HANGOVER Breakfast Wraps with CREAMY Scrambled Eggs

the holidays are here there’s parties everywhere
and everybody’s having a good time some of us are having a little bit too much fun out there
hey you know who I’m talking about seriously guys if you’ve had too much
the night before no big deal eat one of these wraps not only are they
gonna bring you right back up to your feet but it’s gonna be one of the best things
you’ve ever tasted I know that the title states hangover on it but in reality
these breakfast wraps are the ultimate breakfast whether you’ve had too much
the night before or you looking to eat the best breakfast in your life these
wraps are gonna be your jam guys we’re talking perfectly scrambled eggs roasted
potatoes and a saffron aioli the flavors here are an explosion of goodness so
easy to make it’s gonna blow your mind now to make this recipe I’m gonna be
using some yukon gold potatoes to make the roasted potatoes but you can use
whatever type of potatoes you want second thing I’m using some cage free
organic eggs to make the scrambess makes all the difference in the world
and last but not least I’m using some high quality saffron to make that saffron aioli
guys so important to use a good quality saffron to flavor that aioli this is what gives these wraps
that explosion of flavors this one from golden saffron
is insanely delicious in my opnion one of the best ones in the market get yourself a tin
of this stuff link in the description box below I’m gonna begin by grabbing
1 large cleaned yukon gold potato and cutting it into rounds that are a 1/4 inch thick then I’m gonna add the slices of potato
into a baking tray that’s lined with parchment paper very important to use parchment paper instead of
foil paper that way those potatoes don’t stick I’m gonna drizzle the potatoes
with a kiss of extra-virgin olive oil and then season them with sea salt
and freshly cracked black pepper and I’m gonna add the potatoes into a
preheated oven bake + broil option that’s bottom heat and top heat 250 degrees
Celsius 475 degrees Fahrenheit while our potatoes are roasting in the oven
let’s start making our saffron aioli I’m gonna add in 2 cloves of garlic that I roughly minced
into a mortar pinch in half a teaspoon of high quality saffron threads
and pound down on the mixture until you form a paste then I’m gonna add in half
a cup of mayonnaise guys once again we are taking the mayonnaise shortcut to make the aioli
this makes it so much easier and the flavors are still right on the money squeeze in half a teaspoon of fresh
lemon juice pour in one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and lightly
season with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper and I’m gonna whisk this together
until everything is well combined and look how quickly this comes
together it does not get any easier than this folks once the saffron aioli is well combined
I’m gonna cover it with some saran wrap and set it aside at room
temperature meanwhile I’m gonna grab 6 organic cage-free eggs crack them into a
large bowl and I’m gonna whisk these eggs together until they’re perfectly
combined alright let’s start making our cleamy scrambled eggs
our potatoes are still roasting in the oven so let’s take
advantage of this time I’m gonna grab a small nonstick frying pan heat it with a
low to low medium heat and add in one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
after heating the olive oil for one minute I´m gonna add the egg mixture in there and start mixing it around with the extra
virgin olive oil guys the secret to the perfectly creamy scrambled eggs is you
want to mix this continuously that way the eggs don’t stick and they don’t
overcook and it’s also so important to cook on a low to low medium heat that
way that eggs don’t burn now these eggs are the secret to curing a
hangover they’re loaded with amino acid which is what helps break down the root
cause of hangovers and they’re also loaded with so many minerals which help
the body get rid of toxins after cooking our eggs between five and a half to six
minutes again guys I have been mixing this continuously look at this beautiful
creamy texture these are ready to go I’m gonna remove them from the heat and
season them with sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper you always want to
season your scrambled eggs at the end that way they don’t fall apart when
you’re cooking them for the last ingredient to prepare I’m gonna grab
a grilling pan and heat it with a medium heat I’m gonna lightly cook two large
wraps about 10 to 15 seconds per side on each one it’s been exactly 20 minutes since
I added the potatoes into the oven and they look like they are perfectly roasted
they have a beautiful texture to them I’m gonna take them out of the oven
and let’s start making our wraps I´m gonna grab one of the cooked wraps
and add in some of the saffron aioli guys be generous here this aioli is what gives these
wraps that incredible explosion of flavors then I´m gonna add in some of the roasted
potatoes make sure you leave about a one-inch clearance on each side
that way when we fold our wrap it makes it so much easier then I’m gonna add
some of the scrambled eggs on top of the potatoes sprinkle it with some freshly chopped chives
this is gonna add a beautiful freshness to these wraps and for the last step I’m gonna add
another layer of potatoes alright let´s start folding our wrap
just bring in both of the ends and just gently roll it together oh my
goodness guys look how incredible these wraps look let’s give them a try and see how
they taste alright folks now is the moment of
truth let’s see how these wraps taste what an incredible combination of flavors
so many different textures the creamy scrambled eggs the roasted potatoes add
such an incredible texture and then that saffron aioli it’s just boom an
explosion of flavors guys these are so good I wish I would have drank last
night heavily so these could cure me just kidding guys incredible breakfast
wraps so easy to make done in about 30 minutes you guys be safe out there if you enjoyed today´s video hit that like button
leave me a comment below and if you´re not subscribed
smash that subscribe button until the next time…Hasta Luego!!

26 thoughts on “HANGOVER Breakfast Wraps with CREAMY Scrambled Eggs

  1. Wow this recipe is a must try for me .I thank you so much for this beautiful idea .Watching your videos makes me hungry πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Albert these look amazing, I prefer sweet potatoes but this looks delicious! Will definitely try for breakfast. Hope you have had a good Christmas and look forward to supporting you in 2020! ❀️πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ΈπŸŽ‰

  3. Greetings from North Yorkshire Albert!
    Beautiful recipe, next week off work, definitely making these for my boy's lunch.
    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  4. Awesome breakfast thank you so much for sharing🌷🌷🌷🌷 Merry Christmas to you and your familyβ„οΈβ„οΈβ„οΈπŸΉπŸΉπŸΉπŸΈπŸΈπŸ°πŸ°πŸ½οΈπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ thank you so much for supporting me as well I know you since last 3 years, you haven't changed a bit you are a true inspiration to me and many of us,your channel is doing very well, I am very happy for you and I wish you just cross more than a million because you deserve so much more 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  5. Hola, que deliciosos wraps, me encantan con las papas y los huevos y el Alioli de azafrΓ‘n seguro que le da un sabor muy Especial. Espero que tengas una feliz semana y Felices Fiestas, mis mejores deseos :)))

  6. Chef Albert I don't even eat eggs and you made me want this!! Looks so good. Thanks for always sharing these awesome recipes. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and I pray for a blessed New Year. <3

  7. Loving this one Alfie just the job organic eggs are always the best love your channel my friend beautiful scrambled eggs πŸ‘

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