Family Time: Zion Wilderness

[Bird sounds] [Wind blowing] [Bird sounds] LILLY: My name is Lilly and
I’m five. I really, I like to be outdoors, because… there’s animals that you can see… and you can look at. And lizards. The lizards are fast! And there’s more trees. And more new stuff. LAUREL: Smell Good? The purple one. Do you want to smell? LAUREL: Nick and I realized when we had kids that you can do all the stuff you did before you just have to be prepared and be ready to improvise. NICK: Lilly, I found one! LILLY: What? NICK: A deer track! LILLY: Deer track! LAUREL: You know, it actually gives you a chance to stop and look at stuff, and you get to see things through their eyes. [Bird squawk] LILLY: What was that bird sound? LILLY: I think it was something – Ohhh!! That’s a pretty butterfly. Look! Look! NICK: Oh, they flew away. LILLY: Ohh! [Woodpecker tapping] LILLY: Do you hear that woodpecker? [Woodpecker tapping] NICK: I think that wilderness holds a lot of different meanings for people, and I think that is an important part of exploring wilderness with your kids, so they can find what it means to them. [Bird sounds]

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