(Gets rejected) Kisum : Get lost! [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.29]

– Who will… / – Who’s going first? It’s Soyeong. Why am I going first? You’re trying to make fun of me. You can do it. Be confident. – Be confident. / – If you fail here… You’ve just committed a theft. – What’s a theft? / – It means you stole it. You’ll have to wear handcuffs. – I really… / – It’s Soyeong. (What will be her final decision?) Who will she choose? Even till the end, I felt like the way he looks at Soyou hasn’t changed. So I’m not sure, to be honest. (Will she become a couple?) You take the call first. (She chooses Lawyer Kang Seongshin) I wonder how this will go. It’s Kang Seongshin. Will you find love with me? (What will his answer be?) (He first chose Soyou) (He appealed to her at first) (Soyeong approached him actively) (Will you find love with me?) (She’s interested) (He can’t seem to make up his mind easily) (What’s happening?) (You’ll accept me, won’t you?) Sure. Sure. (It’s an amazing twist) (Shocked) Look! This is so fun. This is so fun. (Soyeong made it happen, everyone) (Congratulations) – That’s amazing. / – That’s awesome. This is great. (Soyeong and Seongshin have become a couple) What do I do? (She feels embarrassed later on) I think she showed her charms enough. And it looked good. What? Take me on a ride. – Let’s go. / – You can stay over there. You can stay there. Will you lend me your gavel? – His gavel? / – But he’s a lawyer. How could he lend you a gavel? Did she say gavel? She’s trying to take a selfie with it. It’s not a magic wand. She’s going to take a selfie with the gavel. Next up, it’s Kisum! You may look at the person or to the front and dial. I’ll just look at him. She’s looking at him. (He’s curious) (Who will be on her mind?) I see. (She chooses Banker Jin Seokhyeon) Hello? Yes. Hello. Yes? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (Anxious) And… (She has cute charms) (And another person in his mind is Stephanie) I like this better. (What will his answer be?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) It’s fine. You can beat it. She said, “Beat it.” (He’s frightened) Why would you tell him to beat it and go back? – Why would you go back in? / – I’m beating it. Express your feelings by rapping. – I might swear. / – Then I apologize. Please don’t tell me to rap. Then it’s time for Jin Seokhyeon. It’s Banker Jin Seokhyeon. Who is in your mind that made you refuse Kisum? I’m okay. He’s dialing. (Who will be in his mind?) – Wait. / – No. (He chooses Stephanie) Hello? Will you find love with me? (Will you find love with me?) (What will her answer be?) (Soccer Coach Mun Hong declared he’ll go straight) (Banker Jin Seokhyeon appealed his young age) (Who will she choose among the two?) (What is it?) – What? / – What? Do you want to go to the bathroom? (He’s nervous) Yes! (Congratulations, you two) – Make a heart shape. / – Make a heart shape. How should we do it? (Stephanie and Seokhyeon have become a couple) Next up… – It’s Mun Hong. / – It’s Mun Hong. It’s Mun Hong’s turn. (Who will he call?) What? (Surprised) What is going on here? (No way) (He chooses Stephanie) Hello? Though you have a partner next to you, may I intercept your love? (I believe you, Stephanie) (Please choose me) We’ll be friends. (He’s relieved) Thank you. (She refuses Soccer Coach Mun Hong) – Alright. / – Thank you. (He’s not really smiling) – Then… / – Then… There’s Soyou and Doctor Kim Yeongkwon left. She’s the only woman among us. It’s Soyou. Is she the one calling? Am I calling first? She’ll never become a couple. We’ll see you when you participate. – I’m going to… / – I don’t know what that means. (Who will have captured her heart?) No, you’re not. You’re really not. (Kang Seongshin appealed to her strongly) How would you like to pay? (Doctor Kim Yeongkwon also appealed to her) (Who will she call?) No way! (She chooses Doctor Kim Yeongkwon) (Blushing) – Look at your face. / – Yes. I’m blushing. What’s the matter with you? You look hilarious. Will you find love with me? (Makes me nervous) (He looks like he has mixed emotions) – What is it? / – Seriously? I’m sorry. (I see) (It gets chaotic) (Poor Soyou) (He can’t even speak) (Cheer up. This is not the end) Seriously? That was good. What do you mean that was good? I just got dumped. I apologize. – It’s fun. / – Why did you participate? Hey. That was… Do you know what she said to me in the Love Tent? She said, “I think he already likes me.” When did I say that? I’m going to take my revenge. I’m going to make him participate before this show ends. I have no desire to. You’ll become a guest one day. How would you sing your current state? (Spitting) I apologize. – Why did Doctor Kim Yeongkwon… / – Yes. Refuse Soyou so harshly? Who will he have in his mind? Who will it be? It’s coming from this side. (Was it her?) (He chooses Stephanie) – It’s Stephanie. / – She got three votes. What do I do? (You can take the call) He’s… – Hello? / – Hello? Yes. Will you find love with me? He’s gentle. He sounds sad. (Will you find love with me?) I’m sorry. (I’m sorry) Two couples have been matched. Let’s give them a round of applause. And you may leave. You may take your luggage and go on dates. – Goodbye. / – Goodbye. (The couples may go on dates now)

50 thoughts on “(Gets rejected) Kisum : Get lost! [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.29]

  1. hee chul is so cute..hes one of those friends who will laugh at you when you get rejected hahaha…certified bully

  2. Damnnnnn, he rejected Soyou, I didn't know that was possible!!! That Heechul reaction though lol I expected nothing less from our savage master!!!

  3. you know this show is scripted when the 1st couple that was matched walked away without their suitcase @ 9:46 (in the back)

  4. I know that its just a SHOW…but still…how how on earth this doctor reject my Soyou….Wish it was Soyou who rejected him….Soyou is So perfect..omo omo..

  5. Well, it was nice while it lasted… never gonna see the show again I'm speechless how can someone reject soyou? These guys are weird.. jumping from one decision to antoher and that just bc hey talkd with someone else like 5 minutes before the end decision.. weird..

  6. Idk about this one it feels like a set up. They fight for her all episode long and then 갑자기 choose someone else. I was shooketh

  7. This is 100% scripted that Soyou got rejected and i thought i was watching a reality show but it turn out to be a Korean drama.
    This does not make sense at all, that the doctor out of the blue pick Stephanie.

  8. I think the dude rejected soyou because he’s scared that her fans would get on his ass for dating her…plus we all know how crazy Korean fans can be toward their idols and if a guy date them they would get shit ton of hate

  9. soyou likes the lawyer and the doctor knew about it, the doctor must be thinking soyou picked him because the lawyer said yes to soyeong.

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