GCN’s Dodgy Crystal Ball – Predictions For 2019 | The GCN Show Ep. 312

– [Together] Five, four, three, two, one. Happy new year! (group cheering) (festive chiming) (groaning) – From Geiranger, Norway. – Welcome to the. – GCN Show.
(laughing) – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – Coming up, we make four predictions for the 2019 cycling year. We’ve got a whole load of
cracking hacks and bodges, and some great inspiration to get you over the morning after the night before. – I feel really bad.
– Yeah. – In fact, I need to do
something about my life. New year, new me, Si, I think. – You gonna give up beer? – No, not the beer, obviously. – But that’s why you’re feeling so, that’s why you’re feeling so bad. (chimes tinkling)
(crowd laughing) (laid back electronic music) (logo swooshing) – I’m gonna cut out the Jagerbombs and the Sambuca and the shots. I’m not cutting out beer, but I am genuinely going to get fit and ride my bike a bit more again, ’cause I’m almost 40 now.
– Wow. Well, if you’re serious, I
think that sounds great, mate. – I am, I’m serious.
– Let’s see how fit you can get. – I’m not doing 20 hours a week though. – Four? – Yeah, I’ll do– – How fit can Dan get
on four hours per week? – For how long? – 10 weeks? – Yeah, let’s do it. I’m up for it, I’m gonna do it. – First video is gonna be out– – Are we filming it?
– Well, yeah, on Sunday. Dan’s first fitness test for a long time. – All right, let’s shake
on it, I’m gonna do it. – Nice one, all right.
(cash register chiming) We’re gonna look forward
to this, aren’t we? – Not doing the test today though. – No, we’ll wait a couple of days. I know just the one. (energetic metal music) – I’m genuinely quite
looking forward to that. – Good, mate. – Now I’ve been thinking
about for a few minutes. Anyway, with 2019 now officially upon us, we thought we’d be so bold
as to make four predictions for the cycling world this year, and see whether or not
you lot agree with us. – Yeah, and you know how good
at predicting things we are, so I suggest that you,
well, that you don’t. Anyway, we’re gonna have
two predictions each. Dan, can I go first?
– Yeah, go on. – All right then. I predict that in 2019, the gap between the equipment used by
professional cyclists and the equipment used by the rest of us will grow even further apart.
– How so? – Well, so equipment designed
for professional cyclists is designed for one
thing in mind, isn’t it? Going as fast as possible on tarmac. Whereas I think increasingly
more and more people are waking up to the fact
that that might not suit the type of riding that they’re doing. So perhaps I think many people are coming to the conclusion that
what they really want, perhaps, is a little bit more comfort. – Are you sure this is not just because you’re also coming towards middle age now? Do you want comfort? – Well no, that is a valid point. But no, I think actually in
this case, I might be right, because unless you are pinning a number on and trying to go as fast
as possible in a race, I mean, do you really need
a super-slammed position? Do you really need to limit
yourself to just 25-mil tires? Do you need to wear a skinsuit
that you need two friends to actually help you put
it on in the first place? – That’s true, I take
your point, actually, because the only time I wear
an aero helmet these days is to protect my head from the rain. – (laughs) Yeah. Now, I’m gonna be upfront about this and say that you can only
wrestle my aero road bike off me from my cold, dead hands. And you will have to wrestle
my skinsuit off me anyway. But I do think in this case we are seeing brands and pro teams searching for ever-finer
advances in technology, whereas for the rest of us, perhaps, that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is versatility, durability, usability, and fun. – And comfort.
– And comfort as well. – Well, with my first
prediction for this year, Si, you might be able to have
comfort as well as speed. – All right. – Yeah, because I am going to predict that public hire E-bikes are going to revolutionize
inner-city transport. – Oh, E-bike haters just tuned in now. – Yeah, but there’s nothing
to dislike about this. What is not to like about getting around a city quickly and efficiently? Already, in my mind, Boris Bikes are the best way to get
from A to B in London. And I think that once they introduce public hire E-bikes into London, even the most anti-cycling motorist will eventually jump on one
of those, have a lot of fun, and realize that there
is nothing to dislike about getting around efficiently. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s cheap, and it’s good for you,
your mind, and your health. – Well, I mean, that is a fair point. And I don’t think you can argue with that. That’s not a challenge, by the way. And to some extent, the revolution has
already begun, hasn’t it? Hank put it in his 2019
trends to look out for, and we’ve seen public E-bikes in, what, Tel Aviv and Los Angeles, Paris, Washington, to name but a few. The one thing holding this revolution back at the minute, I think, is the fact that transport planners
can’t actually keep up. Because many people feel, wrongly, that roads are designed
for cars, and not bikes. – Well, in some ways,
that’s also a good thing, because they’re going
to have to concentrate more on cycling infrastructure,
to invest in that, heaven forbid, maybe even prioritize cycle routes over motorist routes. And that’s gotta be a good
thing for any cyclist, whether they’re on an E-bike or otherwise. – Okay, moving on. My second prediction, Dan, for 2019, is gonna be the rise of the non-pro race, ironically fueled by the participation of pro racers in said events. – Ah, you’re talking about the fact that Team EF Education First-Drapac, powered by Cannondale, clothes by Rapha are going to be competing in some events like the Dirty Kanza. – That’s right, that is
exactly what I’m saying. Now, as a double whammy though, I think that those racers taking part in events like the Dirty
Kanza or the Grinduro will mean that those events become a little less popular in
the eyes of the people that have been doing them
for the last few years. – I seem to remember
that after that event, there was quite an intense debate about the riders that had
used aero bar extensions. – Absolutely. It was just as well everyone at that event decided to use socks, because otherwise there would have been a riotous controversy
at the end of it all. I mean, yeah, as we’re saying, this is what we see in other facets of life all the time, isn’t it? Like when a new band starts to get popular or a new team or a new
company or whatever, those early adopters are really passionate and loyal, aren’t they? And then as the popularity increases, more people know about
it, more people like it, those kind of early adopters get a little bit
disillusioned, don’t they? And I think this is exactly
what we are starting to see and will continue to see in gravel, is the pros turn up with their
increased professionalism, it’s gonna perhaps slightly disillusion those early hard core. Although actually, I think, ironically, the pros are gonna turn up, it’s gonna be like a holiday for
them, doing Dirty Kanza, as opposed to some little stage race in France that’s ridiculously hard, so they’re gonna have a
massive grin on their face. I think it’s like the
really sort of focused, competitive mid-pack people that perhaps might not find things so fun. – Well, the upside of that
increased professionalism and popularity of those events is that for those people that do get a bit disheartened with how it’s become, there’s likely to be a
whole load of new events pop up in which they can participate. – True that, yeah.
– All right, moving on. Our fourth and final
prediction, and it’s my one. I think that Sky leaving
the sport of cycling with all their big money is
going to lead to a reduction in the average salary
of professional riders. – [Simon] Wow, how so? – Because I just don’t
think they’re going to find the budget that they’ve been enjoying for the past few seasons. – Sneaky little third prediction coming in from the Lloydster there. – It kind of is, but as
you know, our predictions are often wrong, and Sky
will be hoping it is. I’m kind of hoping it is, really. I do hope they get a replacement sponsor. But 35 million quid, it’s a
lot of money to find, isn’t it? Even if that figure is
slightly misleading, ’cause they will get money from their sub-sponsors,
such as Pinarello. But I just don’t quite see them getting that amount of money. And if I am right in my prediction, which I probably won’t be, I think that will be the
second year in a row then, won’t it, where it’s been
what’s called a buyer’s market. And I think then there’s going to be a bit of a market
reevaluation and readjustment, and that the average wage
will be lower for pro riders. – Yeah, good thing or bad thing? I guess a good thing, well,
bad thing for the riders, certainly, but potentially a good thing for the sport, you might think. – Yeah, we won’t know until it happens, if it happens, will we?
– No. It’s technically a prediction
for 2020, that, isn’t it, Dan? – Yes, it is. Well, you can call it
20/20 vision, couldn’t you? – Oh right, when the terrible, the really, really bad jokes start, it’s
time to move on, isn’t it? So let’s wrap this section up. Those are our four and a
half predictions for 2019. Do you agree with them? And what are your predictions
for the forthcoming year in the world of cycling? Let us know in the comments.
– Or 2020. – Yeah, or 2020. (laid back electronic music) – Time now for our weekly GCN Inspiration, which is of course your chance to win one of three Wiggle voucher amounts. 50 pounds for third, 75 pounds for second, and a whopping 100 pounds for first place, so well worth entering. Si, how do you do it? – Ah, you’ve quite
completely thrown me there. How do you enter that weekly special? Well, you can upload it to Instagram, using the hashtag #gcninspiration, or of course, there’s our uploader, the link to which is in the
description beneath this video. That’s cruel, mate. The morning after.
– I know. It was a tough night, wasn’t it? I’ve come round a bit now, must admit. – Yeah.
(group shouting) – Right, in third place then, this week we have Harrison Alpert. This is Lake Sherwood.
– What? – [Dan] That looks amazing, doesn’t it? – [Simon] Yeah, California, I believe. That does look really good, particularly given the kind of weather that we keep experiencing here. – [Dan] Also it looks like
he’s used a little stick to prop his bike up there, so well done to you.
– Ooh, pro tip there. – [Simon] Yeah, nice. I like that very much. – In second place, Si,
we have Luca Gadotti taking back 75 pounds of vouchers. – [Simon] Wow, that is
super cool, isn’t it? What’s that? Cycling where we were
supposed to be skiing. Crikey, that’s like climate
change in action, Dan, which is not terribly inspirational. But what a cracking view. – [Dan] Good photo, that. – Looks like a great day to ride a bike.
– I liked that a lot. But winning the top prize this week, well, they’re gonna have to
share it out, Si, aren’t they? Because it is the Grey Lynn Cycling Club. A pearl of a sunrise over Auckland. And that is exactly that.
– Wow. – Isn’t it?
– Yeah. – [Simon] If you ever need any inspiration to get out of bed and onto your bike, a sunrise photo is what does it. Tell you what, Dan, you’re
gonna have to look at a fair few of these over the
next 10 weeks, aren’t you? – [Dan] Yes, I will do, won’t I? – You will, oh yeah. In fact, wow, one week you
might win GCN Inspiration if you get up at sunrise.
– I will do, yeah. At least I know how to upload
it, et cetera, unlike you. – I do too, I just–
– A reminder, yeah. The uploader link is in
the description below, and it’s hashtag
#gcninspiration on Instagram. (drill whirring) – Right then, it is time for Hack forward slash Bodge
(drill whirring) of the Week. Absolute purlers again this week, so thank you very much
for sending them in. – We’ve got a lot of them too. – We do indeed, starting with
this one from Neil Griffith, who successfully repaired a broken pedal by replacing it with two tire levers. – [Dan] Yes, I think this is genius, Si, and certainly not something
I would’ve thought of if my pedal broke whilst I was out riding. Now, you were questioning
the fact that the tire levers are facing upwards there.
– I was, I was. – [Dan] But I think you give it a post and that would be clean, wouldn’t you? – [Simon] Well that it. I mean, now you mention that, actually, it looks effectively
like a clipless pedal, just without a clip on the back – [Dan] Yeah, it’s brilliant stuff, I think, from Neil there. – [Simon] Absolutely, a grade-A bodge at the side of the road there. – [Dan] Anthony Cheung,
“Wondering what this is,” he says. “Well, it’s my speaker clamped on “very securely on my seat tube,” which helps him through
some long, tough climbs. – Wow.
– Very neat. – [Dan] Does look secure too, but I get very annoyed
when people come past me, walking in the street or on a bike, with a speaker blaring music out. Not everyone’s got the
same taste, have they? – Well, hopefully you have
got great taste in music, much like our DJ last night. (energetic techno music) So it could be a hack
or it could be a bodge, depending on what you like listening to. Right, this is from David Stanley. He’s got some of that blue roll stuff that all mechanics seem to find from wherever they get it from. – [Dan] Well, we’ve seen cycling-themed toilet paper rolls before, haven’t we? But not for the blue
roll in the garage there. – [Simon] That’s super neat though. Like, what a simple solution and use of an old set of handlebars. – [Dan] Yeah, that’s a hack from me. – [Simon] That’s a hack from me. – [Dan] Meanwhile, Jamie
Wiley is using an inner tube as a sling for his broken collarbone. Middle section glued together with puncture repair kit glue
and safety pins to length. Waterproof and comfortable. – [Simon] Well, I’m glad
you’re feeling smug about it, given that you’ve got a broken collarbone. If that gives you some
solace, then fair play. Hopefully it will give
you more solace to know that that’s a hack from us. – [Dan] Yes, definitely a hack. – [Simon] Right, next up, Peter Cheung, reusing an old chain to prevent
someone nicking his saddle. Nice, smooth.
– Yeah. – [Simon] I mean, not a fail-safe
security mechanism, is it? – [Dan] Yeah, you might get
some paint chip there as well. – [Simon] Well yeah. Have you got a quick link in there? No you haven’t. That’s at least one step for security. – [Dan] Yes, you might
get police stopping people in the streets, searching them for chain. – Chain whips, yeah, chain links, rather. No, what are they called? – Uh, chain extractors.
– Chain tools. – Chain tools, blimey. We’ll get there one day.
– We are on fire today, Dan. – I’m giving up Jagerbombs. (energetic techno music) Right, next up we’ve got
this from Ilkka Karppinen. Spotted outside the local mall. This guy’s solution for
wintertime visibility definitely trumps the one I’m
planning for my bike build. And you would be seen coming
on that, wouldn’t you? – [Simon] Wow, you definitely would. – [Dan] That’s a lot of lights and a lot of reflectors on that bike. – [Simon] I quite like
the look of that, mate. I mean, I wouldn’t ride it,
but I like the look of it. – [Dan] I like the look of
this, from Howard Whittaker from Facebook.
– Wow. – That is a–
– DIY-tastic, Dan. – [Dan] Look, I mean, it’s sort of over-engineered, isn’t it? It’s quite chunky, but very neat indeed. – [Simon] I hope the wood has been sealed, because–
– Of the sweat? – [Simon] Yeah, if you
start sweating on that, you know, you don’t want to warp it. – [Dan] Otherwise you
might be finding yourself having to make a new one
after 150,000 kilometers, and they’re highly, but nice one, it’s rather good. Next up, this from Ian Coupland. With daughter nearing 16
and not using her swing, oh, she’s swung for a
long time, hasn’t she? It has been given a new role as an all-weather garden
bike stand, work stand. – [Simon] Also, presumably if
the swing dangled from there, that makes it a really short swing. – [Dan] He’s chopped it all up, hasn’t he? – [Simon] Oh, I see, okay. – [Dan] Nice use of the
old Continental tire there to protect your bottom bracket. – [Simon] Yeah, I think that’s a really nice-looking little work stand, that. – Hack.
– Great, yeah. – [Simon] Barnaby Wright sent this in. His little sister Frannie came up with this hack or bodge, you decide, turning a GCN winter snood into a skirt. You could probably do
that, couldn’t you, mate? – [Dan] I was just about to say, I’m not going to try that. – [Simon] But you could, couldn’t you? – [Dan] Well, I’m not going to try. – [Simon] Yeah, you could. – [Dan] Much as you seem to want me to. – [Simon] No, I don’t want
to see it, I really don’t. But still.
– It looks rather good. – [Dan] Doesn’t it, on Frannie, so we’ll say a hack for that. – [Simon] Yeah. – [Dan] Next up we have this from Wheelfine Imports Pro Bike Shop. They have used a Schrader valve cap to expand and strengthen
a loose bar end plug. They do pop out often,
don’t they, bar plugs? – [Simon] They do,
particularly those pesky little kind of silvery looking ones. They’re the worst, I find. Anyway, but yeah, that’s a
little hack, actually, that is. – [Dan] As far as I can see. – I just have to nick the
valve caps off my car though. That’s the only Schrader valve. – There’s plenty of
other cars about, mate. – I’ll nick them off the next door’s car. Yeah, there we go, good point. – Next from Kyle Osborne,
sacrilegious or not? Using an old road tire for a chain stay protector
on my trail bike. It’s an oldie but a goodie, isn’t it? – [Simon] Yeah, I think
that’s pretty cool, isn’t it? – [Dan] Yeah, does the job. – Now, this one, this is one of those ones that makes me worry, seriously worry for the health of the owner. This is sent in by Hipson Hipson. A magnificent bodge seen
on my friend’s bike. He claims this solution saves 18 grams. What he’s effectively done is replaced chain ring
bolts with zip ties. – [Dan] I’m not sure it would save that much weight anyway, really. – [Simon] Well, also it’s irrelevant how much weight you save, if as soon as you put some power down, your chain ring zip ties shear off and you go smashing
straight into the stem. – I could probably use that for the next three or four weeks, but after that, just no
chance those zip ties. – Do you know though, the weird thing, isn’t it, about if your feet always go around in circles on the pedals, and as soon as your chain
slips or something like that and your feet then end
up doing their own thing, they connect directly with the stem. How many times have you
hit your knees on the stem because they–
(Dan laughing) It’s weird, isn’t it? They’re in circles, and then suddenly make
a beeline for your stem. – Well, actually your pedaling
style is not that smooth up and down, so I can
see why that happens. Finally this week, I’ve
never seen this before. It’s an ass saver made out of leaf. It is just a leaf, as you see.
– Whoa. – [Dan] This came in from
Jetrho Jan Dela Rosa. Rain, rain, rain, hashtag
mudguard, hashtag GCN hack. – [Simon] I like it. – [Dan] They’re waterproof
leaves, aren’t they, so it does a grand job for a day or two. – Yeah, nice work. A environmentally-friendly ass-saver. Well, some absolute belter hacks and a couple of terrifying
bodges, kind of as per usual. Do please keep them coming
in, into the new year. You can use the uploader,
which we already talked about, the link to which is in the description, or use the hashtag #gcnhack
on Instagram or on Twitter. See, I remembered it.
– Or Facebook. I got a lot of those
from Facebook this week. – Oh, did you? I was about to say, I’ve
got it seamless then, but anyway, I missed one out. (muffled techno music)
(group shouting) (laid back electronic music) Right then, given that
it is January the 1st, it feels like the right time
to open our virtual diaries and go through some important
dates for this calendar year, starting, in fact, with
the Tour Down Under. – This is our first
opportunity to see riders that have changed teams in their new kit, and the teams with their new
bikes, clothing, and equipment. It’s always exciting times, and we should have highlights here on GCN on our Facebook page, so that’s pretty cool.
– We do. And Jon Cannings is gonna be
heading out there as well. Typical Jon, new tech
and a bit of sunshine. He’s there like a flash. So anyway, there you go. You don’t have to look
too far into the future before things really kick off. Then one of the big ones, Dan. Opening weekend of the Cobbled Classics. – Yes, with all those
early stage races starting in Spain and Portugal in
February, and South America too. But the season doesn’t really start until the Cobbles begin
at the start of March. So we’ll have Het Nieuwsblad, and then Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne
on the opening weekend. Now, that’s the 2nd of
March and the 3rd of March. – Yeah, just a week later, we’ve got the gravel of Strade Bianche. That’s pretty much one of
the best races of the year. It has been for the last
few years, isn’t it? – Yeah, only been going
for 12 or 13 years, but already one that we
definitely most look forward to, almost the most of any, really. And there’s the big one, Si, isn’t there?
– Oh yeah. – Tours into March, 21st to 24th. – Yeah, yeah, GCN Mallorca training camp. So if you’ve not signed
up for that one yet, then make sure you head over
to the website and take a look. It also coincides with Milan-San Remo, so we are definitely putting aside a good few hours to watch
that race live as well. – Milan-San Remo, Lloydie’s
first-ever pub quiz. I don’t know what I or everyone else is looking forward to the most. But there you go, they do coincide. – Milan-San Remo for me. – And then on the 7th
and the 14th of April, it’s the Spring Classics proper. So we got the Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix on those days. – Yeah, and then what
should we go to next? Probably the Giro d’Italia, isn’t it? That one starts on the 11th of May. It goes through to the 2nd of June, unfortunately clashing with the Dirty Kanza.
– Does it? – Which is on June the 1st, yeah. So a lot of those EF
Education First draft back. – They’ll have to pull
out with a week to go, aren’t they, to get over there in time? – Well–
– Good preparation though. – Yeah, well yeah, I mean, maybe
they will have to pull out. – But yeah, the Giro d’Italia, definitely one to look forward to, ’cause it’s got a stellar lineup already announced so far this year, and more star riders to
come, I have no doubt. So it’s gonna get a lot of attention, particularly being the first Grand Tour, as it has been for a few years now. And then the big one though is
the Tour de France, however. That starts on the 6th of July, and of course lasts for three weeks. If Sky haven’t got their
new sponsor by then, how are Geraint Thomas and
Chris Froome gonna play that? – Oh, all-out warfare.
– I’d have thought so. – We’ll have a lot to look forward to in the world of cycling
over the next six months, and that’s not even going
through to the Vuelta and the Worlds or whatever else. We’ll tackle that, maybe nearer the time. Anyway. – Quite a lot to look forward
to this week, in fact, Si. – In fact, talking about nearer the time. – Yeah, on Wednesday we
are going to let you know how to fall back in love with cycling. – In cycling, there are
loads of disciplines to get your teeth stuck into. – [Chris] Yeah, cyclocross, track racing. Hey, there’s even that weird thing that people do called gravel riding. – Or mountain biking or fixed gear racing. Loads of stuff for you to try out and keep it nice and fresh. – And then on Thursday, Chris
Opie’s going to give you three separate 30-minute sessions that you can go out and try on your bike. And then on Friday– – Perfect for this time of year. – Yeah, it is. Friday’s, however, is Ask GCN Anything. – Yeah, Saturday, Emma takes
you through a core session to get a rock-hard core, apparently, which is something that we all want, yeah? Well, we all need, anyway. Then on Sunday, can Dan
get fit in 10 weeks? – Have we decided it’s
coming out Sunday, really? – Oh yeah, for sure, mate.
– I’ll have to get on it. – Yeah, yeah, no.
– All right, let’s do it. Let’s get out there.
– I’ve just had word. It’s confirmed, yeah. So Dan will have done a fitness test. Well, maybe we’ll find out. You jumping on the scales, Lloydie? – Maybe. Might do some skin fold testing. No, that’s pretty bad. – Well, I don’t really want to see it, but you might want to know about it. – All right then, on Monday, of course it’s the racing news show, and Tuesday we’re back in the set for the GCN Show number 313. (laid back electronic music) We’re going to announce
some giveaway winners now. It was a couple of weeks ago, wasn’t it? But we had a giveaway for some
See.Sense Ace rear lights, five of those and five of the set. So I’ll read the rear
lights winners out, Si. And we’ve got Daniel Eimer from the US, Bogdan Voineag from Denmark, Stefano Bollani from
Italy, Doug Hunt in the US, and Thad, Tad, sorry,
Wiley, over in the US too. – Yeah, there you go, five people who are
enjoying their 2019 already. Then the winners of the
front and rear lights are Terry Nilsen, Jeff Adams, Andrew Fuller, Keith Richardson. Cracking name there, Keith.
– Any relation, or is that what you put your name in as? – No, I don’t know Keith, actually. Gary Aucoin.
(crowd cheering) – Yeah, well that’s all, there we go. We will be in contact with you to let you know how we’re
going to get that to you, once you give us your address. So well done to everybody. (energetic rock music) Near the end of the show now, which means it is of
course Extreme Corner, and we’ve a belter for you this week. This is Rob Welch doing
some pretty cool stunts on his downhill mountain bike. – You sounded so old when you said that. – (laughs) I am almost 40. (intense metal music) – Whoa.
– Apparently– – Some great stunts there from Rob. – Apparently Rob’s had to
stop with his hard tail bike, due to some knee problems, which is why he’s now on
a downhill mountain bike, because it’s a bit more giving. – No way.
– He’s after more comfort and less speed.
– He is indeed. Yes, serves him right
for the massive jumps. No knee problems for me if
I stay close to the ground. – Very true.
– Oh yeah. – Right, that’s all for this week’s show, basically, isn’t it? So we’ll see you at the
same time next week. – Absolutely. If you haven’t seen it yet, then we suggest that you go search it out. Emma set an unofficial world
record for riding uphill. It’s absolutely bonkers, very brilliant, so make sure you have a look. (logo swooshing)

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    3. E-Bikes that are not ugly.
    4. The prices of new bikes will increase.

  5. Agree in the most of your predictions, but when SKY leaves the jersey I predict there will be someone who pic it up, the team maybe handle less money but not that muchs less money, and those riders can still kill the peloton spirit on marginal gains.

  6. Prediction: another world tour team will announce that they plan to do something similar to EF in the next season

  7. So happy for “like a boss” Lloyd in his resolution! Only a few years ago it was sad he’d almost given up and scorned those who trained. So glad he’s rediscovered that drive, what an inspiration 💪

  8. I think Si's prediction about the divergence between pro and consumer bikes is actually a fact when one considers all those produced each year in China and India for the utilitarian use by consumers. If however one limits the conversation to the types of bikes that interest the typical GCN viewer, then I would tend to disagree with Si's proposition. Even though a pro's bike can be very expensive, the possibility of obtaining one is not necessarily just a pipe dream for a dedicated enthusiast. It a sure bet that the performance gains these bikes provide us mere mortals is slim to none, but the boost to our egos and pride that is given by our emulating the pros is priceless.

  9. How about you offer a competition to win a place (or +1) for your Mallorca training camp? That way I might be able to wangle it.

  10. They should make a non UCI legal race , and all the pros participate using hyper bikes . That would be crazy seeing the times and speed they produce

  11. The big problem with e-bike sharing schemes, which is clear from this video, is that the bikes look universally silly. Make a cool looking bike, and people will want to use them. I think it's really as simple as that.

    Very few people want to get around in something thats heavily branded, bright in color, and gives the general silhouette of Miss Gulch stealing Toto.

  12. Where I live we have public ebikes and now the local council is planning to remove cycling infrastructure around the city to improve congestion???

  13. Whoa! The bags under Lloydy's eyes. Does GCN have the budget for a makeup artist or at least a lighting person ? Happy New Year!

  14. I predict that there will be more live media coverage of women's racing, and more equal purses between men's and women's cycling.

  15. 2:40 wrong, why, cost. If everyone is using modular parts it will be cheaper for the teams and will be quickly adapted. The people looking at the dollar numbers can't possibly see everything anyway.

  16. Your predictions are very good.An addendum to your idea re E-bikes would be that cars within city confines will be cut back.Just think, 10% of Uber taxies were affected by their E-bikes,That means 10% of Uber Taxies were forced out of SanFrancisco….

  17. 1. Recumbents being more popular
    2. Recumbent prices go down
    3. the Fairing rule will be erased and we see many fairings installed on bikes
    4. There will be recumbent riders racing the same route of World tour racers and their time beat the race winners

  18. I miss Lasty. Why doesn't he present anymore. I'm glad he's still there helping "behind the scenes" and all that, but he belongs in front of the camera! Amiable personality!

  19. Doesn't really work pretending Lloydie's "getting fitter" resolution is made up on the spot, that Simon is surprised by it and then pretending to make up a plan of how many hours etc when you'd already announced in a earlier video and told everyone that he's putting up a video of his first fitness test soon and doing a series based his progress.. 🤔🙄😇💪

  20. Well done Dan good to see, I am sure it won't take long for you to get to a level you are happy with on your bike . That is all that matters, I am just starting year 33 on the bike and lost count of my "performance" comebacks, although I never seem to get back to where I was before the slump.

  21. 5. GCN will do a recumbent month, making recumbents, fairings and velomobiles go wheel to wheel with road and tri bikes. Wonder if we can finally see Azub, Bachetta, Cruzebike, M5, Performer and Quest finally come to the screen

  22. 😌😌🕵️🚵🖐️ – #GreatIdea #GotToHappen #SUPERSHOW – Surely it's time for a CCN/GMBN/GTN/EMBN collaboration challenge. Get all the Global Network channels together to do a mass Presenter Challenge where they have to take each other on in a series of tests to see which channel is the best. You could do a series of different challenges that utilise the specialities and strengths of each channel (maybe even include running and swimming) and some slightly more random ones like fixing a puncture, changing a cassette etc combined with a race. Possibly across a city or large countryside area where they can use any route and any human powered method they like to get from A to B.

    Have possible short cuts for them to use if they think they could manage it or at least be faster. Include some technical off road or bits that can only be ran (carrying the bike or not but if they don't carry the bike they can't use it after) put in some gravel, muddy sections and hard CX stuff, even a few different sizes of jumps that would save a few seconds if used, bigger the jump bigger the reward. I mean they all have different strengths but are all fit—(ish) and skilled riders. Even the GTN crew are very good bike riders especially at TT and they ride both types of bike and surfaces due to doing the Xterra discipline. Might take some thinking to work out handy caps or penalties for ebike use but I'm sure you could manage it.

    Martin could present it and judge with each channel choosing the 3 presenters they want to compete and then if you made it as 4 separate 15 min (or so) videos each channel would then show 1 part so the different subscribers of each channel would get a look at and a taste of what the other 3 channels have to offer.


  23. spot on Dan, more bikes no matter which kind , please look at my facebook page so we can share all our cycle routes worldwide so that cities are ready for the boom in cycling! https://www.facebook.com/groups/cyclingsin/

  24. You guys are the best. Keep up the great work in '19. Love what you do. Simon, I believe you are a brother from a different mother and I am an American with a lot of English genes. Never change.

    Matt will be missed…wonderful guy. Emma is cool.
    Stay safe in '19. I lost a riding buddy in '18 on the road. Another American with English roots.


  25. Happy New Years! Ban cars and e-bikes (they are cheating)! Most people work within 25 miles from home. Make them ride a bike and get fit.

  26. Question for 12:57 Do you completely unscrew the attachments to replace roll. Even then seems extremely hard to replace.

  27. Sy's second prediction incorporates the Gardner Hype Curve, which includes the trough of disillusionment. The hype curve is well known in business circles when relating to new technology.

  28. Si. Totally agree with your point #1. Sounds a lot like what we’ve been preaching with #thesupplelife. Our predictions for the next few years is rise of the wide-range double, 45mm+ tires being the new norm for gravel/adventure, and truly useful bikes with utiliforks (Rodeolabs SPORK, Hunter Gather fork, new fixation fork) that also don’t compromise a lively ride.

  29. About 25mm tires. I rode for the first on 28mm rubino's yesterday. What a comfort!! And I did not notice any loss in speed whatsoever.

  30. No predictions, but a comment on #3. I think it's a good thing. Coming from the world of road racing (the foot type, not wheels) many years ago. Okay, many, many years ago. I rather enjoyed seeing the WC runners leading the pack after the turn-around as I'm still chugging outbound and saying to myself – "holy crap, that was (insert WC runner's name here) just going by!" I once ran with Marty Liquori – for a short while anyway. (I'll wait while all you youngsters google his name) Done? It does put a certain spring in your step to run with people who are several rungs above you on the gifted ladder.

  31. the only western country where the entire country uses the bicycle as a daily form of transportation are the Dutch. I hope other western countries stop this nonsence about bicycle helmets for safety and just make the roads save for bicycles. GBR have a very bad infrastructure bicycles/cars and trains. France and Belgium have better bicycle roads than GBR!!!!. My wish for the Brits is to wake up!!! Bicycles are not for hipsters bicycles are there for people to got to work, to go to school, to do your shopping with. Wake up GBR!!!

  32. As to lower pay for professional cyclists, when is that acceptable or good in any other sport? I don't think cyclists are paid enough when you compare their salary to other athletes' pays. I hope Dan's prediction does not come about because I believe it will discourage the growth of the sport.

  33. Dan when you say average rider salary is going to drop are you saying all riders (both the mean and median wage fall) or just the top of the sport (drop in mean and stable median wage)?

  34. 12:52 – WTF, hang on how you get the dam thing on there lol. I'm guessing the bar is cut in the middle and you slip up one side, put it on then slide it back down.

  35. If there will be a whole program dedicated for hack and bodges and frankenstein-bodge type strangeness i would be delighted….

  36. Hey…Si and Dan why no mention of the Tour de Yorkshire in your events summary? Always a tough race in the most beautiful countryside anywhere!

  37. I like your predictions, Dan and Si, and this just announced by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association, an advocacy group for cyclists in the Washington, DC area–the public transit Metro system will allow bikes on their trains at all hours, beginning January 7. And that's big news for local and visiting cyclists, whose bikes until now were banned by Metro during rush hours. And that's good work by WABA, which evidently worked a long time with Metro, and shared its members' petitions, to get the hours expanded. And the WABA shares this link to the official announcement: https://www.wmata.com/about/news/Bike-policy.cfm

  38. Having never won a competition before I was excited to see my name appear for the Seesense light set. As my name is fairly common I don't know if it me. How long should I wait for an e-mail before realising it wasn't me after all. Great video's. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.

  39. This episode is one of the best GCN videos since Matt left. I always like to see you two together as the original duo

  40. Ebikes are all but environment friendly. By the time it reaches you, it crossed the whole globe three times. The batteries manufacturing uses rare earths that eat up a monstrous amount of energy to extract and pollute like mad. Electricity itself is made with fuel, coal or here in France uranium. Cheap Ebikes the type Chinese manufacturers sell our cities have a very short life. All in all, Ebikes are a climatic disaster.

  41. Sure let the Pro's in on the Dirty Kanza BUT they can have no team, pro, sponsors etc help them out with bikes, equipment, nutrition etc. They could have family help them out maybe. I'd for one would like to see pros use their own stuff and see what they really can so self supported.

  42. I agree with your predictions. I though would like to see more "gravel"/techy stuff in the grand tours, as I think this adds an element that takes some control away from the teams and riders etc.

  43. Are you guys really, with a straight face and not a flicker of irony, describing things that were great fun and had passionate followers, in their infancy, before they became oversized and a bit unwieldy to the dismay of those early fans. Self awareness reset required!

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