Does Your Life Actually Flash Before Your Eyes As You Are Dying?

Let’s set the scene for your upcoming death. You are lying in a bed surrounded by family
and friends. The lights are dimmed and your breathing is
shallow. The people around you know it’s almost time. You might seem unconscious to them, but in
your mind all kinds of things are happening. Images of childhood come back to you. You’re selling lemonade on the street outside
your house. Then you’re a teenager holding hands with
the person who was your first love. You fast forward to adulthood and you’re
saying “I do” to the woman who was your first wife. A decade later and you’re doing the same
routine with your second wife. And then the scene fades to black, except
there’s a light ahead of you. Death is calling and you walk forward. Is that how things happen? Or is there nothing during those final few
minutes? Having your life flash before your eyes thing
might seem a little too romantic for some. Maybe we don’t get this last picture show
right before death, and all we’re left with is the lights going out. That’s it, game over, no great trip through
history with the grim reaper acting as tour guide. In 2017 a neurologist named Dr. Cameron Shaw
shed some light on those final 30 seconds before the final bell goes. He explained that before we die, right before,
there will be blood loss to the brain. Unless there is some massive injury and its
lights out immediately, before we die we are going to fade out because of this lack of
blood to the brain. When that happens the vision narrows, so right
before death we may well experience something like going down a tunnel. That’s perhaps why a lot of people who have
died and come back have talked about tunnels. He added, though, that he doesn’t believe
in out of body experiences, only that loss of consciousness might feel like a narrowing
of vision and then blackout. This doctor was asked what happens during
those final 30 seconds, and he replied that we slowly shut down and the bits that shut
down first are the parts of the brain that make us, us. That’s our sense of self, or perhaps our
humor. After that the parts of the brain that shut
down are the bits where we store memories. You are then still alive for a few seconds,
but the doctor said you are pretty much in a vegetative state. This is how he explained it in an interview,
“For all intents and purposes you could say they’re dead because they don’t have a
consciousness or an awareness of their surroundings. But if these basal structures are intact they’ll
still breath and have a pulse.” Still, people report seeing all kinds of things
near-death. Some researchers at Hadassah University in
Jerusalem after interviewing people who had near-death experiences concluded that indeed
some people have their lives flash before their eyes. They said that the life might not flash in
any type of sequence, though, only lots of muddled memories have flashed through the
brains of the almost dead. One woman explained it like this, “It all
happened at once, or some experiences within my near-death experience were going on at
the same time as others, though my human mind separated them into different events.” Then we might look at the story of Dr. Rajiv
Parti, a man who is the former chief of anesthesiology at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital in California. He was having an operation for his cancer
when things went terribly wrong. He didn’t die, but was close. He’s since written about what he saw during
those seconds he was leaving the planet. He wrote, “My father led me down the tunnel
and toward the Light, and we looked at it together, its intensity oddly soothing. I moved forward and then began to walk rapidly
in its direction, pulled by a powerful sense of love emanating from its radiance. My father let go of my hand, and I kept moving
forward.” That doesn’t sound too bad at all, and then
he said he entered another realm where he met archangels of the Bible. He said they took him to a place where he
saw this, “The sweet smell of grass and roses made me almost delirious with pleasure. A crystal-clear stream of water cut through
the meadow, and the air off the distant mountains was blowing gently.” He said he felt pure love in this new land,
and he was ready to leave the old land of his former life. That sounds like a massive hallucination,
perhaps close to something someone might see on the substance DMT. Psychology Today wrote a story about near-death
experiences, but like the doctor we introduced at the start of this show the writer said
a lack of oxygen to the brain might only feel like a tunnel and then you are gone. Tripping in a land of angels and green pastures
should not happen, so why do so many people say they see such things. If the brain is dying we shouldn’t really
be seeing majestic things. It should be the opposite. This is where DMT comes in, full name N,N-Dimethyltryptamine. This stuff is sometimes called the “spirit
molecule”, and if you watch Joe Rogan you’ll know he and a lot of other people while erring
on the side of caution believe this stuff can open a doorway to another kind of reality. DMT is everywhere, in plants and in animals. It’s illegal in most countries when it’s
made into a powerful drug, but in other countries it’s taken as part of ceremonies. If you’ve listened to what people say about
a thick soup called Ayahusaca is like, it’s nothing short of unbelievable. DMT is part of that drink that sends people
into another reality. If you know anything about DMT you’ll know
a lot of people say we humans can produce it all on our own, with some people saying
it’s responsible for those great dreams we have. Others say as we die we might produce a lot
of it. Indeed, scientists at the University of Michigan
said the mammal brain can make its own DMT. In a now famous documentary called “DMT:
The Spirit Molecule” a clinical psychiatrist called Rick Strassman said upon death DMT
can be secreted by the brain’s pineal gland, and we might have a mystical experience. This is all quite controversial, but it might
explain angels, roses and eternal love. A bunch of researchers at the Psychedelic
Research Group at Imperial College London wanted to get to grips with such mystical
experiences before death. They began a study. The people on that study had all had a near-death
experience. In the study they took DMT and were then asked
to compare their trip to their near dying. It turned out there were similarities. One of the researchers concluded, “Our findings
show a striking similarity between the types of experiences people are having when they
take DMT and people who have reported a near-death experience.” Scientists are still trying to figure this
out, and while some are sure rats create DMT in the pineal gland, others are not so sure
humans can do it. More research needs to be done. Another scientist who has studied near-death
experiences did say, though, that the experience is often transformative. People who have taken ayahuasca or plain DMT
have said the same thing. This is what he wrote about people who have
had near-death experiences, and it really does sound like someone who’s just come
back from Peru following a 5-day ayahuasca marathon. He wrote this about near-death experiences,
“A person’s values and attitude toward life are completely transformed. People often become less materialistic and
more altruistic, less self-oriented and more compassionate. They often feel a new sense of purpose, and
their relationships become more authentic and intimate. They report becoming more sensitive to beauty
and more appreciative of everyday things.” He went on to say that a lot of people do
have those mystical experiences before death and indeed they might be a massive hallucination. But he said DMT experiences are not nearly
as transformative as near-death trips. There are a lot of skeptics out there, but
some people believe that consciousness is part of the universe at large, and not something
just in us. Perhaps when we die we feel this connection
to everything else. Perhaps DMT helps us to realize this connection. The jury is still out, but it’s not something
we think should be laughed at. So, we might trip out before death and if
we survive it might change us forever. We found plenty of stories online in which
people said they had had wonderful experiences at near-death. They were very willing to go, they said, it
was peaceful. Some described it as “beautiful”, so if
you believe them we all have something to look forward to. Science is still in the dark about this, and
while a dying brain should not give us these amazing experiences time and again people
have said that’s exactly what happened to them. We went to a Reddit thread where people talked
about what happened to them during their near-death experiences. Here are a few of the replies:
“To me it felt a bit like slipping into a dream. Everything in the dream feels and looks bright
and colorful, and feels like it lasts hours, but when I came back, I had only been gone
for less than 3 minutes. The subject of the dream, or anything about
it I didn’t remember. I knew none of it made sense, but it felt
peaceful, almost uplifting.” “There’s no excitement or struggle or really
any awareness of what’s going on. You just kinda fade and slip away. Everything’s kinda insubstantial, like it’s
there but not. You sort of know something’s not quite right,
but somehow that’s not important.” “It felt as though I was sinking into a
deep dark pool of water. Everything around me was black and the world
we live in kept getting smaller and smaller. It was like I was sinking slowly into a world
of unknown. Sound began to act as though it was farther
and farther away. In a strange way, I felt at peace.” While some scientists say our dying brains
should be slowly becoming more inactive, one scientist said this to the BBC, “A lot of
people thought that the brain after clinical death was inactive or hypoactive, with less
activity than the waking state, and we show that is definitely not the case. If anything, it is much more active during
the dying process than even with the waking state.” But more research has shown that some people
don’t have those illuminating experiences and during their near-death experience all
they got was pretty much nothing. Another doctor who was interviewed by Live
Science said some people who have come back from the dead said they saw the people in
the room. He said, “They’ll describe watching doctors
and nurses working and they’ll describe having awareness of full conversations, of visual
things that were going on, that would otherwise not be known to them.” He said we still don’t know exactly what
goes on with consciousness as we die, but there is enough evidence out there to suggest
more than fading to black might take place. So, to conclude about what happens in the
mind before we die, it seems a lot of people do enter another kind of realm and some feel
at peace. It seems some people do see the past, memories
of their life, while others don’t think about much at all. We can only ask those who have come close,
of course, because the dead tend to be quite tight-lipped. By the way, we thought we’d add something
to the end of this show because it’s relevant and it’s just so fascinating. We might also make a show about this in the
future. Did you know that doctors of late have started
putting people into suspended animation? Like, keeping them suspended in death and
then bringing them back. This recently happened at the Maryland School
of Medicine in the U.S., and the doctors called it “emergency preservation resuscitation.” What they did is cooled a person down by replacing
some of their blood with an ice-cold salt solution. This prevents oxygen from getting to the brain,
but the person can be brought back to life. The reason the doctors would do this is so
they can perform a medical procedure on someone. Let’s say that a person has been shot or
stabbed and they go into cardiac arrest. They have lost lots of blood and will die
in about five minutes, so that means surgeons have to work very fast. But with the suspended animation technique
they might get two hours to work on that person. They are technically quite dead, but are brought
back. We’d love to know if anything was going
on in the patient’s mind, but unfortunately this is all new and their thoughts weren’t
in the articles we read about this. The US Food and Drug Administration has just
given this the green light and those surgeons don’t even need to get a person’s consent
before they do it. Do you know anyone who’s had a near-death
experience or have you had one? What do you make of what we have said in this
show? Tell us in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
What Happens When You Die? Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe. See you next time.

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    It may well be that certain drugs and chemicals open up certain pathways yet understood clearly by the human species.
    Exploring this must be interesting…and also plz follow up on the end part that u shared on suspended animated technique.
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  12. Well death is nothing new to me. I have experienced it thrice. Near death to be precise.
    My first was when I had apendix and it was mistaken for a stomach ache but later it was diagnosed as apendix and it was about to explode, 2 or 3 hours later and would be in heaven right now.
    My second near death experience was when I got hit by a car but luckily i just fractured some tissues.
    My third experience has got to be the worst one to date, I got shot. Depite being shot between my neck and the sholder blade I manged to survive.
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  16. I personally had a similar experience after I passed out at a hospital. After i passed out i was hearing the last song that it played in my car, then i was seeing some crumbled buildings on fire in a very blurry and dizzy way. I was hearing people screaming and guns firing. That was all. I tried to understand what was going on but couldn’t figure it out. Then i came back to reality through a tunnel and at the end of it were the doctors that I couldn’t recognize I didn’t knew where i am and who are day. They asked me questions but their language was not known to me. Slowly i started to understand romanian again and then as they asked me questions I couldn’t speak because i was unable to. I didn’t knew how. It was so strange. Like i re-booted parts of my brain and were using HDDs instead of SSDs. Then i got it all working again and became fully aware. Cool stuff huh?

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  19. I learned in school that when you see your life flash in front of you, it's your brain sensing death, and looks through all information it has to try to give you a way to survive, (a SELECT * -query of the mind's database).

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