Gyuha and Nami dating even though they are apart [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

(He even violated the rules for her) (Love is in the air) (There are tasty dishes…) (And fresh fruits) I think this is our spot. Do we need to look for our groceries? – I think so. / – I think so. – We must be over there. / – Hold on. (Jungmin sits down quietly) Come here, Gyuha. Sit here. Shut it and sit down. “Shut it?” Come here. (She’s very straightforward with him) Sit down. You should let them sit together. What are you doing? (Why is she so straightforward?) Do I need to mix them? I’ll put this in. You can mix it. (Nami is sitting by herself) (It bothers him) Right. I need a bowl. – Do you have one? / – Do you? – Here. / – Let’s give her one. Can I use it? Is it okay? How nice of you. (Let me know whenever you need help) (She’s touched) (She’s not happy) – How do I open this? / – I have nothing to do. – Do you need help? / – I’m sorry, but could you? – I’ll lend you my man this once. / – Thank you. (Your man?) I’m so jealous. How long have you two been married? It’s been three months. – Three months? How nice. / – Yes. Enough with the role-playing! Okay, I’ll stop. (You should find your man, not role play) Please mix this. – Can I mash it up? / – Of course. You’re doing well. Good work. (Happy to be complimented, he works even harder) Don’t overreact. I’m sorry. Whenever I reached out to do something, he’d do it for me. It was as if he was treating me like a princess. Cooking is easy. I thought it was difficult. – Cooking? / – Yes. It’s very easy. It’s because you’re doing it together. (You are a couple, you see) (Gyuha, are you having fun?) (I want to cook easily with you as well) – Blueberry? / – Just… – Just give him one. / – Of course. I’ll give one to each, but I’ll give this heart-shaped one to him. – Really? / – I’ll give him this one. Do that. (That’s great. Go on, now) I played sports for a long time. – I’m your neighbor. / – I see. – Would you like some? / – It looks so delicious. – Here’s yours. / – Yes. Do you want me to feed you? (Do you want me to feed you?) (That’s what I’m talking about) Sure. (Nami shyly expresses her feelings) (She’s too shy to look at him) Is it good? You haven’t eaten it yet. It looks delicious. I’ll be back. I’ll make this and bring it to you. (It was short, but exciting) – It’s tasty. / – It is. (It’s a give-and-take) Hey. I made this. I should go around. I tried to present it nicely. (Oh, my) – You can have one each. / – My gosh. I thought you weren’t a good cook. No, I didn’t actually make it. Can you explain the food? Why would he explain? I’ve never seen this one before. Can you feed us one each? – Would you like me to? / – Yes. I’m not wearing any gloves. We have chopsticks here. You can use your hands. Use your hands. You should come here too. I have something to take care of. – Aren’t you going to eat? / – No. – I put a lot of effort. / – You can leave mine. (Good luck, Nami) Nami. (Thanks to Jiho’s assist) – I’m sorry. / – It’s alright. (It goes into her mouth) (I like that) (I’m watching you) (He hurriedly leaves) – Have one each. / – I’ll feed her. (It was sweet and scary) It’s good. (I have to do something) – What did you do? / – Did you catch it? (She’s working hard) – When are we… / – Gyuha, try this. Okay. Have you tried this? (It’s good) – Do you like it? / – Yes. Really? Which one was better between hers and mine? Yours and hers? (She’s secretly looking forward to it) (Be honest) That one was better, to be honest. – Really? / – Yes, but this was also good. It’s good, right? They were both good. But which one was the best? You look good today. – Really? / – Yes. – You look cool. / – Do I? (He’s not going to answer) You were… You don’t have to call me so politely. You can call me Jungmin. I don’t like being called like that. – Really? / – Really. Nami made it so obvious that she was into Gyuha, I was worried I might miss the timing. So I just let myself go and expressed everything. (How will they turn out?)

8 thoughts on “Gyuha and Nami dating even though they are apart [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.12.03]

  1. The friends of namis brother is cute on namis what doing his suppurting nami . jejeje cute.. on the other girl is so so direct 😂😂😂

  2. I have to be honest. I like Nami and so I clicked on all the videos with Nami on em. She is my second favorite comedian. First is Jim Carrey.

  3. I know who Nami is but they’re all famous right?is Gyuha a chef I tried googling him because he liked her and found nothing

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