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EXO is a South Korean K-pop boy band formed
in 2011 by the S.M. Entertainment Company, and it’s one of the most successful bands
in the country. To promote themselves, the group was conceived
in two different units: EXO-K in South Korea and EXO-M in China, singing in both languages. The concept is a reference to the term “exoplanet”,
which means a planet outside of the Earth’s solar system. The twelve original members were presented
through different videos made by the company. The first one was Kai, and a week later Luhan
and Tao were introduced. Then the company presented Sehun, Xiumin and
Lay. With these six members, their first single
was released on January 29th 2012: “What is love”. This single was released simultaneously in
Korean and Mandarin Chinese. After its release, the company revealed the
remaining members of the band: D.O., Chen, Baekhyun and Chanyeol, as well as the leaders
Suho and Kris. EXO’s official debut was on April 8th 2012,
when both units were introduced with the release of the EP “Mama”, and its single of the same
name. Both the Korean and Chinese version were sales
successes. After being awarded with the Best New Asian
Band Award at the MNET Asian Music Awards, EXO came back the next year with a bang, with
their first studio album “XOXO”. A version of the album was released in Korea
and another one in China, both with the track “Wolf” as the introductory song. The album was a huge success – so much that
just a few months later the album was re-edited with a new single, “Growl”, which was chosen
as song of the year at the Melon Music Awards of 2013. XOXO was the highest-selling album of the
year in Korea, and made EXO become the first band in the country, in twelve years, to surpass
one million copies sold. Taking advantage of their growing popularity
they released a reality show, as well as their first Christmas EP, “Miracles in December”. In May 2014 they made a comeback with their
album “Overdose”. The band used their two units to promote their
album both in South Korea and China. However, at that time the leader of EXO-M,
Kris, decided to sue S.M. Entertainment and put an end to his contract. Meanwhile, the other members embarked on their
first tour, which sold out in just seconds. At the end of the year another member, Luhan,
made the same decision as Kris and abandoned the company, leaving EXO with ten members. In March 30th 2015 they published their second
studio album, “EXODUS”. The Korean version of this album managed to
break a new record in sales in the first 24 hours of its release. However, the band had to face another twist
when Tao quit in April. That made the Chinese unit of the band dissolve,
and EXO went on to have only nine members. In November of that same year they debuted
in the Japanese market with the single “Love Me Right ~Romantic Universe~”, which ended
up on the top of the Oricon lists. A few days later they published “Lightsaber”,
which would go on to become part of the soundtrack of the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After conquering the Asian market, EXO announced
five performances in North America as part of their first world tour: EXO’luXion. Shortly afterwards they would see how their
third album, “EX’ACT”, would surpass their previous successes thanks to singles like
“Monster” and “Lotto”. In October 2016 EXO-CBX was formed – a new
unit of the band composed of Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin who launched the EP “Hey Mama!”. At the same time, Lay became the first member
to debut solo. His first EP, “Lose Control”, became a sales
success both in South Korea and China. In December of the same year, EXO came back
to the Japanese market with “Coming Over”. They also published a new EP in Korean and
Mandarin, and a third Christmas album. All this made the band become an international
phenomenon. Their next album, which didn’t have Lay as
he was focused on his solo career, was titled “The War”. It had the catchy single “Ko Ko Bop” as the
introductory track. The choreography of this song became viral,
and inspired the Ko Ko Bop Challenge. After another world tour and an album in Japanese,
EXO took a break to prepare for their next album, although they kept playing in big events. Finally, the band made its comeback in November
2nd 2018 with the release of “Don’t mess up my tempo”. A month later the album was re-edited to include
the very successful song “Love Shot”. This was their third number one in the World
Digital Songs Billboard, and became their fifth album to surpass one million sales. In April of 2019 Chen debuted solo with his
EP “April and a flower”. The next month Xiumin had to do mandatory
military service, and had to withdraw temporarily from the project. At the same time, another EXO unit was formed:
EXO-SC, conformed by the rappers Sehun and Chanyeol. They published the mini-album “What a life”. Nowadays we can enjoy their seventh studio
album: “Obsession”. We can’t stop listening to it! Without a doubt, EXO has consolidated itself
as one of the most important K-pop bands in recent years. Part of their success is due to their synchronized
choreographies, the aesthetic of their performances, and their constant musical evolution. They have also been an inspiration not only
to innumerable artists, but also to an entire generation thanks to their social involvement
and their charitable actions. We hope they keep inspiring people for a long,
long time!

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  1. After BTS, Blackpink, TXT, Twice and EXO… which should be the next Draw My Life? Tell us your favourite k-pop band, we're reading the coments! 😉

  2. Your videos are really entertaining and kinda informative
    I love them ❤
    Can you do a video about an older group ? Maybe like Infinite, SHINee…
    And can you also do Seventeen please

  3. Hello~ thank you so much for this video and drawing the boys~ I just wanna add tho that also this year of the date July 1st, Kyungsoo/D.O also enlisted. So currently, both Xiumin and D.O are serving in the military. 😊 Thank you once again 💕 Also hoping that we can all enjoy the comeback and yeah, for them to be happy, healthy, and to continue to inspire more people in the future. 💕

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  5. One of the best happened to my life is when I meet EXO and I never regret it for being part of this fandom. Thank you EXO you came to my Boring life and make my life right now as a roller coaster.

  6. Wow, i got an EXO ad in an EXO draw my life, amazing

    Edit: i was so shocked that you guys made an EXO draw my life, i am a vig fan of k-pop specially EXO, my bias in EXO is Baekhyun UwU
    Str34m EXO Obsession ❤❤❤

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