs a handsome man. May I be a participant? Yes. (Smiling) (Our third participant enters looking very hip) (Is it going to be another beautiful lady?) Come in. Hello. She’s a beauty. Everyone looks like they’re going on a trip. You look like Yerin from GFRIEND. (She looks adorable, just like Yerin) You look quite hip. – What’s your hobby? / – She looks like a clubber. (Does she like clubbing?) What kind of dances do you do at clubs these days? – Dances like this? / – That’s all… (Flapping) That’s all fake. Who would dance like that at a club? They don’t do that at clubs. What kind of moves do you do at clubs then? When the music comes on, you just dance to the beat. Show us. (Just relax and dance to the beat) Just dance like this. I’ve seen it before. Everyone dances with their mouths open these days. Like this. (Sugeun can’t understand) (What? We don’t do that) You’re really my ideal type. – Stop lying. / – I’m serious. Heechul, you can head inside as well. (I don’t need to be here then) I’ll head in first. Sorry. – You two can take care of the rest. / – Hold on. Come back. (It looks like a good day to find love) (The participants keep entering) Hello, I’m Park Mina and I’m 25 years old. Are you here to find love or to grocery shop? Choose one. I’m here to find love. I’m here to find love. (Everyone is more interested in finding love) – To find love. / – He’s here to find love. – I’m here to find love. / – You sound very determined. I’m here to find love. (All the guys and girls seem very excited) (Confident stride) (Kim Shinhyeong, single for 6 months) (Is this an automatic door?) You can open the door and walk in. I just open it? Hello. – Nice to meet you. / – Nice to meet you. Are you here to find love or to grocery shop? 1, 2, 3. I’m here to grocery shop. You sound quite firm. (Not a hint of hesitation in his answer) (Let’s see) (Sugeun is scanning) Based on how he didn’t do anything to his hair or face… (Based on how he didn’t do his hair at all) No, I tried to pull off a Jung Haein hairstyle. Hold on. This is a celebrity hairstyle? Pardon? It’s Jung Haein’s hairstyle? Is he talking about the actor that I’m thinking of? It’s Jung Haein’s hairstyle. As you can see, it’s a failure, so I wouldn’t recommend it. He has such long eyelashes. He also has thick eyebrows. Do you major in Media Studies? No, I major in Business. – Which school? / – Is it Yonsei University? – No, Korea University. / – I see. He sounded so mad when Sugeun asked if he was from Yonsei. You must not like Seo Janghoon, do you? Not really. Janghoon is a Yonsei alumnus. That doesn’t mean anything. Good luck to you. – Thank you. / – Good luck. – Cheers to Korea University! / – Cheers! Defeat Janghoon. Defeat Janghoon. (A questionable defeat on Janghoon’s part)

73 thoughts on “Heechul is my ideal type [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.07.16]

  1. “may i be a participant?” hahaha i totally expected heechul to say that. i honestly thought he was at first 😂

  2. Porfavor pongan subtitulos en español, hay varias fans latinas que no ven los videos porque no los entienden

  3. I'm adding this show to my list of variety shows. I need another dating show after 'love me actually' been a little while watching KBS Shows.

  4. Heechul love to fight eith seo jang hoon hahahah. Dont let heechul change his handsome hairstyle and you will know how cool he is

  5. حلو برنامج جديد اتابعه من الطفش 🥺
    بس ياليت يترجمونه عربي بسرعة

  6. Others: single for 4-9 months but finding new love
    Me: single for 7 years and no new love 🤷🏻‍♂️ seems like I'm In need to join tis kind of show 😂

  7. I'm sorry heechul oppa but i won't allow you to participate on that contest 😂😂 hahahaha jst kidding ❤❤

  8. حبيت اني شفت الحلقه و قاعده اعيد المقاطع
    المهم ولدي يجنن مع انه اكبر مني ب١٩ سنه تيهي

  9. Is this dating show? Cuz if it is then heechul really suitable being MC since he known as love match maker 😂😂

    Edit: he hold that girl's hand smoothly

  10. people are barely in a relationship and are already looking for a new love as expected from South Korea. It really goes on. Kkķkk wow

  11. I love how honest she was. hahahahaha But i mean, he's my ideal type too, so I can totally relate to her. My boy Heechul is just amazing! 💕💕💕

  12. He hold her hand very naturally.its a rare ability , girls won't be uncomfortable around him. Same goes with boys, he holds everyone's hands😁

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