Hävyttömän suora kopio Raft pelistä: Survive on RAFT

Hello there all and welcome to Kebabkernaali’s video In this video, I will show you about the game called Survive on Raft I receive this game via Woovit To be honest, I first thought that this a game called Raft Which has been on Early Access at least a year now But Survive on Raft is more like Raft “Clone” And it is now released in Steam With price tag of 3.99€ IO Games is maker of this game I also read about this game in the Steam page And somebody was written a sarcastic comment Read Raft tutorial and about 85% of that works in Survive on Raft So, let’s check out Survive on Raft So start with this game from the beginning, just after tutorial I think that the basic idea in this game is very similar like in Raft ? In this game you are only survivor of the plane crash And you are only on on this small raft Your goal at least is to do better craft for yourself And improve it to suit your needs Next we gather some material to our raft It was too far away These barrels and boxes are great source for material You get best materials from them I need this to fight with sharks, so they will leave me alone I do this now I’ll take these Some water I will create some drinkable water I need to add some wood there There I will put this cup in there It would be super nice if quick use inventory would be larger than this 5 slot Water is boiling there Go away This shark tries to eat us and sometimes it tries to do some damage to your raft I gonna fry some fish next So, this is the game called Survive on raft At this point, there is not so much stuff to do at least in current state I can’t compare this to Raft, because I have not played it How much they have in common and what not There is no story or goal’s, or at least I have not found them I can’t accuse that this is ripoff The game works as intended and it is a very playable game Game is working great But it still lack of content and stuff to do But price is not so huge So it will support the devs of this game So I think that this is Raft clone You can find Steam link on description This is my some kind of raft that I managed to do Until the next time Let’s play when we meet will try to be friends with this shark So I get eaten by sharks Until the next time and let’s play when we meet

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