Grave Complex – Devlog Oct 26 – More Assets – Survival Tower Defense

Hey Stives here with Beard Logic
bringing you another update to Grave Complex the survival tower defense game.
Lots of polishing and bug fixes this week. All stuff that is relatively difficult
to show off in a video, although you’ll probably noticed a lot of new icons for
the items in the game. I’ve been working quite a bit on getting this ready for
the next iteration of testing. It’s looking very much like I should be able
to get something out as of the mid next week. I’m hoping Tuesday maybe Wednesday.
So once that’s up I will be notifying all the testers who signed up via email.
I’ve added quite a few things to the game over the last week here but there
are a number of items that I have yet to add. I just really want to get this into
people’s hands so that I can get some feedback so that I know what works and
what doesn’t. So if anybody wants to join the testers who have already signed up
just let me know and I’ll add you to the list. That’s all for now have a good week!

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