Engage your customers – Build better solutions

when designing software or designing
anything a product for example really has to come back to what problem you’re
solving and who the customer is so if you’re designing for a customer get them
involved in the conversation early ask the questions understand what their
problems are in essence it’s business 101 that’s not about technology at all
it’s really about solving the customers problems understanding what the
challenges are what and then you’ll find what’s actually going to solve those
problems from a feature perspective or technology they may need sometimes you
might be thinking let’s design an app but really the customer doesn’t need an
app they need a automated email update or just an SMS that goes out that
notifies them on a piece of data so get engaged with the customers early bring
them into the design process so you can understand how viable your product is
from the customers perspective and then have feasibilities from a technical
perspective to deliver on those customer requirements so number one engage the
customer ask the questions and you’ll deliver a better value product for them
and for your business

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