Dr James Hopker on Endurance Cycling / School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

So I’m having my VO2 max measured that’s my maximal or peak
oxygen uptake which is about the best test there is of my
cardiovascular fitness to see what cycling has done for the
health of my heart and my physiology. Okay so we just put the mask on now which we’ll capture all of the air that you breathe out. Still feel nice and comfortable? Is the mask okay? That’s really good Fergus keep it going. Come on Fergus. Well done, keep it going, come on. Come on, keep it going that’s really good, keep working
as hard as you can that’s it, come on. Well done keep it going, keep it going, come on. Keep going, keep going, keep going keep going, keep going, keep going, come on. That’s good, that’s good, that’s good. Okay stop there – well done! Excellent effort, excellent effort well done That was tiring. How do you feel okay? So what James is gonna do now is tell me how I did and crucially
compare me with sedentary adults of my age and with elite cyclists. Okay so from the test your VO2 max was 67 milileters per kilogram per minute which for someone of your age is excellent you know for an endurance athlete we will
be expecting their VO2 max to be around abouts between sixty and eighty milliliters per kilogram per minute, so you’re bang in the at the middle of that range.
You’re in the same sort of range as you’d expect to see in a in a twenty to
to thirty-year-old endurance athelete. Wow So you performed excellently on the test. That means that you are a lower risk of you know, having cardiovascular disease and maybe respiratory disease other comorbidities and will also lower
your risk of mortality into middle and later life. So your advice to the middle-aged men in Lycra is to keeps cycling // continue doing what you’re doing. Okay, thank you very much.

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  1. Here is the full video of Dr James Hopker testing the VO2 Max of BBC Medical Correspondent, Fergus Walsh. The VO2 Max tests cardio vascular fitness and is being used to understand the impact of endurance cycling on Fergus' heart and physiology: http://goo.gl/PeX8WB

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