Fire Starter Kit from Ingalls Creek Wilderness Outfitters

Hey welcome back to my little creative space and YouTube studio My name is David, and this is the USN ER doc channel if you’re new here and you like what you’re seeing, please don’t forget to subscribe and Don’t forget to click on that Bell button so that you can notify for any future Videos you don’t miss any content But I got home from helping Matt do some photography and Beth said don’t forget to go in your office There’s a little present sitting on your desk So I came into the office and there’s three little bundles They’re kind of wrapped up in a plain brown paper which is cool And I thought there’s no way I’m going to open those without sharing them with you guys Ingalls Creek wilderness Outfitters alright Wow this is like a very heavy-duty it almost feels West This is a very heavy-duty Grommeted storage bag Very very cool you have to well I Have to get online, but I’m pretty sure that this is wax to canvas, but look at that oh This is a OH Hey guys. This is a fire starter kit. I don’t know, but I think this is like What is it called in bushcrafting? You’re? I’m losing the name for it. It’ll come to me probably after I make the video There’s the little bag that they carry with their important stuff alright, if you guys know it why watching this video leave it in the comments below, but this is tinder and One good thing Although I’m terrible at guessing it one would think that this must be baby firesteel or something To that we don’t have a way for you guys to smell that that just smells cool What is the name of that bag from bushcrafting? That’s gonna bother me now I almost want to stop the video and go look it up And this looks like like a little waterproof safe oh boy bath Look at you. Oh Yeah, you guys this is a nice striker and Ferro rod and These are refills for this that is a tight little fit. I like stuff like that. It’s gonna take me a while to get that loaded back in there the striker the Ferro rod an assortment of the tinder And I wonder if this is like that would like real fat would So that’ll be these little brown sticks. Yeah. I have the best way That is very cool oh and look what it’s packed up in this is well-thought-out guys so up in the very top little button of cotton like a little Cotton ball, I didn’t know I was gonna be doing a little gear review opening and that really a gear review But sharing so I’ve got plenty of tinder refill here wow That’s very cool, and I have the coolest wife, and I’ve got the most awesome YouTube viewers and Subscribers, so I appreciate the community and the encouragement and I’ll catch you on the next video. That’s like a little fire starter kit So what’s the story? I actually was watching His videos, and he actually was Made in the USA. I love it whole bag and everything. Thank you I like just little yeah So you have two little tenders the little bag is custom made out of canvas. I figured it was waxed canvas Yeah, you got to smell it. It’s some. Yeah. It’s it’s cool. Yeah. I liked his website. He had some cool stuff Trying to remember the name for that for people that are bushcrafting it has a name that little bag Will say I follow such as YouTube channel and He posts quite a few videos on Preparedness and so he did a video on this little fire-starting kit, and I saw that I ordered it like right away I was like this guy’s gonna sell out his website is Ingalls Creek wilderness Outfitters Ingalls Creek wilderness outfitters tom suit Sencha Seriously, I consider myself fairly good at packing and I Have no idea how he did that I had four pieces left over that I had to put in that pack right there kudos to you for good packing You

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  1. Ingalls Creek Wilderness Outfitters Ultralight Fire Starter Kit
    What is in your possibles kit?

    Welcome to Ingalls Creek Wilderness Outfitters!
    All of our products are made entirely by hand!

    Great “Possibles Bag” discussion at
    BTW … love their gear!

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  2. Good to see another video Doc. Funny thing is I just received my shipment from Ingalls Creek today. Like Beth, I saw it on Sootch's Channel the other day. Look forward to your next video. 73 K7FTP

  3. Just checked out the Ingalls Creek Wilderness website. Awesome fire starting kit. Going to order the same set up for myself.

  4. cool unboxing. ive had my fire kit for 4 months now. clip it on my belt loop and its always a part of my edc. Eric's a good person and all of his products are top notch.

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