Welcome gamers in a Server with over 100,000 members we hosted the official Discord talent show season 3 Welcome to a brand new stage since last one burned down and welcome to discord’s got talent today We got two special guests ksi and mr. Beast. How are you guys doing today? Good good. I’m great ready to just roast the shit out of people Okay. Well, I’m really nice to everyone. Yeah, I’m tired of being nice. I really just want to be a F****** D***. You guys are switching roles then? Yeah me and KSI just switch places. YES! KSI just gives away 10 grand and im like no f*** that… (YEAH, hahahahahaha!) i dont want to be here but ok I’m terrified but at the same time im confident. What’s your talent I’m going to sing a monk a parody of Bohemian Rhapsody (I’m not going to caption this…) oh I can’t tell if he’s a man or woman Copyright for this it’s gonna be a no for me. What do you guys think? I want you to get ahead revenue So I give a zero out of ten. Yeah, I like you kid, but I’m gonna have to say no. I’m sorry, man I bet you watch logan Paul Yes You still got to no’s We’re Okay, corporal Canada, how you doing man? I am doing absolutely fantastic. How you guys doing good before you joined Oh Sorry Sorry, I’m trying out the role of a bad guy. This is a new to it big firework as a ballad sunk by mark hamil joker in the I play harmonica Do you ever Feel? Like a plastic bag? Don’t know any of those Hopefully I was entertaining and Honestly, we don’t need to hear what quack wants to say. We all three give him. Yes. I Well, I was nervous. I was like talking at a million miles an hour, but still got through. Yes It’s they called me out on that cake You can play ukulele and make a song on the spot about any topic you guys want to give a topic uh eating Oz Any others or is it just ah, that’s it I see my shows me You just telling a story you’re not really nah man in a woman’s ass I Have no problem with you eating a guy’s ass This is a very diverse competition. Just go for it I spent a good five seconds thinking of one life what we know none of it rhymes so that’s a Mystery you want to give him a chance give him your topic? All right fine. I want you to sing a song How ksi is obsessed with eating ass? Now we’re going in circles I give you a 4 out of 10 I’d say it’s a yes or no no no. Oh then no Mercy where we can all eat our homies asses, you know, what that’s a yes for me It’s 2019 eat ass for everybody. Let’s go Crying I Think it went well. I got two yeses. I only have one message from my guy boggy He talked to me like five minutes ago But he’s now my best friend and I just want everyone to know that bogie is the best guy Loquacious Mao is oh my god. Can I actually I need to say something. All right So basically we’ve been putting and saying yes a lot About me allow Top of my class with the US Navy Okay And I can involve the new vanity Canadian Lord Farquaad and over 300 confirmed And planes in guerrilla warfare and this top knife part of the u.s. Entire military force Yeah Fuck I can do Rick Sanchez – please don’t cut me. I’m flattered. You got one more chance Let’s hear it 40 40 hours new Morty you’re being a little bit like a Mexican I’m sorry loquacious. It seems it’s going to be a no from all of us. I’ll even move him out for you guys a sumo with the Nigerian accent because it’s So you got trouble with your iPhone my but I see oh You give me a count. Oh you chose Gambia you trying to scam Nia? You trying to message me? I’m not too bad you ovens. I could eat you up like banana milkshake I’m going to take you to the Let’s all take attention. Sorry about this. It’s a no for me. Are you stupid bastard? you stupid silly enough you are and then I take your mama and I do ditch eating stew I I Can case I yes, but freezy you you just doesn’t cut it. Mr. Piece went for his hot pocket Know What can we figure it out so like I kind of want a winner right? I don’t know your financial situation I want you to put up a prize pool Let’s do it. What is $500 seem like to you you give $500 to the winner. I’ll get $500 still winner oh, yes, it gives the Welcome to the competition, what’s your talent? I’m able to sing in different languages and you don’t speak different languages It’s a no for me. I hear something in Japanese. Yeah, of course. That’s actually my main language I sing in country Gonna meet you Oh, sorry, Tunis Piano you made me there. Nah, john-boy. I know a system running through my head right now same I’m thinking of Naruto I’m thinking of a hillbilly anime edit Do you know a dragon ball or a Naruto theme song? Can I just say one thing, please I love you guys. Miss. I’ve been watching you since you did the cringy interviews quackety I found you on a whim and I just absolutely love your Steam song it’s all one I’m gonna check it a cinder $500. I’m paying mine. You give 500 to the winner Beast was just like I’m gonna PayPal you $500 Welcome to the conversation you’re on occasion says you wrap those songs from the top of your head with no warm-up. No practice No, nothing. That is correct. Well, the last guy who said that I Can screw this right now So I’ve got a beat that I’ve never heard before if you guys want to prove it’s restyle one of you guys can just text Me words. We have two words eating out. Okay. Okay, you know I really do want ads man Yo, so mommy didn’t ratify e’en as the professor I guess honestly I gotta grab that booty and get it grabs your mr. Reese I guess it’s time to be the king of I already want to make sure I’m gonna be the one Day I do this for a living dude. I want to be able to do music for jobs like Breaking character, it’s gonna be a yes for me Spar yo, he says he can do jokes. No, it’s not my yo, you know, it’d be fun to spice Hey, can you find someone else who’s good at jokes? Let’s have him like tell jokes and wake whoever says the best ones wins don’t listen to him. What is here talent? You tell me a thwart or a short sentence and I will be So many beat boxers today here I’m gonna move someone else in suck my piano you’re now going hard Let’s see who has the better talents. Well, what can you do? I can beatbox at Ward place. Like my piano. Can you play piano? Alright, you play the piano you beatbox. Let’s see this. Yeah No, let’s go That’s it it’s around What do you think was the winner vote in the poll linked in the description? Extra footage and deleted scenes from season 3 coming soon on the second channel also join the discord service and description down below Thank you. Thank you guys for coming you guys wanna you don’t plug your small YouTube channels real quick I’m like the only black guy on YouTube. So just Alright guys, thank you so much for coming over and thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “DISCORD’S GOT TALENT (ft. KSI & MrBeast)

  1. I don't know about u but um
    But uuuh


    Oh, won't you tell me? Please just tell me

    Explain how this should work

    Well now who could it be, that lives inside of me?
    I'm broken, lying helpless, shattered
    Surrounded by the world

    And yet, your smiling bright
    Completely blind to life

    My ruptured lungs; they were left this way
    For once, I'm out of breath
    The truth I seek, never felt so bleak but
    I maintain my depth



    I'm breakable;
    I'm shaking yet
    Until the day that you find me


    I'll stand here
    Existing and feeling wretched existence
    Consuming life-force 'til I grow distant
    Don't bother searching for somebody like me
    A fading no one
    I don't want to hurt you, it's not my nature
    A monster born from dusk to dawn can't be your saviour
    Remember the 'me', the way I used to be

    As who I still should be

    The isolation spreads and tears
    Those happy /days, pierce into me
    The lonely memories cease to care
    They spread throughout my history

    I'll never move
    I'll never lose
    I'll never move
    I'll never lose
    I'll never move
    I'll never lose you
    Unraveling the world

    At once, I start changing
    Yet everything's remaining
    These lives I felt would join as one
    They fade away before they've begun


    I'm breakable; unbreakable
    I'm shaking yet; unshakable
    Until these hands "contaminate you


    I'll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence
    Consuming life-force 'til I grow distant
    Don't bother searching for somebody like me
    A fading no one
    This lonely space, held into place by someone crazy
    Shall melt away like dawn to day as things get hazy
    So please think of me, the way I used to be

    As who I really should be

    So don't forget me
    You can't forget me
    You won't forget me
    Please don't forget me

    With changing inside I'm completely paralyzed
    Remaining corrupt as I wish for paradise

    Remember the 'me', the way I used to be

    Oh, won't you tell? Oh, please just tell…
    Well now who could it be, that lives inside of me?

  2. Yo I see my homie in the courtyard
    He shows me his ass
    And I’m like
    Woah what the fuck
    And I said
    Yo homie do you mind

  3. Wanna hear you are a bich with a little dick i bet yo mom be like get out and i be like f that boy im never gonna miss you you are a little bich like your mom said to you! AY AY AY you wanna come and get me with that aimbot. But i got that ice cold bars you never gonna leave!!! How about i get that for ya oh wait your just a little bich now i see ya done i got bars

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