Episode 76: Julita Moss: Longevity in Investing

Welcome to the REI Foundation podcast
where we cover all the steps and strategies to make your real estate
dreams a reality now your host Jason and peely hi everybody and welcome again to
the REI foundation podcast Jason and peely today we have the amazing who
needs a moss joining us welcome it is Julito but you know it’s the
introduction version of Selita Julito spelled the same way no big deal wrong
so even we both have interesting names yeah well mister is back on track here
so welcome to the show thank you so much why don’t you give us a little
background of yourself and how you got started in real estate
okay well started in 2005 full-time I was in corporate America 14 years
company was bought out and then at that time I was given a great opportunity to
do what I love to do I had rental properties when I was working in the
corporate environment and decided that that’s the route that I wanted to go and
explore and you know I started small and actually just kind of took it one step
at a time very slowly and just started kind of growing my portfolio year after
year so 2004 bought a house 2005 bought two houses 2006 bought seven houses so
as the time progressed I just started to build the portfolio and did a little bit
of flipping during that time did not do any hotels until the last two years but
the mango was owning property and owning single-family residence at the time so
periodic great stuff there so one of the first things I’d ask is you you have a
corporate job and you decide to buy rental properties
what was the urge that gets you into there well I mean I came from a family
that owned properties some real estate you know in my family
so that was kind of in my blood and having a full-time career job made it
easy to go to the banks to get a loan and it was just something I loved my
husband and I at the time loved to work on the houses so you know at 20 years Oh
21 years old you know we decided that that’s what we wanted to do was to buy
houses and you know first we were fixing them up and selling them and then
eventually just decided to keep the ones that we fixed up and you know it started
kind of as weekend projects and after work and and as soon became a little bit
more difficult because we then started the family and had three kids and two
full-time jobs and traveling and it was it was really tough alright let’s talk a
little bit more about that the mindset of starting your family and you’re
already progressing in this business I can definitely eat up your time so how
did you how did you balance the two family and business well for me
personally family always came first and that was um something from our you
know in our life that we determined is that our kids were always to be but
first before any jobs any careers and but at the same time you know we had
goals we had dreams we wanted a good future for our kids we wanted good
retirements and so we really just started with the plan
I mean honestly at 20 years old 22 years old we had goals and we had things you
know we wanted to accomplish and but at that time you know when we started with
our kids we didn’t do a great job of merely looking at things but on a global
bigger pictures we knew where we wanted to be you know we knew that we wanted to
own our own properties we knew that we wanted our kids to go to Catholic school
so we knew we had to make a certain amount so we
you know there were just things that were really important to us as a family
and you know everybody’s situation is different everybody’s goals are
different everybody’s their income needs are different and that was probably the
hardest thing you know for us was to not judge and not you know look at somebody
else and say what do they have and what don’t I have it was more about what was
what was important to us and how do we accomplish those things so after 14
years with a company how did you just make the jump
after that company did not go back into the corporate world and go out there and
just take the risk and it seemed your set up so you’ve been doing these so it
wasn’t a brand new venture but just that you talked a bit about having certain
certain levels you know your kids going to Catholic school on other points but
now you’re going into this world where there’s no guaranteed income there’s no
weekly paycheck that’s a struggle for a lot of people what told you it was the
right time to make that move I mean I was fortunate enough that the company
that I was with I did get a severance so that kind of gave me a good cushion to
take that risk but probably more importantly it was just the desire it
was the desire that I did not want to go back into a corporate job you know I
worked I worked 40 hour week job plus having three kids rental properties I
mean there was a lot of things went on my life but I determined that that’s
just not what I want I didn’t want that life anymore and I’m not I’m not real
good at the politics and I didn’t want to go back to another corporate
environment so I just you know I just made it up in my mind that it wasn’t
gonna be a matter of you know how successful I was gonna be it was just a
matter of when and how and I’m very fortunate that I have a great support
system you know my family’s very close to me so
no if I had to have a Saturday showing or I had to do things I had help and you
know like everybody says it takes a village to raise your kids and we all
know that and I definitely had that support you know husband at the time and
then you know you just just just take it and strides and you just you know out my
theory was always do something even if it’s wrong you know if you do if you
just sit around and wait and go to classes and listen and listen to
podcasts and but do nothing then you’re never going to get anywhere so I mean
there’s a lot of things looking back how many mistakes that I made
how many things that I would have done differently now but if I wouldn’t have
done them I wouldn’t have been able to grow and I wouldn’t have to learn and I
wouldn’t be able to now own 20 properties over 20 years so it’s amazing
let’s delve a little bit more into that I mean let’s you have an incredible
mindset and I know at some point you became a single mother as well so how do
you for for anybody out there that has is like thinking about all the excuses
of why not how did you get over that why not how did you have the faith in
yourself to take that jump and stay and say the course I guess again back to the
passion it was I never felt like it was work it was really more about just I
enjoy I enjoy it I still enjoy it part 7 you’re still it’s a job I mean
you know that it’s not a get rich overnight scheme it’s it’s not easy you
know people can sit around and say oh it’s great whatever but there’s days
that you want to give up and there’s days that you want to just throw in the
towel and believe me there were many a days and I would reach out to a friend
I’ll reach out to my mom I’ll reach out to somebody and say I think I just need
to go back to corporate America and you know it was a steady job it was a steady
income I got a paycheck every two weeks I had insurance but you know when when
the time passed and the little ugliness would pass then I would refocus again
and you know stay energized and that’s the other thing that I can you know say
about staying focused is sometimes you have to just break away from it take a
vacation go to the park get away from your desk we all a lot of us work at
home and it’s that was a hard transition for me when I left corporate America
that I’d been working in a company for 14 years going to work it’s seven
o’clock every week and every day coming home at five o’clock
making dinner doing baths you know all that and and then to wake up and say
nobody has nobody’s telling me what to do nobody’s given me a budget to work
with nobody’s given me any KPIs that I have to meet had to figure all of it out
by myself and being in groups like we’re in seven-figure flippin six-figure
flipping you know I did that as well when I first started um I did a group in
Atlanta for a year and a half very similar to ours it was a little bit
different from the standpoint um it was a much bigger group but I did personal
coaching I did um every eight weeks I drove to Atlanta and went and got
trained so you know it’s really about making the commitment to your education
my mentor at the time who now is my acquisitions person about full circle um
he told me the victim went out when I was leaving Brenna Williamson the one
thing he said to me is well as we were leaving lunch I was like what advice
would you give me he said the best advice I can give you is invest in your
education and he said you don’t know how many people I go to lunch with people
that say they want to get in the business and whatever and they never do
any of that they talk about it but they don’t really do anything about it and
that’s really you know what kept me on track is growing and learning and
trying you know when I first started going to those classes and they started
talking subject twos and laced with options I had no clue I mean it was like
a foreign language and to understand and to but to keep hearing it and to hear it
and then to come back and do it it was like an opening you know your ear you
know that they say about you only hear when you’re ready to hear it or you only
see it when you’re ready to see it I mean it’s still I mean I’ve been doing
this now for twenty plus years and we go to the classes and I hear something that
I’ve known for ten years but because I hadn’t experienced it or I hadn’t lived
through it then all of a sudden when I have then it’s like oh that’s what it
means or that’s that’s how it relates to me so you know and that whole thing
about the education is just really really important wow that’s so amazing I
mean that was that was actually my next question was gonna add I was gonna ask
you how did you learn how did you find the mentors but you hit it right on the
nail education is so key I mean in any anything you do in life but especially
in real estate investing without the education you’re you’re kind of a
sitting duck you can’t you can’t get anywhere right right yeah and so many
people would seem to you know every time I go into a conference they it’s almost
like they think that you know it’s like you learn and I think sometimes they
think are you not getting it you know because you keep going but it’s one of
those things that just of all I mean just like technology changes medicine
changes everything real estate real estate is changed dramatically in the 20
years that I’ve been doing it from the technology you know it’s still the same
game it’s still follow and so I mean it’s no different it’s just a matter of
how we’re doing it and the competition that we have the shows that are on TV
and the education that the sellers now have I mean it’s just a different a
different arena getting you know getting loans 2005 I mean anybody could get
along in 2004 2005 2006 and then we all know what happened in 2007 and 2008 and
the our whole world changed my world included and you know at that time all I
could do was just hunker down and just survive it was really a mode of survival
I did not him I did not miss a payment I never was late on a payment but it was
hard those years were definitely difficult
and but it’s made me learn also not to over leverage and not to overextend my
credit and not to to do the things that I’ve seen other people do and so all
good lessons and and as we you know continue to go forward and as you all
know now I’m including my children my kids into this business and it’s so how
is that going it’s going very well actually Evan finishes myotis finishes
in December and he’s coming on full-time so it’s scary in the sense of you know
I’ve supported him for 23 years but now the thought is always that when they
graduate college they’ll be on their own well now you know he’s come along with
me but he’s been actually been doing dispositions for the last six months and
you know learning as you all know he came he’s come into a lot of the the
conferences and getting on the calls and really gonna jump into there and then
Adam my down the middle one same thing and then Jacob wrong he’s a freshman in
college so you know we’ll just move them right along and if they want to do villa
state which they seem to all want to do that’s great I always tell them though
do what you love because I don’t know if you all have seen that thing on Facebook
about you know you have this amount of time you know when you’re going to
school and then you have this amount of time when you retire and this amount of
time is for all these years you have to work you better love what you do because
that’s a big chunk of time you know you got to fill your days and
you got to fill your life with things that make you happy again it’s not every
day I’m not Hispanic every single day and there’s a hard day
but for the most part he gives me the freedom because that was the other thing
when my kids were in grade school I wanted the opportunity to be that parent
that could go on field trips so I wanted that be that parent that when they got
home from school that I was there with their homework and I wanted to be that
supportive and now again you know now that they’re older now I can focus more
on my business and growing the business and during those years it was a matter
of just growing my portfolio slowly and consistently and not spending
unresponsive lis because I’m I’m a conservative person by nature but you
know the planning part is critical as far as you know when when you’re when
you have a plan it’s easy to stick to your plan if you if you look at it each
day or you know every week or every month to kind of know where you’re going
it’s like a road map let’s talk about your business what is the current focus
of your business Aidan right now it’s in the last year it’s been mainly on the
host selling side again you know I have 20 properties in my rental portfolio
last year I did five flips and about three hotel deals this year it’s like
only three clips and about 13 hotel deals so it really this past year has
all have been and since I joined the group it’s all really good about my
systems so it’s been sending up the Facebook pages setting up the website
said not the CRM system I mean it is I really felt like this last eight or nine
months that my buying capacity has been lower because my attention has been on
building the systems and building the structure and not going out on the
appointments and I did hire a bookkeeper so that helped helped tremendously I
hired the acquisitions person as I mentioned that you know he’s my mentor
so but it’s been very slow it’s not been a
I’m not I don’t have the growth I’m not here yet it’s coming I’m good yeah it’s
definitely coming in the foundation that’s my whole thing is I’m trying to
set the foundation because I know it will I’m living proof that it does work
that if you stick to it and you don’t give up and that’s hard to do and I’ve
been guilty of stopping my marketing and then all of a sudden my you know my
calls stopped and I did that because you know what I was doing a lot of things by
myself I was a one-man show for 18 20 years and now I’ve realized that I
definitely have to you know I need help to grow to be able to grow the business
nice and talking about the help that she’s are going off with the help she’s
talking about is Justin Williams and house-flipping HQ and his coaching
programs are how slipping formula six-figure flipping seven-figure
flipping and now eight-figure flipping and both both Julita and I and Jason are
part of the seven figures up in community and it has skyrocketed our
businesses and we’re in the same boat where like we are focused on creating
sound foundations for our business because without the foundation you
really don’t have anything you might have that foundation you need the
systems in place to really really take your business where you want it to go it
also allows you to break through the ceiling because you see other people
doing things at just catastrophic levels that you’re not associated with within
your day in and day out and when you see so many other people accomplishing so
many different amazing things it makes it so much easier for you to reach that
level so you can take that next up very easily now ten steps farther past that
you’re not even close to the guys that are way down the track and okay well
that’s attainable yes how do we get to those steps so I mean take a look at
your growth I mean you have those 2020 homes in your portfolio last year you
did three whole sales in seven flips that we use by
three yeah this year you did three flips and 13 so you’re still doing more deals
this year than you did last year so kudos to you congratulations it’s huge
hey it’s not over yet oh it’s not any good it’s about consistency
I mean I’ve learned nothing else that I’ve learned is trying to stay
consistent and it doesn’t mean that you know does it don’t change your marketing
channel or you don’t adjust it you know a perfect example is my bandage I’m my
bae Natanz have worked so well through the year and I got busy my system didn’t
order them we didn’t we just kind of missed it and so here we were with no
sons and now I look at my numbers and I can see I can see we didn’t put any
signs up because there’s no calls coming in on bandit signs there’s no you know
so it definitely just goes to prove it’s hard it’s hard to set aside that money
don’t because every you know we’ve talked about this and in our group you
know to set aside the money for the Facebook or set aside the money for the
direct mail it’s very difficult especially if you’re working with a set
budget and that is all but you have to work with and we all know me none of us
have unlimited budgets so you have to make those hard choices about what’s
working and I’m getting better at this one of the things that I haven’t been
really good at in the past he’s doing my KPI and seeing what’s working and what’s
not working and I’m realizing yeah I’m realizing that is key I mean because how
can I tell you know how can I tell soon-to-be oven what new marketing
channels are what is working and not working if I don’t know so you know
really digging into that this last month I mean I really have dug into the month
and you know what I’m finding out is some of our leaves that are coming in
we’re not doing a very good job the ones that are for that week yeah we’re doing
great we do great follow up for us those right he’s a great communicator and he
follows up with them well but when the when they get down and they start kind
of dropping and we own her from two weeks or three weeks they have the
tendency to just kind of fall off face the earth and that’s money we spent so
I’m really making an effort to my new thing is no lead left behind so it’s
like we are gonna work that lead until we bug the crap out of them or they sold
the house or whatever so until you can’t work it anymore
we can’t work anymore and also one of the other big huge things that I’m
focusing on this this until the end of the year that we’ve been working on the
last couple months is the niche list because I really want to be more a
little bit more ninja I mean after our last meeting that was kind of a take
away from me is that and then when I look at my numbers when I see the deals
that I’ve done the best on are the ones that not everybody’s going after and so
you know the driving for the dollars and then the probates and you know the code
violations and things that take a little bit more effort than just going to buy
analysts you know my equity list does not cool real well maybe it’s not market
or maybe it’s because I haven’t done it long enough just yet
but the ones that we do the best on are have tendency to be or niche and and you
know the less pendants even though those all come with their own problems in
itself you know we just you know I just try to work with make sure that Russ
understands when he goes to the lead this has came in during the LS pendants
so know the situation so he’s aware that they’re behind and whether they want to
talk about it or not that’s how I know that they because we know that we got
them from that list so really just being a little bit more like he said ninja
engine yeah taking the information of what we have and making sure that we’re
all aware of it and using it to the best of our
and using it for the follow-up and using it in our systems in our CRM and setting
up automated processes to them nice what’s something in your business right
now that you are really focusing on so you talked right now about about being
niche list but what’s something that’s that’s been a struggle for you currently
in your business that you’re working with your team to improve on probably
the biggest one has been the follow up you know just making sure that because
when when Russ the acquisitions person gets overloaded obviously what happens
is those other leads just kind of get pushed to the wayside and that follow-up
doesn’t get um doesn’t you know we don’t we’re not using that to the best of our
ability so setting up systems for that so doing a lot of the automated the
voice blasts the emails and the text messages that are going out out of the
invest refuse that’s probably been the biggest and then also which now I’m
there but it took me a couple months to get there is to automate the direct mail
so because in the past I was it was one of those that we would do the list and
then every week it would be like okay well who’s you know who goes where and
you know how many are we gonna send down and all that and so now we went with a
company that literally this is the schedule so for 12 weeks they know every
every week how many go out and who goes out and we’re building off of that so we
started out with 1500 and then what we’ve done is added little small buckets
and whether that’s when when the four-week time comes around for the
niche list after four weeks then they’re going to get a postcard so now they get
dumped into there so that 1500 now is up to 2,500 and we’ll just kind of keep
building that to try to stay in that 2,500 a week so really more so we’ve
just taken away the thinking and taking away the doing and making it more
automated so now it’s just they have everything on file they just I mean that
we don’t need do anything now when that 12-week time
comes up you know we will provide them with a new list and there’ll be some
things that we have to do there but not every single week because what’s
happening is you know they had to have the files on Thursday on Wednesday we
were scrambling around you know trying to get a list sometimes we wait
sometimes we wouldn’t and so yeah that’s my sounds like it’s much better this way
automate everything systems aren’t they crazy I’m just gonna say in the 20 plus
years that you’ve been doing this you must have some awesome stories can you
tell us of like one great story I either win or or lesson learned that you could
share with our community yeah probably um the biggest I don’t want to say it’s
one win one of the best approaches for me is creative financing I love creative
financing so that’s always my big plug to people is just because it doesn’t fit
in this little box of the person wanting to sell don’t close your mind to the
fact that there’s lots of different ways to approach it
I mean if they’re set on a certain price give them that price if they will do
owner financing at 3% or 4% interest or something I mean it has to be a win-win
I get that but if there’s a good house or a good apartment or good something
think about the long term not just the short term gain but if that house
appreciates for 6% for the next 10 years and I can get this guy to get it paid
for and five or seven or eight or whatever you know don’t leave those
especially for and you know some people don’t like the more educated sellers I
personally do because they understand they understand the tax implications
they understand that if they have a capital gain and they’re gonna pay this
huge tax on you know so you don’t have to educate them some some of you do I
mean when some people inherit these you know $150,000 house do they understand
they’re going to be hit with the big tax burden you know if you could educate
them I’ve probably gotten more deals from telling explaining people to them
let’s do an installment plan let’s do something where
I pay you payments I just did one in the fall of last fall for the gentleman that
I mean he was stuck on a price he was not going to move off the price no
investor we give him the price I gave him the price but he didn’t get it to us
on the house so you know it was a wait I didn’t have to go get financing I didn’t
have to pay any you know no no payments to me so it worked out in the end you
know he was happy I was happy and it was all good so I always just say don’t if
it doesn’t fit in one box see if it’ll fit in another box or you know see if
it’ll because if you don’t ask you’re never gonna know many times people don’t
even know that even throw that out there so if you don’t tell them and if you you
know if you don’t educate them on how what you can do and I mean I’m fortunate
now that I have a good referral like um so like whenever I do that I always put
on you know so when I make an offer to somebody I’m usually making them three
offers one offer is gonna be a an equity offer we run through a basic scenario
just so there’s some context it could be anything
$100,000 house $300,000 house offer one’s going to be $5,000 at closing no
payments and $95,000 when I saw the house so second scenario is going to be
$10,000 at closing but the sales price will be 90 so in other words because
what I do is I go through the scenario with them as far as what their equity is
so like if they’re sitting there and I say well you know if you have to get a
real estate agent you’ve got to do these repairs at the end of the day what you
really have an equity is $100,000 you think it’s 150 but you’ve got all these
expenses you got $30,000 of repairs etc so we’re down to 100,000 okay so hundred
thousand is my starting point so 100 so offer a as I mentioned five thousand and
then ninety five thousand offer two is ten thousand and now I’m lowering his
equity so lowering the equity to be 90 thousand so ten thousand at
closing eighty thousand whenever I saw the house and then automatically off for
three is a cash offer 60 grand in an SH home
obviously because every person has a different scenario some people need that
cash and they’re gonna say I don’t care how much you’re willing to offer me in
equity six months from now I need the money right now
versus somebody else who has a job as income but they want the most out of
their parents house or their brother’s house so they said they can sudden wait
for the wreck wa you’re giving them a different scenario and you’re giving
them things to think about and then all and then always the last one is I’ll
give them the hundred thousand and if and this is you know usually if they’re
I’ve already kind of talked about the seller financing a little bit understand
and I I know that they’re not in a desperate situation if I know that then
I’m at eclis going for the for the seller financing so that could be
long-term that could be like for an example I just didn’t duplex and the guy
did not necessarily need the money right away he wanted what he wanted and I gave
it to them and we set up a structure that was good for him and it works for
me so you know it’s just really every scenario in every house has a different
story no there’s nothing that’s like I can
just hand to my son and say this is what it’s going to be for this house because
every single when I’m different um so you know again just giving that
seller options and listening to their needs
you know what is their need their need is that they you know we’re that five
ten thousand dollars comes into play a lot of times I’ll say why need ten
thousand dollars because I got a kid that’s going to college and whatever so
so they’re willing to take a little bit more cash and less equity but they don’t
need it all right away and and again I educate them about do you understand
that if you get this hundred thousand dollars which your time have you talked
to your accountant have you talked to your attorney do you understand the tax
implications of what this is going to mean for you
and that goes you know sometimes they do sometimes they do understand because
they have you know they have talked to them sometimes they don’t even think
about that at all they don’t that hasn’t been on their radar they’ve never dealt
with having to sell homes and they live in a home but now they’ve inherited this
problem or this asset that they didn’t even know how to deal with so thank you
everybody out there that’s listening rewind that I do this a lot but you do
need to be there rewind that about let’s say about three five minutes and we
listen to everything she just explained to you how to do seller financing listen
to that at least ten times and then go do it no it’s great I mean if you think
about it that you get these textbook scenarios over 70% of a rv- repairs and
there’s there’s your offer and that sounds wonderful but you have to
understand that it’s it’s about helping sellers and finding their situation and
what’s the situation that’s gonna work for them that can ultimately work for
you too so thank you so much thank you value is awesome so where does your
business go in five years where were you where’s your direction well I’m hoping
to be sitting on a beach drinking drinks and just clicking checks not perfect I
mean evident you know honestly you know I just hit 50 this year so my goal was
you know it 50 to have a retirement plan of 10 you know 10 to 15 ounces paid for
I’m not quite there I do have some because when I left the corporate job I
mean I had a 401k and I had all that and when you leave the corporate job you
don’t have that cushion anymore so you have to and so my house is you know to
me when I left in 2004 the houses were my retirement and you know I’ve done
things like you know setting up the self-directed IRAs and so I did a lot of
that up front to take care of myself going forward and so I you know five
years I you know I’m hoping that they’re growing this business to the to where
they want it to be and you know I’ll be there supporting them and
helping them and and probably you know maybe doing some other things I don’t
know yes that’s perfect real estate will always be in my blood and always be you
know I’ll be selling people I’ll never retire because I don’t really feel like
for the most part I don’t ever feel like it’s work I probably will get out of the
property management piece of it for sure that definitely will not be in my life
in the next five years but in some some you know in some way something will be
there so it’s great it’s great in now if you have a new investor who is possibly
looking to get started what would be something in actual step you would tell
them right now to do oh gosh network network in the REO groups or the you
know whatever whatever their groups are they’re latch on to somebody that is
doing the business make a friend go to lunch take them to lunch you know
especially if you’re working the full-time job raising a family I mean
maybe it’s not something you can do right away but you can certainly learn a
little bit at a time and you can make a connection with somebody that’s doing
the business I mean we all love to teach we all love to have somebody you know
latch on to you and I know you know that’s the great thing about this
business is there’s not there’s so much there’s so much out there that there’s
no competition really I mean you know we all end up sometimes in the same houses
but at the end of the day you know there’s enough to go around for
everybody so don’t be scared to you know reach out to an investor or reach out to
an agent you know depend on what they wanted to do but networking is something
that I didn’t get to do a lot of when I was younger because I was a single
parent I was you know doing the soccer and football and baseball every night
and and that’s something that I don’t I don’t want to say that I’m not paying
for now but I don’t have a lot of those relationships with agents or other
investors that some of my counterparts do because I didn’t have that so now now
that’s what I’m doing so you know reaching out and doing other things and
I was always my in the head was just when I had time to work on the business
I had to work on the business and not network but you know when I had when I
had a job I mean I certainly went to lunch you know so I just call and see if
I could go to lunch with somebody or you know never eat alone yep yeah exactly
right and you know and the whole thing education that’s my other big plug is do
the podcast read I mean I my kids it’s amazing not honestly to the 23 21 and 19
and they are listening to more podcast and I listen to their my son he last
night for his birthday he we ordered the zig Zigler books that’s what he wanted
first birthday Wow right anyone years old you know that’s
amazing got my youngest my 19 year old is um
he’s one of my private lenders he had a thousand dollars and he wanted to back
in the summer and he said cuz he here you know he would hear me talking and so
he negotiated 12 percent oh I used one thousand dollars yeah good for him yeah
I’m sure he knows like what that what that twelve percent is gonna get him in
the future yes to the penny yeah because you know and that’s part of the whole
education as well as just make sure that in he you know I’ve said down with him
and made him understand showed him how that thousand dollars today what is that
going to be when you’re my age when you’re fifty because you know I had I
was fortunate enough to have that from my parents you know that helped me see
what compounding interest really can do and how powerful that is Japan yeah the
younger you start the better off you are love it four stars are our oldest is
three I’m gonna start teaching that tomorrow never too soon yeah always always wanted
to always talk to my kids and at one point I tried it became more of a
nightmare than anything is our LGD are our electric bills here when they were
little I would leave on every light every TV every fan so I I wanted to I
told him I was going to do this that they would get an allowance but they had
to pay the LG me villain anything that was left they would get to keep well
that you know lasted for about a month because it was just too hard for both of
us but it made them at least think about it and it made them realize you know hey
this does cost money to have the TV running when I’m not here or whatever
and little things like that that you really don’t think um affect them really
does stick with them and as they get older and I’m seeing that they really
did listen occasionally you know that’s the best part of this for me and working
with my kids is knowing that I’m really giving them more than just a business
I’m giving them a value in a way of life and you know how to be happy
and be not just not just about money but about freedom and about doing the things
you want to do and you know well we’re sort of going on that road right now
what what is your big why oh my gosh my kids obviously my family um I also have
two brothers and parents that are very active in my life and those are my wives
I mean we do family vacations and we do we go to the lake on the weekends and
you know that’s the reason that I do it I want to I was fortunate enough to have
those experiences my dad was very hard worker he was in construction business
random you know raining very hard working man worked you know on the
backhoe but ran a good business my mom ran the business from home and he he was
out in the field um but I what I learned from them also
is and what I’m seeing now is that don’t do everything yourself they they had a
good successful business but they did everything my mom ran the business she
did the books she did and my dad did all the work and managed the construction
guys and whatever and they they only grew to a certain level and again that’s
all that they wanted and you know that was good and that was very they live
great likes that they travel all the time now they have been retired and
living a very good life and and that’s the whole thing is that you know money
doesn’t buy you happiness so you’ve got to figure out what that happiness is for
yourself and for me it’s being with my family
nice put some words to live by oh gosh treat others like you want to be treated
I’m a big proponent of you know treating people fair that’s why you know our
business is built on referrals as you all know and I think if you you know you
treat someone well they’re gonna tell a few other people at least and you know
do unto others as you want to be done to so that’s that’s probably the best
advice and just stay today you know stay grounded they grounded and remembering
who you are because that’s one of the things that I think early on in my life
we lost we lost that connection me and my husband at the time we lost that
connection because of things that we got sidetracked careers real estate you know
we and we diverted from what was really what supposed to be the most important
so as you hug your husband there that is important most date nights and those
times that you know you think that oh you gotta be with your kids
they’re never gonna remember them you left them one night and went out to do
you know so don’t don’t don’t forget for sure those are very important that’s
great yeah now if there’s some people out
there that want to find you say hello or maybe get on your buyers list or some
others would be a great place for them to reach you okay it’s uh well I’m gonna
spit I’m gonna say it first and I misspelled it silver lining properties
so it’s a spell P borrow property he’s however you spell that Bureau Gies
Louisville at gmail.com got it perfect perfect
as I make my pretties Louisville at gmail.com I make sure it’s correct on
our show notes yes yeah thank you all so much it was awesome and I’m so happy
that’s the other thing that I love when I come to these groups and come to the
classes to see young people and not young you know couples especially
working together because it’s not easy it’s so hard to work together and to
figure out not on each other’s lanes and all that kind of stuff and I commend you
guys for sticking with it and you know figuring it out but also staying focused
on your relationship and your marriage and keeping the keeping the business
kind of out of there as well thank you thank you so very much for everything
thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you it’s so much value
oh good I’m glad it was been fun so I look forward to watching you all grow
and doing lots of great things and and I’ll definitely keep my eyes open for
things for you also I’m gonna definitely look watch and see how you grow as well
thank you so much for being on our show well this is the REI foundation podcast
with Jason and peely thank you so very much to hooli Tomas and thank you so
great for you and so grateful for everyone who’s listening oh thanks thank
you guys and take care bye now thanks for tuning in to the REI
foundation podcast check back next time for more awesome tips and strategies to
launch your new you in real estate

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