FAIL! Why Your Online Marketing Plan Will Likely Not Work

Alright, in this video you’re going to discover
why your online marketing plan will likely fail. Now, before I get into that, if you’re
interested in discovering some advanced strategies that insiders are using right now to get 248%
ROI using paid media, then I’ve got a special video for you. All you have to do is click
the link before right now. You see, nobody does pretesting with their marketing funnels
to determine if there is market viability for their idea that they have. You see, you
can have the best plan in the world, but if nobody is going to buy your idea, then it
will always fail. So what you have to do is you have to commit to putting your idea together
in the least amount of work possible that will give you the opportunity to test to see
if people will actually buy what you’re selling. You can do that very simply with
a very short sales page, and you can drive some traffic across it. You don’t even have
to put a product together. This is the great part about this. So what you can do is put
together a basic sales page. You put up an order button, and the order button, instead
of going to an order page where somebody can buy the product, you would actually just put
a simple opt-in form and ask people to give you their name and e-mail. Then, when they
give you their name and e-mail, you just direct them to a page saying that the product is
sold out, and you’re going to get back to them. Now, what you can do then is you can
actually measure the amount of people that are filling that out and count them each as
a quote unquote sale, and based on what you’re going to sell the product at for your price
point and how much you spent on testing out the traffic coming to that sales page, you
can determine if there’s market viability and profitability in that idea before ever
going through the trouble of putting an entire product together, building out order forms,
and doing all this technical stuff that’s required in order to have a marketing funnel
that works. So that is a really unique way that you can actually pre-test your marketing
plan to determine if there’s market viability for your idea, without having to go through
all the work of building everything out. If you do that, you’ll be a lot more successful
with your ideas. You can crush through many ideas in a short period of time until you
find that one that is going to be a winner for you. One thing you need to understand
is that online advertising is becoming increasingly difficult to pull off successfully using the
traditional methods because people are simply becoming blind to them. The most effective
way to combat this is using native advertisements, which is just a fancy way term for ads that
look similar to the content around them. It sounds counter intuitive, but the best way
to get noticed is to actually blend in. Think of soap operas and infomercials. They’re
the original native ads that have been running successfully for decades, selling billions
of dollars of products. Now, if you want to start leveraging native ads, there’s two
choices you can make. You can go out and spend all the time and money trying to figure them
out on your own, or you can just click the image on the right. That will take you to
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