[EPISODE 1|SEASON 1] Survival Island Seed

so sadly somehow for the unknown reason, I’ve been claimed here in this part. Which I am disappointed entirely, all that work ya put in. And I’m going to move on, for now, hopefully, I don’t encounter this again. Ok enjoy this vid now on, plus I’ll see what I can do for this vid, so long I know, I know. Yall probs want more Roblox vids huh?
I’m fine with the idea, however, the issue is collabs are a MAJOR thing for Roblox vids. And I do know some peeps, but I rather do an RMV instead of making collab. Because I’ll have an amazing excuse to dedicate a song for certain dead iconic AfroOrbz, and clearly Shanna Malcolm. So cant wait to that project sooner or then later, ok this where the song ends I believe.

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