Grapeseed Resveratrol : Muscadine Longevity

Want to extend the healthy years of your life? Nowadays it’s a reasonable goal to stay
active into your 80s and 90s. Lots of people count on the ‘red wine molecule’
resveratrol as a key component in their healthy lifestyle. And you might be interested to know that muscadine
grapes are America’s richest source of grape resveratrol. In fact muscadine wines contain up to one
hundred times more resveratrol than wines from European grapes like Pinot Noir. Muscadinex MX1 contains three ingredients
which can help you extend the healthy years. First, muscadine grape seed is rich in OPC
antioxidants. These antioxidants mop up the harmful free
radicals which can cause aging. Second, muscadine grape skin is rich in resveratrol,
plus polyphenols ellagic acid and quercetin. These polyphenols can repair cellular damage
and help undo the harm caused by free radicals. Thirdly, we add the full recommended amount
of piperine pepper extract. Studies show piperine can boost resveratrol
effectiveness by 299%, and antioxidant bioavailability by 250%. And don’t forget that Muscadinex MX1 is
made from American muscadine grapes, and packaged in FDA-inspected facilities. So you get top quality and great value.

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