Freshman Advice!😨 How to Survive!! 10 simple steps

Know the difference between a friend and
an acquaintance! Big different guys! Do not get on the teacher’s bad side. I’ve
actually had to confront some of my teachers who didn’t give me my extra credit. Use
quizlet!! Don’t sit there for 4 hours writing out your flashcards. Now if it’s
a final, you’re going to fail that final if you just study the night before. You have to
space that out *Music* Hey Dioreos!! Welcome back to another video and today I’m going to be doing a
freshman advice video so please do the poll in the corner of the video and
subscribe to this channel and let’s get started!! If I look down a lot in this video it’s
because I have a notebook with all my 10 points. 1) BE YOURSELF, be nice,
don’t be mean, just be nice 2)SEEK DISCOMFORT There’s a YouTube channel
called YES theory, go check them out. They are amazing, my favorite youtubers ever!!
Go check them out! The YES theory channel is all about
saying yes and doing things that you’ve always wanted to do but have been too
scared to do in the past. For example, I’ve always wanted to be class
president but I’ve been too scared to be it or something that was embarrassing
or that I was scared to do so it’s all about saying YES and doing what you want
to do. I’ve been seekng discomfort this whole year and it turned out great!!
I’m class president, I’m in every club imaginable,I’m on the tennis team,
varsity cheerleader, seek discomfort guys!! Stop caring about what other people
think of you, just stop, get it out of your mind! Don’t care what other people
think of you, that’s another goal I made before I
started 9th grade. Don’t care, it doesn’t matter! Be yourself, be awesome! 3)START CARING about your schoolwork. Start caring! These four years, freshman is the
start of a new adventure. Try your best in school. Work hard, don’t hardly work!
Check your grades, at my school there’s something called
student portal and it’s where every time you get it test, a project, a quiz, you can
just check your grades online and make sure the teacher isn’t putting in a
zero, when you really got it an “A” Make sure your teacher isn’t getting a little
fishy there. I’ve actually had to confront some of my teachers who didn’t
give me my extra credit and then they had to give it to me and it was great, so
something you should do. 4)STUDYING Use
Quizlet is the all-time most amazing study tool ever. Don’t sit there for four
hours writing out flashcards. Now if that works for you do it. But Quizlet
works for me. Use a planner, be organized, don’t show up on the last day of school and
have a bunch of papers falling out of your locker! Be organized to
Procrastination, that’s another thing sing the night before is fine as long
it’s for a quiz, now if it’s a final, you’re gonna fail that final if you just
study that before you have to space that out. Don’t be scared to take advanced AP
or honor. Anything is possible, don’t think you’re stupid, don’t think you’re
not smart enough to being an advanced or honors or AP class, everyone can be in an
honors, everyone can be an AP, everyone is capable of doing what they want to do.
You just have to work hard enough and you’ll be able to succeed. 6) IN CLASS
Do not get on the teachers bad side! Just don’t do it it’s not gonna end well for
you because you need to make a good first impression when you walk in that
door and the first day of school have a smile on your face. Don’t talk back to
the teacher! Respect the teacher, don’t talk while the teacher’s talking, all
that’s going to build up. The teacher’s going to get mad at you and she/he’s going to
think in his/her mind: oh this is a bad kid! it’s not going to go well in your favor.
Just stay on the teacher’s good side! 7) FRIENDS a big thing in high
school. know the difference between a friend and an acquaintance! Big
difference guys! Know the difference between those two. Make new friends, don’t
be scared to make new friends. Friends in high school are amazing, you’re going to
need them, they’re going to be there. Sometimes they won’t be there,
that’s why you need to know the difference between a friend and
acquaintance. Pick the right crowd. Don’t sit with the people who are doing drugs
everyday, sit with the people who are are going to PUSH you to do the right thing. Who have
goals in life, who want to be something who are trying to go to college, or if
they’re not going to college they want to become a doctor, or something, or a
famous youtuber! Maybe they don’t want to go to college, maybe they
want to do something else with their lives. Maybe they want to travel the
world. Pick a group of people who are doing good things and who are shooting for
good things in life. Don’t be influenced by others, know RIGHT
from WRONG!! You all know what’s WRONG and what’s RIGHT, pick what’s RIGHT! Sit with someone new everyday, this year I challenged myself. At my school, we have day 1, 2, 3, and 4. Then then it starts all over again from day one. So on day
one I would sit with my friends from the tennis team, on day two, I would sit with
my friend from kindergarten, on day three I would sit with my friends from the
film club. On day 4, I would sit with my friend from math class. Sit with
different people. Networking is everything!! You want a good group of
friends and you want to know the nice people. 8) UPPERCLASSMEN so you
might go into high school thinking you might be a little scared of the
upperclassmen or they have some type of power over you or they’re so mean. um NO
Don’t let them push you around because you’re the owner of your ownselves. If
they push you around or they bully you tell someone,TELLTHEM! tell them stand
up for yourself!! I’m not talking about getting in a fight and getting kicked
out of school. I’m talking about standing up for yourself! Tell them it’s wrong. If
they keep on bullying you or doing something wrong um go tell someone, go
tell teacher, a parent, someone. Don’t be afraid of the older kids, I have lots
of friends who are in 12th grade who actually graduated. Congratulations to
everyone who graduated this year!! 9) GET INVOLVED go to football
games, basketball games, sports events, charity, homecoming, school dances, just
get involved in high school!! High school is amazing, it’s some people’s best
four years of their life!! Just do what you want to do, get involved in the
school life, if you’re not into sports and join a club, do some charity work, um
get involved with extracurriculars, get involved in that real high school school
life, and you’ll have a great time!! Trust me, and the most important rule or
piece of advice 10) HAVE FUN!! Its high school,
you’re supposed to have fun, you’re a kid!! You’re 14 through 18 years old. Four
years high school is only four years, make it last, take pictures, document
everything! Take lots of pictures, make videos! Start a YouTube channel!! Do
something different, help out your community, have fun, really have fun,
take in that awesome high school life!! Its only four years, so make it
memorable. Make it memorable, take lots of pictures!! Don’t just go through, don’t just go
through the motions!! Get up for school, go to school, do work, do homework, come
home from schoo,l and do it all over again. NO NO NO NO NO. Have fun! Throw in a club, throw in an
extracurricular, just join lots of things, and you’ll have a great time!! Thank you watching this video, remember
tooooo subscribe, like, comment down below, read the description, DIOREOS!!!

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