GENIUS FOOD HACKS AND FUNNY TRICKS || DIY Food Tips and Life Hacks by 123 GO!

Ever wish you could elevate your eating experience? Get your appetites ready because we’ve scrounged up some seriously awesome food hacks you didn’t even know you needed. Hey, Lilly, what’s up? Mind if I snag one of these Oreos? And what would a cookie be without an ice cold glass of milk to dip it in? Okay. Stay calm. Okay, let’s try it this way, shall we? Dipping it ever so carefully… Nope, that didn’t work either. Okay, whoever designed these tall glasses clearly didn’t know what they were doing. Big ‘ol glass of cookie milk, anyone? Man, could this day get any worse? Aw, look how sad Kevin is. I wish I could cheer him up. Hey, Kevin? I think I found just the thing to help you with your little cookie conundrum Stick a regular fork into the side of the cookie like this. Now you can dip it right into the glass without your fist getting in the way! You can just call me the dipping master. I kinda know what I’m doing Oh yeah, just the right amount of milk. Everyone knows going to the movies is all about the snacks. Too bad you have to buy them there. See? You can’t bring any food from home into the theatre. It’s a harsh reality, but you’ve gotta follow the rules, right? Stupid rules Ticket for one — or rather, two, i guess. Aw, look at that little baby bump! Oh my goodness! I didn’t realize you were with child, please, go right on in. Ah, that was easy. But little did that ticket clerk know this child was nothing but a big ball of sugar! Yes! Mission movie snackage, complete. Hey Kev, wanna turn that frown upside down with a little treat? Uh, yea! Thanks, Lilly, you’re the best! And don’t I know it. Ugh, it’s finally lunchtime! I thought this hour would never come. Let’s pour on the dressing and get this party started! Ick! Why does this stuff always have to be so messy? And then when it comes time to mix things up, it gets even messier! C’mon, seriously? Hey Lilly. Why the long face? It’s lunchtime, after all. The best part of the day! But unlike Lilly, Kevin has his own clever way of pouring on his salad dressing, mess-free. Simply use the container to squeeze the dressing pouch so it never touches your fingers. Once it’s out, keep the lid closed and shake things up to make sure that dressing gets on every last bite. Now that’s some salad perfection! I wish you had showed me that a few minutes earlier, Kevin. School’s out and it’s time to finally relax. Just a few more of these sticks and my art project is finished! Kevin! Look at this dog! He’s juggling! Aw man, you got your Cheeto dust all over me! Way to be gross, Lilly. That’s the one downside to cheesy sacks…Cheeto fingers. Ew, I feel so grimy now. Hey, can I borrow one of those for a sec? Can’t you see I’m working here? Uh oh, careful, Lilly! You don’t want to knock anything over! Success! Nicely, done, girl! Now you can enjoy your favorite Cheeto snacks without sacrificing your clean hands. Gotcha, sucker! Now get into my mouth, STAT! Hey, if a girl’s gotta snack, a girl’s gotta snack, right? Oh sweet chocolate, how I’ve missed you. Anybody think they can solve this problem? Anyone? Lilly! Why don’t you take a stab at it. Looks like that bite will have to wait. Stupid math, always getting in the way of having fun. Little does Lilly know, she probably should’ve put her chocolates away. Yep, Kevin’s definitely got his eye on it. She won’t notice if I snag a little piece, will she? Kevin! Get your hands off my chocolate! I was just making sure it was safe, that’s all! My hands are busy writing, see? Boy, I’m watching you! Well, that clearly didn’t work. Maybe I’ll just rearrange some things to cover my tracks. See? If you cut it this way, you can actually make it look like you took nothing! Pretty clever, right? Yes! She’ll never know I snuck a piece! She’s coming back! Act cool! Man, that equation was a doozy. You didn’t take any of my chocolate, did you? What? No! Of course not. Well, she’d better not look too closely or she’ll learn your little secret! Let’s see, vanilla or chocolate… Vanilla it is! What are you waiting for Kevin, pop that sucker open! Oh yeah, it smells amazing! I’m digging in! Uh, where did my spoon go? Well, no spoon means no yogurt. Maybe I can just pour the stuff into my mouth? Or use the trusty ‘ol finger spoon! Hey Kev, whatcha up to? Did you get me a yogurt too? Thanks, I’ve been so hungry all day. Uh, where’s my spoon? Eh, it’s no biggie, I can work around it. Hey, this looks like Lilly’s forgotten her spoon before. She’s folding that thing like it’s second nature! Woah! Where’d you learn how to do that, Lilly? I just figured my finger was my only option. Here, want me to show you how to make a spoon out of a lid? Simply fold the circular lid into a triangle shape like this. Take the bottom and fold it upward. Manipulate the bottom so that you can hold it sturdy while the top serves as the spoon. Voilá! Now you never have to eat off those dirty fingers again. Oh man, this is totally life-changing! Okay, can I finish my story now? Is there anything better than sharing a snack with a buddy? Well, if Kevin is your snacking buddy, you may not feel that way. Huh? How did we go through these so fast? Oh, that’s how. Kevin’s taking massive handfuls of the stuff! I think I may have a solution to this very annoying problem. Start with putting double-sided sticky tape to your favorite treats, like this Mars bar. Once the tape is on, go ahead and stick it right onto your T-shirt. This way, you’ll never have to get up to get another snack — it’ll be right there for you to grab! And while you’re at it, you may as well add all your favorite candies and snacks for super easy access. Alright, that ought do it. Here comes the scariest part of the movie! What was that? Run for the hills: it’s the almighty snack attack! What the — I gotta hide! I sure hope it didn’t see me! Little does Kevin know, it’s just Lilly coming back to see how this thriller ends. Looks like you’re in the clear, Kevin. Man, it’s tight back here. Oh, phew, it was just Lilly. Where’d you get all these awesome snacks? You even have a Mars bar? That’s my favorite! Aw, that was awfully nice of you, Lilly. And it’s no problem, you have plenty more snacks to go around. Counting down the minutes ’til you can try these delicious food hacks? Before you go, be sure to catch these hilarious bloopers! Share these awesome tricks with your friends and don’t forget to subscribe to 123Go!’s YouTube channel for more great tips like these!

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  1. I have a more simple hack for the oreo one.First you grab milk out of refrigerator.Then pour milk into ze "Annoying" tall glass.Then you can enjoy yo oreos without a nasty used ramen fork.OR IF YOU WANT TO BE EXTRA YOU COULD JUST GET FINGER SURGERY SO YOU COULD HAVE TINY HANDS.Or…..You could always…..get another glass…..ever thought of that 123 go or troom troom honestly I forgot at this point.

  2. How the heck did you just get that much "GROSS" Cheeto dust on him.I love Cheetos and when I eat them I don't get that much Cheeto dust anywhere btw I'm not a hater.

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